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Interview with Usaia - with subtitles

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Usaia Delai Could you please introduce yourself? My name is Usaia Delai of Vuma village in the sub province of Levuka In the last few days you have been witnessing some work being done here. What have you to say? I am thankful to the government for allowing this work to be carried out here. I am not sure this will happen again but I am grateful to witness the construction ... ... of 3D model of the chiefly island of Ovalau. You were doing some hammering and painting in the last few days. What have you learnt? I have really learnt a lot, I was able to know names of places which I see a lot, but never knew how they were ... ... named, especially places at the village and near the village, sacred places and old village sites. This exercise is very good. How do you think this island model can help sustain the natural resources amid growing development in the next ten years? Firstly I am grateful that Fiji has been chosen as the first place in the Pacific ... ... amongst the three hundred or so islands. In Fiji, The Ovalau community has been the first to carry out this exercise. This is not a coincidence to me, because the meridian line crosses my village. This exercise will help boost tourism in the sense that tourists will be able to locate selected sites before ... ... travelling to the respective villages to see them. Finally, this exercise will extend to other parts of Fiji. What have you to say to school children, ... ... parents and those at the villages if they would be invited to attend a similar workshop? I would state that attending a P3DM workshop is not a waste of time. We may not be paid to attend it, however it is important to know that the knowledge gained ... ... from it can be passed down to our children and grandchildren. This involves the real facts and the history of our ancestral lands. This is an excellent way for preserving that information. Take it seriously as this is also a God given task.

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Posted by: giacomo on Feb 23, 2010

Interview with Usaia - with subtitles

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