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What I liked about going to that place... that I never knew who might appear suddenly. The feeling that something amazing would arrive... ...was always welcome. Until that day. It came with its cheerful step and its enormous eyes... ..that would not look away from me, not even to blink. I had a feeling that everything else had disappeared... leave me alone with this creature. Besides its fixed stare, I was intrigued by the silence. It was like its presence lessened the importance of external sounds. But it was not a quiet silence, it was more like an extension of my isolation. In the middle of my discomfort, I thought; What if I'm imagining it? Has my loneliness led me to invent a strange creature that's only there for me? And for killing, apparently. When I could no longer stand its stare... I stood to leave, but it followed me. All the way, never taking its eyes from me. And I hate being watched. It followed me home. The curtains on my window were always open... ...because I like to let sunlight in... ...but I had to close them because its stare became unbearable. I was terrified at the idea of spending the night near that thing. But I did. Night after night, all the time, savage roars and meows. During all that time I never felt at ease, its constant presence annoyed me. If I went home, there it was... in the library, there it was... in the office, there it was... all the time beside me. Other people could not see it... ...but although I can't say for sure... ...I think other animals noted its presence... ...and didn't like it. Then, out of nowhere, it happened: The cat arrived. A nice little yellow cat. But the monster didn't like it. That was enough. I put up with it far too long... ...but I wouldn't let it harm an innocent creature! Or at least... I thought. Have you ever felt your soul leaving your body? It's not a pleasant feeling...'s not even unpleasant. You just feel the void... ...just like when you realise someone you despised... was just trying to help you. Since that day I've been here, motionless, trapped inside my head. I'm not alone, but on the two weeks since the attack... ...the monster has gotten way older. It has never left, now I understand it was only trying to protect me. But how much longer will it be able to do so?... ...And what will happen then? I'm afraid because through the open curtains... those red eyes watch me all the time.

Video Details

Duration: 4 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: Mexico
Genre: Animated
Director: Ricardo González
Views: 54
Posted by: srfinnegan on Jun 8, 2014

Una historia sobre una chica, el monstruo que la sigue a todos lados y un gato.

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