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JAN16BC_Feng Shui for Financial Freedom

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>> As a Health Coach, running your business, it's so important to have your mind and spirit aligned when it comes to money. Money can be one of the most stressful topics out there, but what's so interesting about it is that, as humans, we made money up. Yeah. What I mean by that is it doesn't actually exist. It's this system that we created thousands of years ago in various ways to trade value for value. And so as a Health Coach, building your practice, what you need to know about is owning your value and owning the value of the service that you provide. What's really cool is you can do more than just tweak your website, get more clients, go to networking events, all of the things that you know you can do to get more clients, there are some things behind the scenes that you can do in your home, in your office, and inside your psyche, and your heart to increase your financial well-being. I'm Kate Northrup, the author of "Money, A Love Story." And through my own journey of paying off over $20,000 worth of debt and getting out of financial avoidance, I was able to create financial freedom for myself by the age of 28. I used to be a feng shui practitioner, and one of my favorite things is to teach people how to create financial well-being using the ancient art of placement known as feng shui, which means wind and water. And what it really says is that our homes are a reflection of our lives and that our lives are a reflection of our homes and offices. So any interior space, and actually, you can feng shui you yard, your driveway, any area that you have physically, you can feng shui it as a verb. My whole philosophy around money is that it's far more than the dollars and cents in your bank account. And we all know that money is such a subjective topic, it's inherently an emotional topic. And so many financial advisors and business advisors, and you know, talking heads on CNN and C-SPAN will tell you take your emotions out of the financial picture. But the thing is because we just all invented money and we play into this system of value for value, we all know that value is such a subjective thing to put on something. So how much I will spend on a pair of earrings has way more to do with my emotions, my past story, and my own experience than it does to do with the inherent value of those earrings. In fact, nothing has inherent value because we got off of the gold standard for dollars in the 1970s, at least in the United States. So when people tell you to take your emotions out of the equation with money, I think they're really missing the mark. Feng shui brings in the energetic component around money. And that's why I love it because my whole approach with the money-love philosophy is about bringing our emotions and bringing energy into the picture with our finances. Because feng shui says that our homes are a reflection of our lives, and more importantly, our lives are a reflection of our homes, it's really exciting that we can do changes within our space in order to make changes within our bank account. I know, as a Health Coach, you know how important the full picture of somebody's life is to their physical health. And that's why learning feng shui as a Health Coach and learning how to incorporate these practices to get more clients, but also perhaps, to inspire your clients to learn this stuff too is so important for you. One of the basic tenets of feng shui is that your home is separated into nine equal segments called baguas, agua means an area, and each one of those segments has to do with an area of your life. So there is the wealth and prosperity area, which we're going to focus on today. There's the fame and reputation area, the love and marriage area, children and creativity, helpful people and travel, career, knowledge and self-cultivation, and then health and family, and then the ninth, if you're counting, is the earth center. You can enhance each area of your home to enhance each area of your life. Now for the feng shui area that has to do with your wealth and prosperity, you can add different colors, you can add different, what are called, "chi enhancers." And so your chi is also known as your life force, it's also known as your energy, and your chi around a certain area has to do with how enhanced that area is in your life, or basically, how that area of you life is going for you. So there are some really specific things that you can do in your wealth and prosperity area in order to enhance that area of your life. Now just so you get a visual of where that area is in your home, if you imagine yourself walking through your front door. So the front door of your home, now keep in mind, this isn't necessarily the door you use the most often, this is your front door, like, architecturally speaking, the designer of your home built this door as the front door. So even if you never use it, this is still how you organize yourself around the feng shui bagua areas. So you're walking into your front door, the feng shui area for wealth and prosperity is going to be the back left area of your home, if you were to take the floor plan, the blueprint and separate it by three chunks going one way and three chunks going the other way. So, it's kind of like as though we're looking at the top of a Rubik's cube, the 3 x 3. Now obviously, some homes, very rarely, are going to be perfectly square, right? Your home might be an L-shape, it might be rectangular, it might be odd shaped, but what you want to do is overlay this 9 x 9 thing on top of the blueprint so it includes the whole home. When you walk into your front door, the back left area, as I said, is going to be your wealth and prosperity area. So that's the area you want to be thinking about as I list the following ways that you can enhance that area. If you're confused at all by what I just described, I go much more into detail in this in my course, "Feng Shui For Financial Freedom." So here are some of the things that you can do in your wealth and prosperity area in order to enhance the wealth and prosperity in your life. Number one, number one, number one, this is so important, and if you ignored the rest of what of I say, just please do this one thing, clear out clutter. Clutter in you home is going to lead to stagnant energy in your finances and it's going to lead to money blocks big time. When I used to be a feng shui practitioner in New York and I would go into people's homes, every single time somebody had blocked money issues in their life, their wealth and prosperity area was totally clogged up with old papers, files, weird books they never used anymore, there's like piles of laundry, the kitty litter, whatever it was, it was usually clogged up. So you can even pause this video right now and go take a look at your prosperity area and see if there are three things in there that you can just get rid of. When we create open channels for us to walk through, for our families to walk through, when we create our home as spacious and open and inviting, it is spacious and open and inviting in our financial lives for financial energy to come in. Once you've cleared out the clutter, then it's time to really make what is in that area work for you and keep it organized and well-appointed. There are basically two laws of feng shui. One of them is clear out your clutter, I already went over that. Number two is live with what you love. The inherent act of creating beauty in your home actually will enhance the feng shui because, think about it, you know this already, you're savvy enough to know this. When your home is well-organized, when it's clean, when you've cleaned out your closet and that junk door in the kitchen is finally cleared out, you feel more at ease, you feel more energized, you feel more optimistic. And don't you think that affects your entire energy field of every area of your life? Once you've got that area organized, then it's time to add chi enhancers. So you can add things in the wealth and prosperity area like the color red, which is traditionally great for prosperity, I like to incorporate the color orange, I'm wearing it today, because orange signifies the second chakra, I know you've learned about the chakra system as a Health Coach, and the second chakra has to do with your money, sex, and power, all fantastic areas to enhance. So adding orange, I like, even though it's not traditional feng shui, I like to incorporate that as well. So reds, oranges, golds can be a beautiful color to add there, and then traditionally, rich purples and rich deep blues, like royal blue have been incorporated because those are the colors of royalty and prosperity. As a review, it's really important to know that the way you setup your home affects your life. Specifically, we're talking today about how it affects your financial life. So you're going to go into your front door, you're going to figure out what the back left area is and then you're going to clean out your clutter, get it organized, add some chi enhancers, like beautiful colors that represent prosperity, like red and orange, and then you're going to get your money mojo flowing. If you're excited about this topic and you want to learn more, I'd love to have you in my course, "Feng Shui For Financial Freedom."

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JAN16BC_Feng Shui for Financial Freedom

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