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[Eng Sub] Shugo Chara ep 64

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Shugo Shugo!! With a "doki!", it's Shugo Chara Time This time, a pair of performer sibilings will be in the show. Everyone is aiming for the New Year Performance event. Since it's the new year now, here's some greetings! Happy New Year!! Please support us this year too! Doki! Wow! Bravo!! Mama!! As expected, Mama's always a shining star on stage!! Even though the previous "Deer taming Dance" looks good, she's really good in doing magics Mama-san truely is a all-rounder. But, Mama still looks the best when she's an actress. Eh? Did you say anything? Nothing. Episode 64 The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!? sub by: babiimi1123 and babiimi1234 There's so many people around! Amu-chan, hurry up! Oh my, wait up! Hinamori-san! Over here! Well then, since everyone is gathered already... Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Do take care of me this year too, Hinamori-san. Yeah, do take care of me too. This kimono... doesn't looks weird on me, right? It really suits you. It really suits you. It really pays off spending so much time to doll yourself up, right? That's true. That's really great, Amu-chan! Keep quiet! Tadase didn't commend on our kimonos... That's right, Yaya. Your kimonos looks good too. Let's go pray at the shrine, shall we? There's all kinds of stores around! It's so dazzling. What is it, Amu-chi? Stars divination lots drawing? Oh, it looks really interesting! Mid-fortune! You might become a shining star in school or at your work place! Yes! Rimu's got a "low fortune". How useless. It'll be much more interesting to get a "Great fortune" or "Extreme Bad luck". I've gotten a "low fortune" too. What about you, Hotori-kun? "Extreme Bad Luck"... You should be careful of black hole. It seems like it's impossible to take over the world this year too. What about you, Amu-chi? Oh! "Great Fortune"! Wow... Huh? You will meet with an encounter that came just like a shooting star. An encounter that came just like a shooting star? How romantic, desu~ Could it be a premonition to a new love? T-That's not it... It might be that you'll get some new friends. New friends? Alright! Let's do it! Here it is... There!! We failed again. Amazing! My name is Ebihara You. This is my little sister... I'm Ebihara Kiko. We're going to participate in this shrine's Acting event. Acting event? Yeah. There will be one at this shrine every year. It's an event where amateurs performs to the visitors. We thought of performing this year too. We've been practicing since last year. Eh... That's amazing. But, we just couldn't get it right yet. There will be no problem if it's just one ball. Alright then. Rima? Both stuants and jokes have the same aim to entertain the visitors. Rima? I'll assist you. Kusu Kusu too! This sounds interesting! Yaya's doing it too! Well then, we'll join in the fun too. It's just like what has been reported before, the embryo had appeared on many occasion Capturing it is just a matter of time now. Hmm, can you really do it? You are the ones who didn't accomplish anything! Stop imitating my way of speaking! I didn't say "Nya", I said "Neya"! To be honest, I guess I've expected too much from you. What do you mean by that? You're wasting too much time. I told you to work with Ikuto, didn't I? I've been working hard on my part! Go talk to Ikuto if you're so dissatisfied about it. Please excuse me. What a troublesome brat. Talking about troublesome brat, there's an intruder in the company a few days ago. The identity of the intruder is unknown since he've escaped the eyes of all the surveillance Hmph, you've already experienced for yourself what one will become if one goes against Easter, right? You've never thought of going against Easter too, right? No matter what, I'm still your father. Oh well, that's how it is anyway. Those born in the Tsukuyomi family cannot go against the Easter. Don't forget about that. I got it I'm going back. He's acting pretty honest for today. He's finally starting to use his brains after tasting bitterness, huh? Ikuto, it's all done already Nyaa~ It's the key to the violin! I got it while that guy is busily talking to you. Let's go. The injection of the X egg's energy is done too. What's left now is to do some final adjustments, right? Haiz~ Huh? What's wrong, Chief? I've accidentally told Tsukuyomi Ikuto about the key to the violin... What am I going to do if the boss knows about this!? It's too late already. Tsukuyomi Ikuto!? T-That key is... Just keep quiet and assist me if you don't want to get exposed of telling me about the key. The three of us got tied up by you already, okay? We got attacked by you so suddenly, okay!? There it is! Someone intruded the laboratory! Let's hurry up! Over there! The violin got stolen. Damn... Hurry up and find that intruder! Hehe, it won't be the same as last time now. What a joke! What does he mean by assisting? That's right! He's treating you like an idiot. Lulu! What a coincidence! Could it be... ...An encounter that came just like a shooting star? Lulu-chan and Nana-chan appeared just like the shooting stars. Everyone, let me introduce. This is Lulu de Morcerf, Yamamoto-san. You don't have to mention Yamamoto. Nice to meet you. Please