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Shure PGX Digital Wireless System - Review

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♪♫♪♫..............................[Music Playing] Shure's PGX Series Wireless has been extremely popular. Now it's been upgraded with digital technology. So it's the PGXD Wireless System. The digital technology means that it sounds better. That's really the important story here. Because it uses a digital technology it has wider bandwidth. They don't use compression like they had to use in the analog version. And it runs on 900 mHz. 900 mHz is a dedicated frequency band for instrumentation. So you are sure you aren't going to get any interference from the new Internet devices that are coming out or television frequencies. So it's a digital, 900 mHz. Now let's take a look This is the particular, the handheld version with an SM58 head. SM58 head of coure is the standard of the industry. It also comes with a Beta 58 head. I like the Beta 58 head. I sing on platform, and I use a Beta 58 because for a male voice it gives a great, smooth sound and it also has good intelligibility. So Beta 58's a great option on this microphone. But the SM58 is a standard as well. Let's go to the belt pack. Belt pack is a nice, compact, thin belt pack. Runs on two AA batteries. Flip it right open like that. Very simple On/Off/Mute switch. Right there. Very flexible cable that you're not going to break. And the standard Shure Ta4F Type of microphone connector, so any of your other Shure microphones are going to plug right into that. Very lightweight, very compact. Then the receiver, again, very easy to operate, you've simply got your frequency switch, channel switch, power switch a couple of small antennas. And on the back very simple XLR connector or a 1/4 inch connector for your audio out and your power. So, very easy to operate. And so this is a great system for portable on-the-road kind of use in any place where you need a cost-effective but high-quality wireless system that's reliable, easy to use and you're not going to be worried about interference from the new Internet devices because it runs on 900 mHz so the PGX Digital Wireless Microphone System. ♪♫♪♫.........................[Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 9, 2012

Shure's PGX wireless systems have been upgraded with digital technology. This uses wider bandwidth than in the analog version. This is a handheld version with a Shure SM58 head, one of the most popular in the industry. It operates at 900mHz and features very lightweight, simple to use transmitters. It's a great system for portable, "on the road" type of use and operates free of interference from other wireless devices.

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