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have you changed/ (1.06) I know you have more or less told me:_ bu:t Enric has no:t_ read your activities so interesting_ have you change_ really after the Erasmus/ you are more willing to leave again_ maybe_ you are not as scared\ you say well_ let's go\ - it's not an effort\ - anywhere\ it doesn't matter\ no matter how much red tape or other things you have to do_ it doesn't matter\ let's go\ you are more open to new challenges_ no doubt\ to new challenges\ to lea:ve_ yes\ I for instance_ before lea:ving\ it was clear to me I wanteed to leave now_ because later on to work and for everything else I wanted to stay here in Lleida\ - mm mm - and now I don't care - maybe Lleida_ it's already_ - it was that sort of_ it's done\ right/ - all has been accomplished right/ - not it's like I want to move outside\ I don't care where\ to Lleida Almenar anywhere\ well thins thing of moving outside: anywhere/ - no\ I mean_ - it depends right/ she is now going to Chile\ I wouldn't go\ - +ah+/ yeah/ - she's going to Chile\ now\ - +mm+ - mobility\ mobility\ and it's a bit due to the Erasmus experience o:r or you already knew before/ - that you wanted to do it - I already knew that I wanted to do it all - so_ - (P) of course\ - now already before before_ - they already decided you were a lost cause in your house\ so_ eh/ you were already_ yes\ before leaving for Denmark_ I already asked for it\ and well\ bu:t we said yesterday while we were having coffee_ you told me_ Chile: ok\ bu:t - Mexico - Morocco for example you said no\ o:r I could choose between Mexico and Chile and Argentina\ and Mexico_ well it scares me more because of what you hear\ right/ and since my parents are paying for it well if they are the oens paying_ let's keep them at ease but_ if you had to choose/ would you prefer to_ travel again within Europe/ or leaving outside Europe now/ just like she is going to Chile_ - outside would be nice\ - (P) I wouldn't go\ outside would be nice/ whatever came up wouldn't it unsettle you_ (P) it does to me - it does\ - well trying it_ well_ it's worth a try - it's always_ - Mercé_ wha:t what is it/ what would unsettle you/ (P) I don't really like countries like these_ I don't feel as safe what countries like this/ well_ like Chile_ Argentina_ Peru: but this time I am accompanied - so it's not_ - right I leave with a friend_ so it's not as if I went on my own\ maybe it's different - +mhm+\ - otherwise maybe I would be a bit more_ scared\ a:nd what were you saying David/ what did you want to say/ no: that it always the closer you are from home_ - the easier to_ if something happens to come back and all this - if something happens_ of course\

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Posted by: xabierm on Apr 13, 2015

Post focus group discussion. Denmark group. July 2014

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