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Rabbi Froman: Complete Interview

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Politics is the art of state. Surely one must work through politics as well. But I say that throughout the years, This land saw honest, good-willed efforts by politicians to achieve peace. And those efforts haven't gone well; they haven't been successful. But I don't want to make politicians lose their jobs. I only think that politicians must be humble and consider the basic factors of the local conflict, and be attentive to religious scholars. Politics is their job—to answer your question— but they must take into consideration the nature of this conflict, which indeed, in my opinion, is a religious one. This is a conflict of a religious nature. For many, many years before the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, I've felt that this Israeli-Arab, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was a manifestation of the conflict between the Muslim world and the Western world in general. For the Muslim world, the very founding of the Western state of Israel, in the middle of the Muslim world, Is the clearest manifestation of American arrogance. American arrogance, American hubris. To send Jews here to found a Western state in the middle of the Muslim world, In order to offend the Muslims, to demonstrate the advantage of Western culture, Western civilization, over Islamic civilization. And their hatred toward Israel is really an expression of the same hatred that caused the bombing of the Twin Towers. Again, why did they attack the Twin Towers? Two years prior to the bombing, I said in an interview that they were going to destroy the Twin Towers. And how did I know? It's not that I'm a prophet, although we are at the site of the Prophet Amos. Tekoa is his site. But they told me they were going to do it. The Muslims said so. Since in their mind, the Twin Towers are the towers of Babylon. They are the manifestation of American arrogance, Western arrogance. And Israel is another manifestation. As you know, they wrote in a letter that they were perpetrating this bombing because of the unbearable reality in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. It sounds better in Arabic: Al Quds and Ard al-Muqaddasah. Right? Jerusalem and the Holy Land. And they have been telling me so, I mean, Muslims had been telling me so for years before that. So you can't solve the problem here without dealing with the religious point. Furthermore, You can't solve the problem in Baghdad, Afghanistan, Madrid, Washington and New York, In the whole world, really, Without dealing with the religious point. Because our problem, and I've been saying this for years, Our problem here in Israel is a global one. Because of what I just mentioned, Because of them seeing Israel, as the Iranians like to name us, as the little devil, sent by the big devil, America, in order to offend Islamic civilization. And until they see it differently, the problem won't be solved. Neither here in Israel nor in the world. They must understand that peace with Western civilization is possible. That peace with Israel is possible. That their perception of themselves as the children of light, fighting the children of darkness, as the spirit fighting against matter- that this perception of theirs is wrong. That Western civilization is not only the tyrant, vulgar Titan, who lacks spirituality and fights against it, but it has spiritual things to offer as well. What would you advise Western civilization to do? Respect Islam. Respect Islam. In no way do I justify the terror attacks on the United States, on the whole world, those Muslim terror attacks, and those here in my country as well. But you must understand the logic behind the madness, as some important English man once said. And I've been trying to understand that logic for years. For years I've been talking to them, to Hamas leaders. I had countless conversations with Ahmed Yassin, with other Hamas leaders. And the only one still alive today is Mahmud Zahar, Dr. Mahmud Zahar. Long conversations. I've been trying to understand. In order to make peace, you must understand them. You must understand the way they think. I used to yell at Ahmed Yassin: Do you think God is going to forgive you for what you do, your terrorism? And he said: What I do is not terrorism. I defend myself. I defend my civilization from the infidel Western civilization, Brought here, to the Holy Land, by the Jews. This is how he can talk to me, with my beard and yarmulke, Because we share a common language. Because what he senses in me is respect to religion, respect to Islam. This is what he senses in me, and rightly so. Because I really do not justify Ahmed Yassin's terrorism. And what he is getting or going to get in the afterlife, I do not know. I told him he would go to hell for what he was doing. He said: No, I defend myself. I'm no terrorist. Only God knows where He is keeping him now, heaven or hell. But I do believe that despite his terrorism in the name of religion being a most evil thing in the eyes of God, for which he deserves hell, we should still understand the things he says, about him thinking that Western civilization is treading on him, giving him no room, giving him no respect. And we must think how the West can respect the very important values found in Islam. That's the whole point. They too must learn. They must learn that the West is not only a harsh tyranny They must learn that the West is not only a harsh tyranny that can attack Baghdad for bombs that they don't have. Perhaps the microphone doesn't like what I say. No, I think it does. He is American, the microphone. No? Muslims must learn. See, my friend is a sheikh in Hebron. A city proud of having no cinemas. Not one. It's a religious city, Hebron. Who are the Jews, for a Muslim like him? Their youths go to Tel Aviv, where they discover Tel Aviv beach, And how women are dressed, or rather undressed there. There they discover the concept of a personal career, Which is such a horrible thing for a tribal culture. For them it's a horrible thing, a person taking care of his or her own career. For a culture where, in case of murder, among Arabs you don't have to kill the murderer specifically; Killing a member of his or her family will also do. It's the same thing. Because the family is a unified thing. And suddenly in Tel Aviv they find the stock exchange, and the concept of a personal career. But Muslims must understand that personal careers can also relate to the idea of freedom. And what's going on at the Tel Aviv beach can also relate to the idea of love. Western civilization is not all dark. It's not just the devil. They too have a lot to learn, but this video is not for Muslims. This video is for the West, so we should rather discuss what the West has to learn. And the West must learn that Islam is not synonymous with terrorism. 'Islam' is derived from the word 'Peace'. It is a religion of peace. It can be a religion of peace. True, they commit horrible acts of terrorism, But they have this enormous capacity for peace. You know that the symbol of Islam is the crescent, the half moon. It is true that Islam today is like a moon that is mostly black, mostly missing; But the moon has a shining side. I've been spending years learning Islamic culture, learning the Quran and Sunnah. And there are many things there worth respecting, worth encouraging. Many things worth encouraging. The sooner the West understands that, the sooner peace will come, not just to this place, the Holy Land, but to the rest of the world as well. Maybe we understand it, gradually. Let me mention Ms. Albright's book, The Mighty and the Almighty, Where she in fact confesses her sins as the Secretary of State, failing to understand, failing to be sensitive to what Islam has to offer. And now, of course, a person like me expects an American president to come forward, perhaps his name is Barack Obama, and bring it forward. You don't need to compromise with Islamic terrorism or put up with Islamic cruelty, but you should encourage the shining side of the Muslim world. And such a side exists. Such a side exists. If the West learns how to respect Islam's shining side, peace will come, between Israelis and Palestinians as well as between the West and the Islamic world. Peace will come, to this world. I can testify from my own experience, that since they see a person who respects their civilization, then, Ahmed Yassin used to tell me: "You and I could make peace in 'Hamsa Dakika'", in five minutes. Why? Because we're both religious. Is there any doubt concerning who rules this land? We both know who rules this land, who is the Master. Master of the Universe.

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