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ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 6

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[Light Music] Arcelor Mittal. Inside Transformingtomorrow. Episode 6: Florestas [Light Music] How can a steel company remain a production leader in Brazil and still take care of the environment? [Faster Music] The Florestas span 200,000 hectares of eucalyptus trees which produce charcoal for steel production. It's a greener fuel alternative to coking coal. Marcelino Lopes. Hot Metal Production [Word Missing] The first benefit is related to the environment charcoal produces a lot less CO2. Elesier Goncalves. CEO: ArcelorMittal Florestas. We can contribute to the planet in capturing the CO2 when we plant forests here in Brazil. If you compare with coal this is not a renewable resource, and the forest is. Roosevelt de Paula Almado. Research and Environment, ArcelorMittal Florestas [Fast Music Continues] [Slower Music] The Florestas also house an enviromental centre for schoolchildren from around Brazil [Upbeat Music] The environmental center location makes a part of the environmental management system. [Man talking in background] It is where we can explain to the students things about our production and how we take care of the environment in our activities. I love being here because we see nature. Nature is good for us and we learn things from it. The air here is completely different because in the city there is a lot of smoke. [Upbeat music continues] Almost six years ago they had the forest ready to cut. Marcelo Acioli da Silva. Production Department, ArcelorMittal Florestas [Sounds of machines cutting and trees falling] First the furnaces are loaded with wood Augusto Rodriguez. Engineering Manager, ArcelorMittal Florestas and they go through a process called carbonisation. The charcoal is loaded into trucks and taken to our steel plant. There it is used in the production of pig iron and also steel. [Light Music] If you look at what we have done in places like Brazil and the amount of people we have impacted by our CSR efforts Aditya Mittal. GMB and CFO, ArcelorMittal you can see that also in terms of interests the company has. We put an ad out on our internet in Brazil looking for engineers and we had 168,000 hits. I wish we could have that on a global basis. [Music Continues] Jose Armando Campos. CEO, ArcelorMittal Brazil The people are the essence of the group so since the beginning we are paying attention to this to understand to do more to our living to pay attention to the impacts it may cause to the environment. I think its a template for various other reasons. From a point of view of corporate social responsibility Gonzalo Urquijo. GMB, ArcelorMittal it is clearly an example to the rest of the world. [Speaker off screen] The image people often have of Brazil is negative when it comes to the environment. But this is an opportunity to show that we really take care of the environment. I have two daughters and they love going to the ArcelorMittal Florestas environment centre. They have a great attitude towards the environment and they are proud of being involved in such an enviromentally friendly project. [Music Continues] You are facing a developing country and one of the priorities they had was CSR. That was health and safety, it was environment, it was communities. In all these developing economies where we are starting new Greenfield projects I think the example of Brazil is going to be extremely helpful. [Music fades out]

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Posted by: zad on May 6, 2008

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