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Extra Ordinary Difficult Times Towards 2012 and Beyond Predicted

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<b>Desteni Presents:</b> <b>Extraordinary Difficult Times Ahead</b> <b>By: Bernard Poolman 25-Feb-10</b> A few pointers for everyone... that dare to hear, and care to listen. Things on Earth is going to become extraordinary difficult - for everyone. Everyone is going to have to Learn How to Forgive, and How to 'Love Thy Neighbour', and How... to 'Do Unto Another What You Want Them to Do Unto You'. Slowly, creepingly... unexpectedly... things will become worse. And you'll note a very interesting thing about the nature of what is happening: is that there is nothing you can do about it. And no matter what preparation you do: it makes no difference. You're gonna also notice that relationships beween people will become increasingly strained, communication will become difficult, misunderstandings will increase, disagreement will increase. In essence, one must look at Reality from a peculiar way, or from a view point. Look at it in reverse - that means start moving backwards, looking at the History of Mankind that is known to you and start having a look at how did we arrive at this place where we are now as Humanity. Then you'll start noticing what has been driving the decisions that's been made both at an individual level, at a family level, and at a cultural level, and at a group level as Humanity - and you'll notice that what is here today is the actual outflow of who each human has become. And it's not gonna get better without Self-Forgiveness, it is not going to become better without Radical Self-Honesty, it's not going to become better without Humanity starting to Work Together as One, realizing that you're going to have to Support Each Other to Become Equal in Understanding as to the workings of the... basic human being. Unless everyone become Equal in Understanding how the human mind operates and the human operates, and do something about changing what has been accepted, things are gonna get rather nasty and spiteful. Obviously, what is going to be quite amazing is some of the reactions and responses to this message. I mean, the very nature of the message is the same Jesus would have given, it's the same Bouddha would have given, it's the same Osho would have given, Lao-Tzu, it's the same message God would have given. But fascinatingly enough, most hearing this message will try and find some excuse as to why they should not hear this. Understand that you've been programmed to have that particular response. Not to worry: Reality will become so difficult that you will hear this message - you will Forgive, you will become Self-Honest, and you will become Equal. You have no other will than that because that has been your highest desire. The only thing that's standing in the way is ego. What is ego? Ego is that you want somebody else to change before you change, you want somebody else to be first in taking action. You don't wanna take action because, apparently, by not taking action, you're protected and you're safe. It's quite the opposite: not taking action = your path will become more difficult. As a metaphor... hear. The Image and Likeness of God implies the Equality of God which is... the Living Word. The World in itself is the Words that is being Lived - therefore the Living Word is God. And man is living those words speaking them, and give those words the Power of God over each other - through laws, through beliefs, through the words spoken, through the way humans interact - and all of that is actually what has become the God of Man. But unless this vocabulary and words become Equal in Understanding, where Each Other Understand What Each Other is Saying Equally, within Understanding that is Best for All - things will only get more difficult. The Money System will get more difficult. People will... live in great difficulty with abundance on the Earth available - but just because they don't have money, just because they don't have the numbers, they will not get food. I implore you to hear. It is necessary to consider that you are in fact the reason why the world is in trouble - you are in fact the participant in the delusion, you are in fact the participant in fear, you are in fact not understanding that 'Love' means that you must Love Your Neighbour, and that You Must Do To Others What You Would Like to Be Done Unto Yourself, that that is the Only Way that Love is Real, and that that Must Practically Be So for Each Human Being on Earth for the Love to Be Real. If that is not so... then you are Abusing Love to Protect your Self-Interest. There is no point to live for Here-After, because you have no idea what awaits there. But you know what is going on on Earth, and It Is Within the Power of Humanity to Change the Way Earth Exists. The Question would be: Will You?

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Posted by: destenifr on Nov 13, 2010

Things on Earth is going to become Extra-Ordinary Difficult for Everyone Everyone is going to-have to Learn How-to Forgive and How-to Love Thy Neighbor - And How To Do-unto Another what you want-them to Do-onto You - Slowly, creepingly -unexpectedly, Things- will Become-Worse And youll Note an Very-Interesting thing about the Nature of What is Happening, Is that there is Nothing You can Do about-it, and No-matter what Preparation you do = it makes No-Difference Youre gonna-also Notice that Relationships between People will become Increasingly -Strained- Communication will-become Difficult- Misunderstandings will-Increase, Disagreement will-Increase

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