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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience] [Last Impressions] >>Thank you so much, it was an absolute pleasure. >>Thank you. Have a good day. >>You too, bye-bye now. You want to make a fantastic last experience, so when the rider is leaving the car they feel great about that trip. It can be simple. You could say, "It was an absolute pleasure driving with you. Have a nice day." Why is the end of a trip so important? Because the rider rates you after the trip is over. If they feel great at the end of the trip, they give a great rating. Five stars. If you make a mistake, but you ended the trip well, you may have saved your rating. What if the rider doesn't rate you right as they leave the car? How will they know how to rate you if some time has passed? They're going to remember how they felt at the end of that trip and rate you based on that feeling. If they had a great experience at the end of that trip, it'll be five stars no matter when they rate you. Where you drop off your rider affects that experience. What if your rider asks to be let out in the middle of traffic? You might need to say something like, "For your safety, I will let you know when it's okay to exit the vehicle." Maybe it's rush hour and your rider needs to get to the office and it's only half a block away. Your rider says, "Thank you, but I'll walk from here." But when they open the door they hit somebody on a bicycle. Whose going to pay for that person's injuries? It's you, the driver, right? So we need to prevent that situation as much as possible. We know you're only one person, but you need to do what you can to prevent accidents. When you demonstrate safe behavior, your concern for everyone on the road pays off with great ratings. By the way, it is never appropriate to ask for a five-star rating. If you ask for five stars or a tip, it'll make your rider feel uncomfortable, and riders rate you how they feel. Your professionalism in the car is reflected with great ratings. [Last Impressions Review] [Riders rate you after the trip is over] [Make the end of the trip a great experience!] ♪ music playing ♪

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