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EU Calls For 'New World Governance'

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) In a financial crisis Europe is leading a way towards a global solution The president of the United States and Europe have proposed various different summits starting from mid-November, which will look at new regulations and a New World Governance Today Europe can propose the principles and rules that will shape a New Global Order I believe that crisis calls upon us to reform the European institutions. The crisis is a call for Europe to provide as strong and rapid response as possible as other world forces such as the US have done in the face of the drama created by the financial crisis. The kind of occasion, where the crisis calls into question all certainties and minds are more open to change. These are very special moments. The goal should be to devise a system of global financial governance adapt it to the challenges of the 21st century. Teaming up with emerging economies Europe seeks Chinese and Indian help to overhaul US orientated global financial architecture. Is the New World Order on the cards? And why is Europe looking East? And at what price? This is inside story. Europe shows its true colours in times of crises With President Barosso we'll be working on a road map for December to see how we can provide response to the Irish question [rejection of Lisabon treaty]. We discovered that the more you look into the EU the more it becomes clear that it is part of an even bigger global agenda This agenda is to end national sovereignty and independence And merge more and more control of the world to the hands of a small number of elites who have great influence over large countries and organizations History has proven how this level of power corrupts And it shows how it is open to abuse, tyranny and repression of the population G W Bush - We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations A New World Order A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations When we are successful and we will be It’s part of a bigger agenda, a global union by 2018 Because there already exists the African Union, the Pacific/Asian Union, the European Union and the recently signed North American Union. It was signed in 2005, that links Canada, Mexico and America together as one union. Where all the sovereignty of all the countries is gone, that’s been signed away The new currency in the North American Union is the Amero If you Google it, you will find out about it, it’s identical to the Euro And it’s really paved the way for a global “New World Order” Has anybody on the bench have anything to say about this, is anybody familiar with this? Sinnott - I’m not really familiar with that except one report that all MEPs were sent, making the case for a North American Union about a year ago we were all sent this It was very like the European Union only it was America CNBC - Proposed new currency for the North American Community which is being developed right now between Canada, the US and Mexico To make a borderless community just like the EU And the Canadian Dollar, the American Dollar and the Mexican Peso replaced by the Amero Lou Dobbs CNN - It brings open borders, commerce at all costs And by the way, without the approval of the American voters or the US Congress Bush - We have a real chance of this New World Order An order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role fulfil the promise and vision of the UN’s founders R Giuliani - The connection between the United Nations, New York City and the Rockefeller Foundation is clearly drawn So if we play the video I think you are going to appreciate watching it I think you are going to enjoy it very very much UN Secretary General - On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations It is important to recognise more than just an event From the early history of the United Nations the Rockefeller family embodied the idealism of those years The gift of a site by John D Rockefeller junior for a permanent world capital in New York Sinnott - We were all given a big report “Towards a North American Union” Interviewer - And who did that come from? I’m sorry I don’t know I don’t know but I carried it around in my bag forever because it was a big report And I was reading it on airplanes and things They are saying that the push for a North American Union doesn’t exist, no reports exist Well we did get a report advocating a North American Union I can’t tell you who But they obviously made 700 copies of it and got it into our letterboxes Ron Paul - President Bush said that the New World Order was in tune and that’s what they were working for The UN is part of that government They are working right now very significantly for a North American Union That’s why there’s a lot of people in Washington who don’t care too much about our borders They have a philosophical belief that national sovereignty is not important Those are the reasons I have made very strong suggestions that we need not be in the United Nations for our national security Secretary UN - And the Rockefeller families commitments, to the United Nations did not end with this exceptional gift It continues to the present day, and it is personified by David Rockefeller whom we honour The World Federalist Association, or WFA is one of the largest associations that openly promote world government Periodically the WFA extends a global governance award to a prominent individual pushing for the same goal Former CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite was among the recipients of the WFA award Cronkite - Today we must build federal structures on a global level to deal with world problems We need a system of enforceable world law A democratic, federal world government In a closed circuit hook-up Hillary Clinton congratulated Cronkite For decades you told us the way it is but tonight we honour you for fighting for the way it could be The EU treaty concentrates power, just wondering if in the future if that got into the wrong hands, what would happen? Yes if it gets into the wrong hands them somebody has a lot of power and this is the problem We always say “ah but it won’t“ But that means that you have never studied history Like what is so different about us that never happened before That we’re so special and so trusted I think they were more moral 100 years ago Maybe, but there has never been a time in history when we couldn’t say never That someone couldn’t descend to the throne, if you like, and do terrible things And it keeps repeating through history and the more power they have, like the saying, the more it corrupts The globalist founders of the UN learn that moving straight in to the model of global government was tactically impossible However gradually phasing out national independence to regional government interdependence by using international treaties has since proven to be tactically sound Europe sees us in terms of regions, more and more policies are designed to deal with regions rather than nations I have a quote here from the Belgium Prime Minister who said “we need a European defence, a European army Not just on paper but a force genuinely capable of operating in the field Including beyond European borders I’m advocating a more powerful Europe, I’m advocating a United States of Europe” Coughlan - Yes, well that’s the current Belgium Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt who is a very strong federalist Gordan Brown - So in conclusion ladies and gentlemen, a new world is emerging, it is a new world order translated by Join and help translate into your language so that the people know!

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Video shows Sarkozy and Barroso calling for a "New World Order", "New World Governance", "New Global Order".

The EU and globalists are determined to use crisis' to setup the final stages of what they call the "New World Order".

CNN: "Barroso outlined no specific proposals but said a solution needed to be based on transparency, responsibility, cross-border supervision and global governance"

Least we forget with a crisis there is always a silver lining. for the elite few. historically against the general publics interests and rights. The current banking chaos lead the global banking elites profits being guaranteed by the tax payers and lends to global leaders calling for a restructuring and centralisation of the global financial system and currencies.

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