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2019 - Lafaye HURST

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OK so this is a Olivia and I'm here with Lafaye. Can you say your name and title for me for the record. Lafaye Hurst, a business leader. Thank you! So let's start with how did you start in your Tupperware business? Well, it was 21 years ago and I called the local Tupperware person in my area and I said, “Hey I think I want to sell Tupperware.” And she was like “Seriously?” And yeah, it went from there. She helped me get started. She was actually working at getting out of the business at the time and so she was a big help in getting me started and up and running. Okay. So, umm, did you have a grand opening party? I didn’t. Oh ok. That was 21 years ago. Grand openings were kind of a new thing. Yeah. We didn't do grand openings. I just simply called people and got my six parties up in the next six weeks then, and ran with it. So how was your… - Oh sorry… - It’s ok. So how was your first party, than the one, the first one you built, then you did. Oh I was so nervous and I was, I came out of that party and I was so excited. I had four hundred and fifty dollars in sales and I was over the moon excited and, and then I called… I called Ruthie the person I had signed up under. And only to find out that I had added up the sales role. So the sales wasn't actually that high but we learn as we go and it was good. So and yeah I'm still friends with that, with that girl that I did that first party for. Wow! So in your parties, what do you do? What's your presentation like? Do you do a demo? Do you present the opportunity? I try to do a good mixture. I like to show what's new and what's the hot item that we're working with. I try to keep it really fun. I like it to be low key, no pressure, just a girl’s night out and we do… I try to keep it really fun. I'm presenting the opportunity, dating parties, a good mix of it all. Nice. And what about before Tupperware? What were you doing? Well when I, when I joined Tupperware, I was 18 years old. So, before Tupperware I was just a kid. [Laughing] So… - You were in school. - Yeah, I was in school. We lived… I lived at home with my parents on a farm, so I helped out there and did a lot of… Yeah. Just when I started Tupperware that kind of came with me through all my years. When I got married, Tupperware came along, when I started our,… when we started our family, Tupperware came along and yeah it's been good. Nice, so can you share with me any of your favorite recipes that you do at your parties? Umm, I don't really have a favorite, if I do one I like to keep it really, really simple because I'm a klutz in the kitchen. I drop things. I’m a… I’m a mess. So if I do anything I like to use the Power Chef and I like to do like the whipped cream. Probably one of my favorites is to make a vegetable pizza. And that's where you take a roll, like a crescent roll that comes in a tube and you lay it in your pan and you bake it and then I use the quench, the Top and Prep and I put sour cream, cream cheese and ranch dressing in there and whip it up in the middle Chop and Prep and then that gets spread out over top of the crust and then in the Power Chef I put broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and I chop them up real fine and they're all mixed together. You just laid that out over your pizza and you sprinkle cheese on top, that, it's really good. It's kind of like a salad. You don't eat it warm, you eat it cold. Mmm. Interesting! - Do people like it? - People love it. Yeah. And when somebody tells you at a party that they love the product and they want, they want to get the product. How do you go about telling that to them? Do you show them the catalog? The brochures? Or do you just…? Well, in my area where I live I don't need to sell people on Tupperware. Tupperware is well established in my area and in my community and so I feel like I don't need to sell people on the product so much as teach them - how to use the products. - Mmm. Okay! And so when someone either calls me or loves the product and wants to see it, I do work with the catalog a lot. I had people calling me saying, “Can I see a catalog?” And not all of my customers, in fact the majority of my customers are not online. And so I can't just say to them, “Well, go to my Website.” I need to literally send them a catalog. So I do work with, I use the catalogs and brochure a lot. Awesome, So in the party when you present the opportunity, how do you go about that? What do you tell them? I give a brief highlight of some of the things that I've enjoyed in my business and I just share with them that I love to work with one of you, you know, this is something that appeals to you. I'd love to have you join, come see what more is there, what more is there to Tupperware besides just coming to the party. And when somebody is like thinking about it a little bit on the side, you know, right over the edge, what do you do to get them onboard? I like to do a one on one get together with them. Excuse me. I like to get together one on one go out to for coffee or something and just kind of get them off from the edge. So I’ve found that one on one with no pressure around them. Just one on one, face to face, is the best way to get that yes. And what is one of those favorite things that you mentioned that you really love about what you do in Tupperware? Probably the fun and the people. I am very passionate about, as a mom with five children, Tupperware gets me out of the house, go do something totally different and I'm just passionate about meeting people. I love meeting people, I love seeing people have fun and people excel at something. And, yeah. I always talk about, you know, the people part of it. But then I also also like to talk about the money part of it because a lot of the people that I'm working with are “stay at home” moms and it's a way for them to supplement their