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German Shepherds Lesson on the Endocrine System

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Hey buck..This human thinks we are talking about nothing but lets give her a quick run down on the Endocrine system. Okay Sunny, lets start from the top. You mean in the head? Yes, that is your Hypothalamus and do you know what it secretes? I bet you don't? Oh yeah? The Hypothalamus secretes hormones that are involved with fluid balance, smooth muscle contraction. It also is the control of hormone secretion by the anterior and pituitary gland. Okay smarty paws what do you know about the pituitary gland? Oh that gland is a killer to learn it secrets so many things. The pituitary gland is also located in brain or the air filled space in your head. Hey now no need to talk about yourself like that. The hormones is critical in regulating the endocrine activities of the adrenal cortex, thyroid gland, and the reproductive organs. You forgot something their mister know it all! It also stimulates melanin production. Okay well since you are so smart why don't you tell me what the butterfly shaped gland is in the throat? That's easy brother, its the thyroid gland, the thyroid secretes hormones that affect your metabolic rate and calcium levels in the body fluids. Lets go down some to adrenal glands. Okay I admit I don't know much on the adrenals so I'll let you school the human on that one! What the top dog doesn't know something? Okay the adrenal glands secretes hormones that help keep the minerals in your body balanced. Also they help with keeping your metabolic rate under control and help with stress. So you mean right now my adrenal glands are in over drive because with all this head bitting I am stressed!? That would be correct...both of our adrenal glands are working right now because we are "fighting." So if I remember correctly the Pancreas is next, right? This is correct! Do you know what kind of hormones that they secret and why? The pancreas or pancreatic islets secrete hormones that regulate how much gluocose uptake. They also regulate the how much glucose is being consumed. That is right young pup! I think we are blowing this human's mind, all she is doing is staring at us and holding some kind of metal device! Oh wait we missed some at the top of the head and throat do you know what they are? At the top of the head? We already got the Hypothalamus so what are we missing? I'll give you a hint, it secretes melatonin. Oh, I know now the pineal gland, the secretion of melatonin helps to establish when this humans have circadian rhythms. Which means it helps the humans' body tell the difference between day and night. You know what that means when they sleep, we play! Don't I know the toilet paper and couch cushions are fair game when they go down for the night! So the next one we missed is the parathyroid gland. That secretes the hormone......... Which hormone does it secret man? Hold on man I am thinking! Oh come on you are so close to knowing more than I thought you did! OH I got it now it secretes the hormone that is vital to controlling calcium ion levels in the blood! That is right on target! Oh how smart you are, makes my heart fill with joy! Thats impossible you heart can only fill with blood! haha right you are but I beat we have totally blown this humans mind away! That we have, so I think this is a rap!

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Posted by: aharrison_camtech on Jan 15, 2014

The way a German Shepherd views the Endocrine System

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