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Help Lighthouse Relief Purchase a New Spotting Car

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<b>Four years since Lighthouse Relief was formed on the shores of Lesvos, in the tiny fishing village of Skala Sikamineas.</b> <b>d We are still here, providing emergency aid, and offering a warm, dignified welcome to those arriving.</b> <b>d Today, we are the only organisation on the north shore of Lesvos with dedicated spotting and landing teams. </b> <b>Randy: d So come on down</b> <b>to Tegridy Farms d</b> <b>d And meet some friends</b> <b>of mine d</b> <b>dd</b> <b> [Humming]</b> <b>Stan! Family meeting!</b> <b>Get downstairs!</b> <b>I'm writing a song, Dad.</b> <b>Nobody cares about that!</b> <b>Come on!</b> <b>I've got big news!</b> <b> [Laughing]</b> <b>Sharon, Shelley!</b> <b>Hurry! I've got it!</b> <b>What is it, Randy?</b> <b>You guys... I've just had</b> <b>the greatest idea ever.</b> <b>No! I've been trying</b> <b>to figure out</b> <b>how to make more money</b> <b>selling weed.</b> <b>And last night</b> <b>it came to me.</b> <b>We could grow the family</b> <b>business by selling Tegridy...</b> <b>to the Chinese.</b> <b> [Angelic chorus]</b> <b>I did a little research.</b> <b>Turns out there's a lot</b> <b>of people in China.</b> <b>If we can get like 2% of that</b> <b>market to buy our weed,</b> <b>we'd make millions</b> <b>of millions of dollars.</b> <b>I'm flying</b> <b>to China tomorrow.</b> <b>I've got to get in on this</b> <b>before anyone else thinks of it.</b> <b>Tomorrow?</b> <b>Randy, are you forgetting about</b> <b>this Saturday?</b> <b>What's this Saturday?</b> <b>Autumnfest?</b> <b>Stan's concert?</b> <b>He and his little friends have</b> <b>been rehearsing all week.</b> <b>A lot of people in town are</b> <b>coming out to support him.</b>

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Posted by: mhrouss on Oct 3, 2019

365 days a year, Lighthouse Relief spotting volunteers scan the seas on the north shore of Lesvos, alerting response groups and our landing team of any incoming vessels. As packed, unseaworthy dinghies approach the rocky shoreline, these operations can often prove vital. Today, our team needs your support to purchase a new vehicle, a car that will allow us to reach remote spotting points and keep watch over the sea, day and night.

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