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Miracle of a lifetime

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I, ah, came to Christ in 1969. I was thirty-six years of age at the time so you can figure out my age by that, if you're a mathematician. And, ah, I came to the Lord as a very, very, self-sufficient lost person, and came to the Lord and became a very self-sufficient saved person. I, ah, hit the ground running, so to speak. Ah, it was a very dramatic conversion experience in my particular life. Ah, I did not lead a sheltered life as a lost person. I had bought the philosophy that "you're going to find happiness in making a lot of money and being successful". And that's what I set out to do. Ah, I had goals set for myself, as many people do. I wanted to be a millionnaire, and I wanted to be a millionnaire by the age forty. I like both of those figures And so, I set out to do that. And I was on the process, or in the process of probably, ultimately achieving that, but I was totally empty inside. And I found myself in a situation of wondering as my prayer to God ultimately was, "What's it all about Alfie" As I came to ah the point where I had the biggest car you could drive in Los Angeles, unless I bought a tank and I could have used one of those on the freeway a few times. Ah, we had our nice home, we had a swimming pool. We had all of the things that the world says that if you had these things you will be happy. I had them, and I was far from being happy. Ah, at the same time that that was taking place and I knew that making more was not going to make me happy, because I was not spending what I didn't make And so it's like someone asked Rockerfeller one time, "How much will it take to make you happy?" He said, "Just a little bit more". And that's what life was all about. I remember many times of looking into the mirror and wondering who was this thing staring back at me. And I wondered why I can not be the kind of husband, the kind of father that I knew I should be. I would sometimes observe neighbors they loved their children, they loved their wives, and I loved to a point but I could not love and that's what ultimately was getting my attention. Why can't I love like it seems to me that I see other people doing? In the midst of that why, I got news one day that my father, who is an attorney in Indiana, had cancer, sarcoma of the throat. and when I got that news, I immediately got on an airplane and flew back to Indiana to visit with my dad and walked into our beautiful home there in Indiana and dad was down to about a hundred and ten pounds with part of his throat cut out and he looked at me with the most pitiful look I think I've ever seen on the face of a human being, he said, "Bob, all my life, I worked to have enough money to eat anything I wanted to eat." He said, "Now I've got the money, and I can't eat it". And that was true, for dad to take something into his mouth, it would just come back out again. And that night, as Mom and Dad went to bed, in the living room of our home I broke down and cried like a baby. And folks, I had not done that in many, many years. Early in my business career one of my associates said, "Bob, nice guys finish last and you're a nice guy". And I caught the message. And I became very hard, and I became hard in my heart and ah, to a, to a degree. It wasn't ruthless, but it was just a hard heart that I had. And for me to cry - and that- "no, men don't cry" and that kind of nonsense was into my psyche sort to speak. And ah, so I, I broke down and cried at the futility of life. And like I say, finally cried out to God "What's it all about, Alfie"? Ah, there's got to be more to life than getting up everyday and making a ton of money and going to bed at night, in order to get up the next day, making more money, in order to go to bed at night in order to get up the next day, make more money, in order to some day pass that money on to your kids so they can go to bed at night, get up the next day and make some more money. there's got to be more to life than this but I don't know what it is. I said, "God you've got to show me, in some way what is going on here". and so, that was kinda of a breakthrough with me where my heart was touched to the point where I was able to cry for the first time in I don't know how long. in this state, um, my dad finally went down to Austin where my sister and her husband lived and it was over a three day hoilday. and all of our family was there and dad was back in the hospital. and ah, in the hospital, while, while he was in the hospital, why, this sarcoma that was in his throat, had jumped down to his stomach and was forming a bowel obstruction and in that state of his weakness we couldn't even get water through a straw in order to move him,you had to pick him up and move him, I knew he could not survive an operation. and so in utter desperation I went down to the chapel of the hospital and sat there and made a deal with God. I said, "God if you'll get my dad well, I'll dedicate my life to you" I meant that, and I didn't know how God could refuse that. After all, He was getting "ol' nifty" me. and so (laughing) so, um, the next day, dad was getting ready, they were preparing for the operation. dad was shaving himself, and walking up and down the hall and that mass had gone away and my mom said, "You know there's a little minister that used to come out here and pray with dad and I bet he had something to do with that". Now I wanna explain, my mom and dad were good people from the world's standpoint and they were religious people, but they didn't know Christ as their Lord and Savior, so the best they could say is, "Maybe that minister might have had something to do with that". and you know I looked at my mom, and I'll never forget it, then I said, "Mom, I'll bet he did too". and I went on in my own life saying, "God, thanks for the miracle, and I'm gonna keep on doing, what I've been doing". but over the next few days some strange things started happening My dad started getting better and I started getting worse. and I was in a state of confusion that you just could not imagine and it was in that state of confusion that one night, and I used to be in the music business for a period of time, and I loved Pat Boone, and one night I heard that Pat Boone was going to be on a television program. I had no idea what it was but it was a program sponsored by "Campus Crusade for Christ" it was called, "Revolution Now" And Amy and I watched that program and in that program, I always remember seeing a young man by the name of Russ Nip who had just won the Olympics in Weightlifting. So he wasn't a "pantie- waist", He was a "guy", And I liked a "guy". He stood there and he said, "All my life I searched for power and I found it in the person of Jesus Christ". and my heart suck on me. He wasn't talkin' about church, He wasn't talkin' about religion, He was talkin' about Jesus. Little later on in the program I heard a guy interacting with other college students and he was talking about Jesus Not church, not religion, Jesus. And it touched our hearts and so we went out to the crusade headquarters and there I heard Dr. Bright give a message about Jesus. It also touched my heart. And at the end of his message, I told Amy, "I'm gonna go down and talk to that man". I had no idea what was going on, but I knew something was drawing me like a magnet to something. And I went down,and began to break down crying, and Dr. Bright said, "Bob, have you ever made that wonderful discovery of knowing Christ as your personal Lord and Savior"? I didn't know what he was talking about. So, he asked me to read "John 3:16". I read it. He asked me to read some other passages. I read it, great presentation, I did it all Just read the Word, after I read all of the passages he asked me if I wanted to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior. and I said, "I sure do" And that day, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior In a few moments, Amy also had solidified her relationship with God and God, took a marriage, quite frankly, that was headed for the divorce courts and put us together where we've been serving side by side for the last forty years. So we are very, very grateful to (pause) what God did in our lives when He brought us unto Himself. Later on, as I said, my dad was down in Austin and ah, and I had made other attempts I flew, I flew my dad out to California to talk with Dr. Bright and I remember my dad saying, "Dr. Bright, I'd love to pray with you, but I want to tell you something I've lived a very good life. and all the stained-glass windows we have in our church back home I paid for those windows and I have lived a very decent life". Now my dad was telling the truth He was the most moral man that I ever knew. But being moral, and being a child of God are two different things. A number of weeks later, we were back in Austin and dad was back in the hospital again. and my dad called my brother and I into his room. and he said to us , "Boys, all the things I thought were so important in life and placed such great emphasis in, are absolutely meaningless when you're lying here like this dying of cancer". and he said, "Guys, the only thing that's important is man and his relationship with God". and he said, "Bob I read that book, and everything's A-Okay". I kissed my dad good bye that day knowing I'll never see him again on this earth. By the time Amy and I arrived back in California the phone was ringing, my sister announcing that dad had gone to be with the Lord. The first words that came out of my mouth were, "In all things, give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you in Christ Jesus". and I thank God for the years that I had my dad. I thanked Him for saving my soul so that I could be used in some small way, to see my dad come to know Christ as his Lord and Savior, a few days before he died.

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Bob George testimony

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