family income. Okay. So the kind of people that will usually join your team is because of that, because they need supplemental income? Umm, I would… Yeah. People that would like supplemental of income, but also I have a lot of “stay at home” moms that just want to get out of the house. A little bit of cash is good, but getting out of the house for a little bit. So I do what I would say a good percentage of my team is also. But yeah the cash definitely helps. Awesome. So once they’re, you know, with you, so how do you relate to them? What do you do to teach them the business? Do you do rallies, meetings? Or do you do any team building activities additional to the regular rally? I do rallies. When they are new, I like to do a lot of one on one phone calls, texting, chatting. Just staying in touch with them is really key. And I own my company from top to bottom so I do that across the board when somebody comes on, you know, and I always tell them right up front, you know, I'm here to partner with the person who brought you into the business and I'm here to help you as well as they are. And so and then we do some team building activities. I like to do them as challenges and when they earn them, the ones that earn them, we go out with and we go shopping sometimes. I kind of do it just to build that team spirit and the only way to do that is by being with each other. Cool. I do a lot of that. Awesome. You build the trust. - Yeah. - That’s really Nice. That’s really nice. And then how do you feel being able to provide this opportunity, owning your own business and then also sharing it with other people and telling them that they can do this. How do you feel about that? Being able to do that? I wish it was easier. [Laughing] I would love to see just people coming in. But that's not what happens. You really have to work with them in order to get them to come in. And for me, to be very truthful, it's hard work. It's not something that has been very easy for me so I don't know if that's the right answer or that you're looking for. But I mean like you like doing that you like going you know over to people and saying, “Hey this is what I do, you could do it too if you like it.” But also like after it is done, like how do you feel, do you feel accomplished… - Oh… - like you've done something, not just like you said, “The cash is always good,” but then there's the people part of it. How do you feel about being able to do this for people that need it in so many, so many ways and different aspects. So, how does that make you feel? Well that makes you feel great. You know that you're making a difference in somebody's life, life and the lives of their family also. it's when you see them excel and move ahead and get excited about it also, go from being I'm not sure I can do this too, to I can do this. It's such a good feeling. [Coughing] Do you have any anecdotes that you could share about somebody in specific that joined your business and you see them change, see you have seen them improve or reach the goal they wanted to reach. Is there anybody that you want to share their story with. I mean talk to me about them, their story and their success. So I had a girl come in and she came in, she was set up at a vendor show. She was with another company and she was sitting beside Tupperware and she said to my, my manager who was running the stand at the vendor show that “You have customers all day long. People just want to see Tupperware.” She's like, “I think that'll be fun.” My company, they don’t even come to see my stand. And so, long story short, she did come in to Tupperware. She left the other company that she was with and she came in and she's like "I'm not going to do much. I'm just, you know, I'm just, you know, I'm just not gonna do much and it didn't go long until her business started growing like she went through her first 13 weeks. A confident start she didn't even hardly do anything. I mean she, she looks back on that now and she's like “Why didn't I grab it and run with it?" But it gradually built and grew. And today she's my top director and she and, and she owns her company, she owns her business and she just she is very good about keeping in touch with her team and and just to watch her go from I'm not going to do much to not knowing when to stop is, is just has been a lot of fun That’s the main thing. So, can you tell me a little bit more about your family? Does your family participate in your Tupperware business or this is something that you keep separate from your family life? No it is not something I keep separate from my family. I'm a firm believer that if you involve them and help them to own it also they they will come along. If I keep it separate, my biggest fear is that they'll start to resent it, that this is something that mom does that’s separate from what we do. And so I, I do try to keep it a part of that this is what we do as a family and they help pack. Oh OK. So my husband and I have five children, my oldest is 18 and my youngest is seven. So no little babies. And they help me pack orders, they can talk to people on the phone. They're all very people oriented. And so I think this business has really helped them to become comfortable with talking to people when we're out and about, and just, they like to go along with me to parties and help me unpack and pack up and make sure everybody has pens and catalogs everything that they need. And so no, it's very much what we do as a family. So that's really nice. So basically they're learning some important skills too for themselves by helping you with your business. Exactly. Yep. And how do you think they see you like “Oh my mom is just business owner Tupperware lady. She does all of this.” What do you think is going in their little mind? Well, you know, that's really interesting because here are a few years ago I took my daughter with me and she was probably about 10, between 10 and 12, I'm not sure how old she was, I took her