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Character creation final6

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Welcome to the Eternal lands Tutorial for Android. I am Thyralax and I will be your guide through this land of Monsters, friends and Adventure Like all good stories ours will begin by clicking New Character. To start making our new adventurer. We are now at the Character Creation Screen. Where we can see a base character. You can zoom in and out by pinching the screen like this You can rotate and tilt the angle by swiping the screen like so. Until you get the view you want. Okay now shall we work on the Appearance of our new adventurer. You can change gender, and race by tapping on the appropriate buttons. There is a choice between elf human and dwarf today i think we will make an Elven character by tapping on elf. You can also change your characters head and hair skin tone, hair and eye colour. and the colour of the characters base clothing by tapping or swiping the appropriate arrows. Don't forget you can still pinch or swipe the screen to get a better look if you need to. I like this look for our new character. So I am going to press done too proceed to selecting a name. One of the hardest things about character creation. It is best to try and pick a pronounceable easy to spell name. The Keyboard will appear automatically and you just need to enter the name you want. I am going to pick thetraveller as it seems appropriate. Then you Just need to press where it says password so you can set your pass word. Then tap the back button to close the keyboard and click done twice to get past this boring stuff and into the game world. what a wonderful view filled with promise and adventure. Before we get exploring and playing. Let me show you the basic Android controls. Like in character creation if you pinch the screen you can zoom in and out. If you keep your thumb over the blue arrows as you do so. You wont move. By swiping the blue arrows with your thumb you can change the perspective. Or rotate the screen like this. And by holding back button of your device you can free rotate with a finger swipe across the screen. To interact with npc’s just click on them to see the dialog box. This is the tutorial NPC he can give you some tutorial quests that are very handy (and give some nice rewards) or he can heal you. But we will get back to him later on. If you need to bring up the keyboard to type a command or to talk to another player just double tap the blue arrows. You can talk to other players in the vicinity by just typing and pressing enter. Like this, to close the keyboard. Just tap back. If you press the monitor button you will go into console mode you can type in here, just swipe the screen to the left to open the keyboard. There is a newbie help channel where any player anywhere in game that’s on the channel can help answer any question you have. Just type @ and your message. Then swipe the screen to the right to close the keyboard Ahh see someones replied. And to go back to the game screen just press the monitor button again. Now to walk of the spot and to start exploring. You just need to tap the screen where you want to go. Like so. If you hold your thumb over the blue arrows. You can rotate the screen as you walk. Now to attack that rat That's running around. Get close to it. And click on it too fight. Remember to feather the controls to rotate the screen if you need too. If you click on the bag. You will see the rat has dropped meat and bones and a tail. To collect it just tap the get all button. Ahh look a rabbit. Too attack that it is just the same as the rat.. You can also take items individually from a bag. By clicking on each item. This Rabbit dropped a pile of coins. And collecting them one by one, is time consuming. You can select the numbers at the bottom of your inventory. To collect more than one at a time. If we select the eye icon. At the bottom, you can get a description of the items in your inventory. Or from the surrounding area. Just by tapping on it We have a couple of bones here. If we press the walk icon now. So as to cancel the eyeball. We can then double click the bone to equip it. To use it as a weapon. Like any piece of equipment you might find. The more you fight. The stronger your character will be. Which will allow you to fight stronger and bigger creatures. and then monsters! You can sell the bits you get from animals to other players. Or to npc's. you can also use them. In manufacturing or too summon little animals of your own. If you disconnect from the game just open the keyboard and press any key. Ahh look a tavern! Shall we go in there and have a look around. To enter just select the door by clicking on it. You will go in automatically. In taverns, you can buy food, drink and sell some animal bits. Food is quite important. if you look at the yellow one at the bottom you can see ours is half full.. So with the coins we got from the rabbit. We can buy ourselves some bread and some cooked meat. If you open up your inventory screen you can see where the items we just bought are. If you select the use icon (pointy finger). Then click on an item in your inventory you will use it. In this case eat it. As you saw our food bar started to increase. Next to the food bar you have got your mana. Which is the blue bar and is how many spells you can cast. And your red bar, which is how much health you have left. And whilst your on positive food, you will regenerate health and mana. And you will do most things a little bit better. Now, if you want to get somewhere quicker. Just tap the map icon at the bottom and click on the map where you want to go. Just touch the map icon again to close it and you will see we have started walking towards that location. Now while we are walking over there. Shall we have a look at some of the other buttons. The tools icon opens up the options screen. In there you can change a lot of in game things. Add things to the HUD. Change graphics and the like. As a note: You will want to keep your perspective above 40 if you notice that monster and player names disappear. Oh look we have found a ship. if you click on the flag icon. It will make you use the boat this also works on other map changes. and you can see we have ended up on another map. We don't want to leave the starting island quite yet. So if you open up your keyboard and type #beam me It will send you back to the camp fire at the start. You can use this to get yourself out of all sorts of trouble. and it is really handy in case you get lost. We will just click on the map icon again and get ourselves walking somewhere else. That beam me command can be found be found in the help files. Which is the question mark (?) icon. There is a lot of things in here that are quite handy. Tutorials about fighting. Encyclopedia which lists every item in game. The rules. and things like that. It is a handy little tool too reference your self with. and don't for get you can use channel 1 at any time (@message) to ask any questions, the eternal lands community is very helpful. There is also a very active forum that you can access. That has a lot of information and help you can also contact the developers. to get technical help. and even make suggestions of your own. One of the other buttons down here is the emote icon. If you press on that and then double click on one of the emotes. That's what your character will do. like the cheer. There is no correct or wrong way to play eternal lands. one day you might want to be a harvester. Another day go fighting and another just explore. or you might want to concentrate on one set of skills. I like to think that it is your game and you enjoy it however you want too. Aha! There are some flowers here. If we click on them. We will start to harvest them. As it tells you at the top. OOOO! we just gained a couple of levels. As you do skill you will get experience. You can see the har 24 going up there? We are getting 24 harvest experience every time you collect them. When you get to certain numbers you will gain a level. Down the bottom you can see the Graph icon. If you open that up. It will show you the Statistics. Basic Attributes, nexus's, skills and pick points. Pick points are used to increase attributes. Nexus's and to buy special abilities, called Perks. The higher your physique for example the harder you hit things. The higher your harvest level the better you will harvest things. Or be able to harvest higher level things better. You can learn more about all of this. In the encyclopedia or by asking on channel 1. As we can see the brown bar at the bottom is half full now. Which means we will need to store some stuff. Newbie Storage is the bank for new players. If you click on him, it will open up a dialogue box. Then is you click on the items it will go straight into your storage. If you have got a lot of items. Like these flowers. change the numbers at the bottom then you will be able to store more at once. If you hit the back button it will close all external dialogue boxes for you. I think the best strategy is... To pick up every thing you find and store it. If you don't want to use it later some one else will pay gold for it. Now i think we will end this session. By going back to the tutorial NPC. We will just walk over to him. There we are ready for the next time. To do a full exit out of game, open your keyboard. and type #exit and it will close you out. Thank you for watching the eternal lands Tutorial for android. Join me again next time for a walk through of the Tutorial NPC quests. Now remember the best way to explore our little world. Is by downloading the game. at or by doing an internet search for eternal lands. I hope to see you all in game soon!

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