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Communities in Rio face the threat of eviction

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"A HOME IS NOT A DREAM, IT'S A RIGHT" In Vila Autódromo's case, we demand the right to be included in the benefits of the Games. Not just Vila Autódromo, but all the communities in the vicinity of the Games. The investments should come to the whole city, not just a few. We need to make it known, because society in general doesn't know about what happens to the communities. The Mayor says the Olympics are good for Rio, but he doesn't tell them that because of these Olympics, a lot of people will be displaced. My community and others in the way will either be evicted or they will lose their dream, their home they've built over 30, 40 years, with their own sweat. and get a Minha Casa, Minha Vida home, which is only 36 square meters, hardly more than a little basement. I don't mean to say the Minha Casa, Minha Vida project is bad, but it's good only for those that have nothing, and Rio already has a serious housing deficit as it is. My name is Lucimar. Before I started working here, I worked on the streets in the Centro, selling rags at traffic lights. But then, after the city's crackdown policy, I lost a lot of merchandise, so I stopped. Then I opened this shop here, so I could work. You can't work on the street anymore, and it's hard to find a job outside. So here I am. In this fight, trying... My plans were to make this a bakery shop. I really like to cook, to bake cakes, to bake bread. Anything in the kitchen, I like to do it. I've been in two meetings with the Mayor's Housing Secretary, Jorge Bittar, who is away now, running for Federal Deputy, and I've had two meetings with Eduardo Paes, the mayor. We held a protest outside City Hall and so he met with us, That's the only way he will meet with us. What he proposed doesn't interest the community. He offered land outside the community. For us, this isn't a matter of four walls. What is at stake is the history of the community, the closeness each one has with their neighbor and their kids, That's what's at stake for us. He could offer me a palace, I wouldn't want it. He's offered an association building, paved roads and a daycare center. But I want him to build those things here in my community, not outside.

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Posted by: tiagodonato on Oct 26, 2010

Squatter communities in Rio de Janeiro are threatened with eviction by the authorities, for the development of their land into infra-structure for the Olympic Games of 2016.

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