with me to a year end event where I received a lot of recognition, I was one of the top people there. And on the way home she just said to me “Wow Mom I didn't know you, you're that good. I just, yeah, I just didn't know.” And I was like… I found that so funny because they just seem yes mom. They didn't realize that I had accomplished anything. So it was it was good for her to see too. Good for anything that helped her feel her confidence to follow her role model in you. that they may want to aspire to be. That's really neat. Can you tell me a little bit more about your team? How do they relate to each other? Do they help each other? Do they learn from each other? So my team is very unique in the fact that 90 percent of them do not have… use technology, no computers, a lot of them don't even have telephones in their home, no cell phones, no computers. It's very, we live in a very unique culture. So our focus and my focus has been to get together face to face and when we get together they pull for each other. They cheer for each other. They yeah. They're just really good at cheering each other on, regardless whose team we’re on you know it is, we as a company, heart to heart are together in this. Not this team here, this team here. And then… Yeah they really support each other. That’s amazing. I want is to go back and ask you, do you want to share, what's the names and the ages of your children? So my oldest daughter is Faith and she's 18, will be 19 soon and then it's Geneva she is 16, just started driving, got her license and Dexter is 12, our only son and then it's Abby, she's 9 and Sabrina is 7. Okay nice! I also have a big family like, I am one of seven children. OK. I can relate to them in all different ages. Yeah. That’s so fun. I grew up in a family of six. So yeah. It's different. I only have one child but anyway, I digress. Going back to your team, so is the main thing like how it's specific or particular is, is your team because, like you you just mentioned they don't use technology a lot or anything like that, like a lot of other people that are so connected that way, but your guys, you guys are connected in a very personal way within your community. So do you think that within Tupperware you're able to also strengthen those community bonds that you have? [Inaudible] So within the, you know, because the communities are small and they are very tightly woven Yeah, it just, It's a way to bring people together within the community. like when, when there's a party happening, it's a way to pull everybody together. - I'm sorry. - Do you need some water? That would be great. I have a tickle in my throat [Inaudible] Okay so we're back again. This part two of Lafaye’ Hurst’ss interview. So we were just talking about how does the community come together with the Tupperware party and were explaining to me what you do there and how it happens. Another way that I think it has really benefited In communities is fundraisers. We do a lot of fundraisers and it's just a way to bring the community together for a common good. Right, so what are those fundraisers causes for example, like you raise for what? A lot of times it's for medical needs. That is probably the number one reason that we do fundraisers. Also we have a lot of small private schools and they'll do it for school funds, whether it's for a field trip, or whether it's to supply their library with books, or because we're not state run. We need to… Sometimes we do fundraisers to support our own schools. Interesting. That’s very interesting. So basically this just gives you the opportunity to have that, that money that they need to run the school. Exactly. You know, and then for medical reasons, you mean, like somebody had, is having a surgery or something like that, treatments, - you help each other that way. - Yes. Is there any, any story that you can share about that, anybody who really needed that help and got it, and the community came together with the fundraiser. Well I can think of a fundraiser that, just recently, that we did. It was really small. It was not a big fundraiser but I received a thank you note from the person that we did it for. And they said the day that they got the check, they also received a bill for that exact amount. And I was just, I was blown away by that. - because, I was like, - [Inaudible] I mean, it was not a big fundraiser. Their check was under five hundred dollars but it just, I really knew that it made a difference. That was amazing to me. That's just amazing. So let me, let me wrap this up by asking you why do you love what you do? Why you do it and why do you love it? The main thing for me is the people, I just love interacting with people and I love seeing them grow and being able to touch their lives and impact them in a positive way. And I really feel that Tupperware is something that we use in our kitchen in the core of the home, and I just feel that it impacts people whether it's just the people themselves or how they use the products in their kitchen. It makes a difference in their lives and, I do, I love what I do. I love interacting with the people and My husband often says to me “If you didn't do Tupperware what would you do?" And I said “I don’t know, I can't imagine anything else.” So I really do love what I do. It is an awesome business to be in. And we're so happy to have you. Is there anything else that you want to share with us, like for people thinking, I am thinking About joining this business. What would you tell them? Is there anything that you would tell them to encourage them? I always say everyone can try Tupperware, it might not be for everybody, but everybody can try it. And I truly do believe that, you don’t know until you try. So try it. You can try us! [Laughing] Thank you Lafaye, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

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2019 - Lafaye HURST

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