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HoU 9 - Law of Stupidity

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Heaven's Process 9 - The Law of Stupidity (Veno) Hi this is Veno again. and I am communicating about the..dimension introduction to the- Law of stupidity, (smile) when 'you' literally manifest, what you..'create'. So, as I have said, in the previous interview, that for one, year, we continue with 'extensive' processes of, clear- cleaning up the dimensional existence, in the expression and understanding, of oneness and equality in 'application', here on earth to assist and support human beings. When, after that entire year of applications 'we fall', and we fall 'hard'. and the, reason for that is the following: So with Bern- with Eagle and Winged, within the dimensions, all of us together in processes. Eagle, mostly setting up processes in heaven.. To assist and support 'all the dimensional beings', release ourselves from our allowed and accepted 'enslavement' within the dimensions to, understand, experience, 'apply' every moment: self-responsibility, self-application..for self to stand up as all as one as equal. So.. Now I have also mentioned Anu's, 'hypnotizing ability' of all the dimensional beings, within the existence, for about a year, but..from a certain perspective we, 'allowed it', and we accepted it. and, we're as responsible for us 'being', under, 'hypnot- being hypnotized'. by Anu because of our starting point. ok. What was, most of the dimensional being's starting point during the that time? All the 'processes' Eagle has setup for us, we did half-heartily, we didn't do it..full out. We didn't commit ourselves to ourselves, and we have that question of: But what if? you know. what if.. This is just, you know, another.. 'deceptive situation' and..we wanted to 'protect ourselves'. So all in the dimensions, did not do forgiveness. full-heartily wandering there like, you know: We'll do it. We'll..Commit Ourselves, you know, we'll..we'll, we'll do what it is said to be done. but only, little bit, you know. not 'completely'. Because we fear 'losing ourselves', we fear, losing the dimensional existence, which is, of which is..which is 'ours'! and.. so during 'an entire year', of going extensive processes, Cleaning up heaven, earth, human beings etc. we will participate in it, 'but' We didn't do it 'fully', we didn't..completely dedicate and commit ourselves, to ourselves. and so after a year, we setup a whole process of earth, you know, human beings, 'cleaning' human beings out, setting up, setting up support, assistance, 'models' for human beings, as us - dimensional beings to walk with you in every 'moment'. So went through many..processes as I have said before, until, one momen when the deception within the.. 'when the self-deception', of all the dimensional beings was revealed, and we all literally 'fall', completely. and, after that one year we're still in the process of, 'correcting ourselves' in every moment. Because when you fall once, standing-up becomes, much, difficult, and and and and..harder because everything 'compound, extensively' even more, 'every time you fall''s like.. you have a wave, it's a mini wave! and you kind of walk through it, it's fine you know. When you fall! it's like, another big-bigger wave comes, and then you get harder to walk through that wave, and then when you 'fall again'! The wave gets 'Huger', and it becomes (laught) more difficult to walk that wave, inevitably you know you'll realize: 'Shit, I have to really now stand up and not allow myself to fall!' and you just walk. So that's kind of what happened in the dimensional exitence. so.. Because we allow ourselves to deceive ourselves, and not applying forgiveness and standing as all as one as equal. In, allowing ourselves to, self-commit and self-dedicate ourselves to ourselves in absolutely standing within oneness and equality. We didn't allow ourselves to give, ourselves access to earth and assisting and supporting human beings, in a more, effective specific way. Here on earth, and that's why nature at the moment is (laugh) with human beings. Instead of- dimensional beings. there are certain specific dimensional beings who've, really after that, went: Shit I did this to myself, I didn't give myself, access to 'me'. Because I don't apply effective forgiveness and I didn't self-commit and self-dedicate myself I actually deceived 'myself'. In this entire process, till this 'entire year'. and I have to 'really stand up now'. so there are dimensional beings here with human beings, standing within and as you giving themselves access to 'themselves' which is existence. This entirety as it stands as all as one as equal. Though there are those who did not, they are still in processes. This past year and a half, in the dimensional existence. So it's, we manifested our own 'stupidity', because, we deceived ourselves. Well not only ourselves, we deceived Eagle, as well and..all of humanity for that matter. Because we were too afraid to 'loose ourselves', too afraid to loose, the dimensions. Because the dimensions, are who we are, you know, it's us, and.. So it's been- it was a great big fall, a 'huge one'! Humpty dumpty almost didn't really exist at all, scraped- into, little tiny pieces. So busy, dumpty dumty, putting ourselves 'back together again'. Applying forgiveness in every moment, self-honesty in every moment. The moment of the, the experience of you, is like..a thief in the night. It comes like a thief in the night, you don't know when that moment will be. So you always have to be prepared. you don't know when that.. that- that opening, that realization of you, in every moment 'will come'! So therefor we're still applying, proving ourselves to ourselves to our own self-commitment, to our own self-dedication because, We didn't do it in the first processes, in that, during that year. and we fucked ourselves. (laugh) The law of stupidity. So we're not alone, what happened was during that year, Eagle, Winged, all of us participated..within specific processes of forgiveness, to prepare ourselves, to stand as all as one as equal, to be able to assist humanity and standing as all as one as equal. Because we didn't, 'participate fully and commit ourselves fully to ourselves' We fall, extensively. But we're..again continuing with our processes, within the dimensional existence, forgiving ourselves. To really commit ourselves, and dedicate ourselves to stand as all as one as equal, within that we're able, to, assist human beings, to commit and dedicate themselves, to themselves. and stand as all as one as equal, in existence. So we'll definitely 'not' do that again. I, not again. I won't want to see (laugh) myself like that again, because 'shit'. When you fall, in that way, after one year, that- in that everything you were- that you had done basically in that year's "worthless" It worths nothing because your starting point, wasn't of Life, of oneness and equality. Therefore you really have to start 'all over again'! and so we had to, Start 'from scratch'! completely! Everyone in the dimensional existence, because our starting point.. So that our starting point stand within and as oneness and equality as Life. If it's not, you fall, you have to start over again..not fun. Thank you very much. this is Veno. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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