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James Cameron - The nature of art

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I think what are does is-- art in any form. Any form of creation is art. To me, building a robot is a form of art. You know, because you're creating something new. It's all built on all of the experiences you've had before and everything everyone else has done before. All those things go into a big melting pot, and we react to what other people have done, and we find those niches where somebody hasn't done that thing that just popped into your head. So, I think from a-- Let's say if you applied it to technology and engineering, the first thing to do is make sure that your brand new idea is new. You know, check prior art. Same thing when you're writing a story. Is it a new idea or is this something that sounds good to you because it was in a movie you saw when you were ten? I was shocked, for example, to find out that my movie 'Aliens' had a young girl who couldn't speak because she'd been through a horrific trauma with these monsters, there was a movie that I saw when I was eight or nine years old called 'Them' about giant ants that had a little mute girl holding a doll who couldn't talk because of the traumatic experience she had with the monsters. I was like, when I saw that years later, I went, "I'm just taking it all in to the cuisinart of my brain and spitting it out in some new way. Sometimes, I think I'm just a genius for coming up with that and it was somebody else's idea from back then. I think as long as you're putting your own swerve, and your own perspective, and your own lens on it, it's okay. That's the nature of art.

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James Cameron - The nature of art

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