take care of us. Hey, Lulu-chi's a chara holder too, right? Lulu-chi? This is Lulu-chan's shugo chara... ...Nana-chan! I'm Nana, kya~ Kya? What language is that? Lulu-chi is that rumored girl, right? Your mother's the actress, Mayozumi Kaoru-san, right? I remembered she'd acted in a foreign film, right? "The Angel in the Mist" is really a great movie. Of course, that is Mum's masterpiece! She's been on variety shows lately, right? D-Did I say anything wrong? Just how long are you guys going to slack? That girl over there, please do not interupt with us! Huh? Let's practice together! Well then, just what are you guys trying to do? Actually... Atmosphere! It's very important for the performer to be engross in the right atmosphere! Start spinning the umbrella now and create that needed atmosphere now, everyone! That's how it is... Don't forget to smile! No matter how painful it is, you must show to the visitors that you're doing it without sweat! Yes That's cool! Lulu, you're amazing! Did you practice that anywhere? I don't have to practice something this easy. We have to do our best too. Yeah. You're really amazing.Not only that you know how to make a jewel necklace, you also know how to spin the umbrella so beautifully. It's as though you can do anything This isn't anything to be proud of. Hey, what do you like the most? Eh? T-That is... Where are you going? It's none of your business, right? Eh? I wwonder what's going on? You want me to go look for Ikuto!? That's right! If this goes on, the violin plan will fail. This is an order from the head! What's that for... Didn't I say that I'll go capture the embryo myself? T-That is... You're worried that Lulu wouldn't make it and are realising another plan, DaGya!? What kind of joke is that!? Nia!? {eh?} You're able to grab hold of that atmosphere already, right? Do not ever forget that feeling. Thanks, we'll go after practicing it some more. guys Well then, see you at the venue. I wonder what happened to Lulu. Geez, they're treating me like a fool. That's right! Gya~ What is it, Nana? I've sense the existence of shugo chara. It should be fine after walking all this while. Ikuto, what's wrong with you since just now? Somehow, this violin seems weird, Ikuto. You're... We won't give you the violin! You don't intend to return the violin back to Easter? What are you going to do with this violin? Could it be that you're going to use it to attract the embryo and to fullfill your own wish? This has nothing to do with you. There is! I'm going to get the embryo. I will not give it to you or the Easters. It seems like you aren't just any controlled puppets, huh? You don't look like a normal house cat too. Hey! You aren't here to capture Ikuto? Hmph, I have no wish to fight the wealkings. I won't feel happy even if I win. There's some Easter personnel walking around this area. Hurry up and get to some safe place. Thanks...Nya... Huh? Ikuto! What is it? Are you alright? As expected, we still couldn't get it right. What are we going to do if we fail during the actual show? I guess we should not perform this year. You guys are hesitating, right? You are... It seems like Kiko-chan and her brother aren't here yet. It's going to start already! Huh? This feeling... I can feel it too! Let's begin for performance, Nii-chan. Yeah, we're going to performance our stuant to everyone around the world! Character Transformation! Happy Dream No.1! & Number 2! Now, please enjoy our performance! Tadase-kun... Let's do it, everyone! My own heart... UNLOCK!! Character Transformation, Platinum Royal! Character Transformation, Clown Drop! Wow, they're pretty heated up! Go! Do it! Embryo, come out right now! Don't ever fail again, Nii-chan! Stop it, the two of you! Listen to me! We'll show you the perfect performance! Everyone!™ Go! Go! My Duckies! Tightrope Dancer! Holy Crown! Amu-chan! Heart Rod! Spiral Heart Special! Nii-chan, did we failed again!? How can we... How can we failed!? How can we!!! Don't be afraid to fail! Even if you fail, you will be able to show everyone your determination to change it into happiness! That's right! It's alright to fail! As long as you do it with all you have, I'm sure the visitors will be happy too! Lock on... the negative heart! Open heart! It's the embryo! Huh? what is it? Kiko! Wake up! The performing event is starting! Hurry up! Yeah! They did it! They change failure into success. They've improved again. Lulu. I'll definitely... get the embryo. Huh? Oh, it's so warm~ It's so busy on the first day of the new year, thanks for your hard work. That's true. An encounter that came just like a shooting star... Just what could that means? Anything, let's sleep. Huh EH?! EHHHHHHH? An encounter that came just like a shooting star refers... this!? T-This is... ...simply... ...a great shock! Nya~ Just what is going on? Why is Ikuto here? Amu-chan's in great panic! That's understandable though. Oh! Amu-chan! This is bad! What is it this time? It's snowing! The whole city is covered in snow. Great! Let's have a snow fight! No, we could build a snow man. Oh my, it's not the time to talk about that! Next episode on Shugo Chara Doki! Countless secrets on a snowing day?

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idk if there accurate subbs but...yea..enjoy lol

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