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Lao Tzu comes back from AfterLife/Death, teach you:Sound Mind - Thoughts and Words are One

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Sound Mind - Thoughts and Words are One (Lao Tzu) This is Lao Tzu and, I am here to communicate about 'sound mind' the unification of words and thoughts, as one, as sound Now, remember, that there existed your mind consciousness 'system' and then there existed, the sound mind remember that, the mind consciousness system consists of 'thoughts' and 'after thoughts', words are spoken human beings currently communicating, on earth are communicating, 'from thoughts' their words, are mechanical manifestations, and expressions, 'of thoughts' and not of the expression of sound, of oneness, as sound mind as who we are, in manifestation here on earth what is 'required' within human beings is, the realization of the unification, of thoughts, and words as 'one' expression now what do I 'mean' by that? is the following: human beings currently 'have thoughts'! and, before communication, 'thoughts', occurred within their mind and from, 'these thoughts', human beings communicate so what are human beings currently communicating from? is a mind consciousness system within you it is simple, as we have said, 'many times' If thoughts exist, the mind consciousness system exist and, the process is unification of thoughts and words as one what does that mean? it means that there exist no thoughts, and there exist no words that are, 'of thoughts' yet words, as 'sound', as 'one', as sound mind as who I am So, then communication, comes from a different perspective but the expression of 'self - as sound' not 'of thoughts' of a mind consciousness system and this is the process, of unification of thoughts and words where, the mind consciousness system is, 'released removed', and the 'becoming' of a sound 'mind', which is a 'sound' manifestation, of 'self' which is, the sound of 'oneness'! the sound of 'I am' the sound of, where words will be communicated, as 'one with self' this is the 'process' of, 'living words' as one with 'me' which is, the starting point of manifesting the 'sound mind', as sound expression, as 'I am as one' and, from that starting point of living words, as one with me because, what are thoughts? but 'words' as a mind consciousness 'system' that is manifested, 'separate' within human beings upon which they have define themselves as who they are and thus within the separate manifestation, thoughts existed 'from these thoughts' words are spoke and then communicated therefore, in manifesting a sound mind it is to live words 'as one with me', as one with who I am because in living words as one with who I am there is no 'way' that words are able to manifest separate from me in a manifestation of thoughts, of the mind consciousness system, within human beings so therefore manifesting, a sound mind is living words, as one with who I am - to become the living word then, I am sound, because all words are me, are one with me as who I am Thank you very much. this is Lao Tzu Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Alice A. Bailey, Peter Tosh, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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