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Lodz 09.2011 - Groups and Tasks in TZM Poland (part I) / Zlot Łódź 09.2011 - Grupy i Zadania w TZM Polska (część I)

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Polish TZM Quarterly Gathering, Łódź September 2011 "Groups and their tasks in Polish TZM" Okay, the plan was that everyone, or some, will get a print out of what we are going to talk about but in our world if you don't have the yellow ink in your printer, you will not pint in black and white, no... Logical, eh? It won't be clearly visible probably so I will read. This is a diagram that I have created, on "" by the way which is a tool to create diagrams which was shown to my by one activist from Łódź, Geokocur. A very useful thing to visualise ideas. So, here there are all the groups that I have briefly mentioned previously. At first I will just go through it quickly and than I'll go into more details of what tasks they have. And so, starting with this group... Here, in yellow... I used colours for better identification they are attached arbitrarily for better distinction. We have the Moderators Group, who's main and in fact only task is to moderate the forum. How it works in exactly will be explained later on. Then, there is the Welcoming Group, in a sort of violet. What is the Welcoming Group focusing on? New people. It means that, every new person visiting our site should be so to say, "hugged" by someone from the Welcoming Group =o) Next, we have the IT Team. Who are they? The IT Team is a group for all those dealing with programming, computers etc. Why do we need it? So that we can adjust the tools we use to our needs, rather than our needs to the tools we have. It's something like we have right now in what is called "The Phoenix Project". that gathers exactly that kind of IT specialists working on a system to create websites called "Drupa" (in a Polish fashion). They are working within this system to create a tool for the Movement to unify everything a little bit and to systematise chapters' websites so that we can improve communication. That kind of tasks lie within the scope of interest of the IT Team. In addition, there is an arrow drawn here pointing both ways and an arrow pointing this way - creating a server with source files and ready-to-use promotional materials. In order to gather all of them in one place, just like the Frankfurt Chapter in Germany. They have one place on their website where all the source files are stored, and most importantly, are accessible for everyone in an open-source fashion. And it's there to be used and you don't have to ask anyone for the source files because you want to adjust them. We, so to say, shift the responsibility for creating these materials etc to the people who want to use them and not concentrating it within one group, that would manage it. Contrary to what others do, we focus on the materials and not the authors so that everything works in a holographic manner: If someone comes up with some cool flyer project in a short time span it's being used by everyone around and no one is entirely sure who produced it in the first place. Next we have a group consisting of three groups, they are independent but work in cooperation. They are "Graphics and Design", "Video" and "Audio and Music". These are the three main types of multimedia and these groups should, mainly, work in a sort of servitude to the rest of the Movement. It means that they should be ready to accept "orders", so to say, For example, there is a need for a flyer that will concentrate on this and that, look this and that and containing that and that information. The coordinator of the Graphics and Design Group makes sure this flyer is created. And not as it is now that one posts "it would be cool to make a flyer" on the forum and three months later it gets a reply in the form of: "it would be cool. I would like it too."... This is our current work methodology. Next, one of the most important if not the most important group, that's why it is in red, Educational Group It's something that we lack today but should have for sure. This is the group... I will talk about it in a second... ... it's main task, or mission is Increasing the level of knowledge among all the TZM Supporters. and there are a couple of ways to do it. It's final products should be: ready-to-use lectures and recordings, like we are doing right now. Such recordings should end up on our site. Not only what I do here today but also i.e. presentations concerning Resource-Based Economy etc. That kind of group should lead into a situation in which in various cities, local chapters there are meetings on which one person presents such a presentation, it's recorded and than we watch it again together give feedback, correct mistakes etc Such a person than will learn it better.Than we post various recordings done by different people online, so that everyone can watch it and learn to deliver it themselves without really spending too much time for doing the research as it has already been done. It will be a sort of "Ready-to-use" material. All you need to to is to learn it, adjust it to your needs and optionally - research it yourself. These materials will be used by, among others, the Contact Group sometimes also called the Media Group It is a group which exists to be the first contact group with all kinds of mass media. as well ass groups, associations organisations etc. not connected with us but going in a simmilar direction and working in the same fields as we do. We really lack cooperation within the Movement in Poland and worldwide as well as with with entities outside TZM. We are working hard on establishing our own official association, which can be useful by the way, but we do not draw from the richness of groups and organisations that already exist that have their own facilities, their own funds and other useful elements which we could be using if we establish friendly relations with them. This is what the Contact Group will be for. Next, the Technical Group, marked with some strange colour. They, to my mind, should be the ones who create tangible projects. My this I mean things like "Do It Yourself (DIY) and "Open-Source" projects, because if The Zeitgeist Movement will only be talking beautifully about all these things, describe them in nice words, have nice videos and presentations, but won't have a repository of some real projects, where we build a hydroponic farm, a wind turbine from an old washing machine as it has been done by a guy from Tilburg in Holand, that I have previously talked about, than people won't be so willing to support us fully, as it will seem that we are only able to criticise, that we "talk a lot but do a little" The Technical Group should be the one that, at some point in time will start attracting a lot of new supporters to the Movement because they will be able to come to us and find out how to modernise their water circulation system at home/flat, how to build something that will reduce their energy costs. In the times of crisis that will only grow worse such a group is a must. Next, we have the LingTeam that is taking different materials from the TZM world and translates them. We need to create a server where all of them will be avaliable. Just as it was here and here. We upload in a way that allows everyone to have access to it. The pre-last group is - the International Contact Group Well, these groups won't be completely separate from one another. These groups will sometimes be interlinked and the same people will participate in a few groups Just as a coordinator is not a person but a function, as we have discussed during the break a group is not the people in it but the tasks it has. And this is the mindset I would like us to have, because the International Contacts Group, the LingTeam and the Coordinators Group which is here will very often consist of the same people... and the International Contacts Group will have its tasks described as follows: "Gather all the information and news from the TZM world and feed it to the Polish TZM Chapter" The last but not the least, the Coordinators Group. I have even created the map of Poland showing all the regions. Every region should strive to create their own Collective Group with its own internal structure in which different Task Groups members will be present. The perfect situation will be when all Task Groups had their branches in every region of Poland. At the moment its a far fetched idea but its nevertheless a tangible one. This is our direction. And, among other things, our Educational Group as well as the orientation of all the group should facilitate the education of new members of each group. So this was the visual representation of the concept. Now we will check if the next part is readable, if not we'll do it another way. It's not too visible so, well it doesn't matter. I will hand it out to everyone, send it around so that everyone can see to it. This is the organisational plan for the groups where we have, i.e. the Coordinators Group, their tasks, three of them, and the tasks shared with other groups. So this is all very interconnected. As I have said, it's a system, and not a bunch of lone islands, that work in isolation. This is the Educational Group that has only one own task. The rest of their tasks are to facilitate the work of other groups for the Educational Group should be the knowledge and skills base that will be made avaliable for all other groups to draw from ... it's all interconnected.

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Lodz 09.2011 - Groups and Tasks in TZM Poland (part I) / Zlot Łódź 09.2011 - Grupy i Zadania w TZM Polska (część I)

[ENG] This is a video of the firstd part of tJester's presentation on the organization of groups and their tasks in TZM Poland. The recording comes from the Quarterly National Rally TZM Poland, which took place in Lodz in September 2011. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [PL] Jest to zapis wideo pierwszej części prezentacji tJestera nt. organizacji grup w TZM Polska oraz ich zadań. Nagranie pochodzi z Ogólnopolskiego Kwartalnego Zlotu TZM Polska, który odbył się w Łodzi we wrześniu 2011 roku.

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