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Milk is produced in the cow's udder where milk fat, milk protein and a sugar called lactose are produced. Cows produce milk for about 11 months after they have a calf. Dairy cow usually give birth to one calf a year. Cows that haven't given birth to a calf yet, are called Heifers. I didn't know that! An average cow will produce about 30 litres of milk everyday! Wow! That's a lot of milk! How does the farmer get the milk from the cow? Years ago, farmers milked cows by hand, one at a time. Today, farmers use milking machines. Milking machines! That's cruel! In a Tie Stall Milking System, the milking machines come to the cows. The cows are milked at their stalls, at the barn. The cow's teats are washed with a disinfectant, then wiped dry. Then the milking machine is attached. There are four suction tubes on milking machines, one for each of the four teats in the cow's udder. That's really neat. The cow's teats are dipped with an iodine solution after milking to prevent any bacteria from entering the udder. I didn't know that! Cows love to be milked. And, they need to be milked atleast twice a day, usually in the morning and late in the afternoon. At some farms, cows are milked three times a day. Where does that milk go? The milk runs through a hose from the milking machines through a pipe over the cows' heads. The pipe runs the length of the entire barn to a bulk storage tank where it is kept cold for the milk truck to pick it up. Are all cows milked like that? Well, there are also milking parlours. In this case, cows routinely walk from the barn to be milked at a parlour. They enter gates that keep them from moving while they are being milked. Below, everything is thoroughly cleaned before and after every milking, including the cows' teats. Then, the milking machine is attached. From the parlour above, the milk travels down a hose to a series of pumps. These pumps send the milk to the milk house. I didn't know that! The milk that comes out of the cows, at body temperature, is quickly cooled to about 4 degree celsius to keep it fresh. The milk is kept cold in a bulk storage tank, ready for the milk truck to pick it up. In about 10 minutes, the milking is over. After their teats are dipped in an iodine sanitizing solution, the cows make their way back to the barn.

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