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Eddi Reader sings

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This is about a place in London called Kiteflyer's Hill where I used to go and spend hours going "When is he coming back? When is he coming back?" So this is another one dedicated to that guy ... who I've got over. But this is "Kiteflyer's Hill." It's a beautiful song written by a guy called Martin Evan, actually, for me.

Boo Hewerdine, Thomas Dolby, thank you very much for inviting me. It's been a blessing singing for you. Thank you very much.

♫ Do you remember when we used to go ♫

♫ up to Kiteflyer's Hill? ♫

♫ Those summer nights, so still ♫

♫ with all of the city beneath us ♫

♫ and all of our lives ahead ♫

♫ before cruel and foolish words ♫

♫ were cruelly and foolishly said ♫

♫ Some nights I think of you ♫

♫ and then I go up ♫

♫ on Kiteflyer's Hill ♫

♫ wrapped up against the winter chill ♫

♫ And somewhere in the city beneath me ♫

♫ you lie asleep in your bed ♫

♫ and I wonder if ever just briefly ♫

♫ do I creep in your dreams now and then ♫

♫ Where are you now? ♫

♫ My wild summer love ♫

♫ Where are you now? ♫

♫ Have the years been kind? ♫

♫ And do you think of me sometimes ♫

♫ up on Kiteflyer's Hill? ♫

♫ Oh, I pray you one day will ♫

♫ We won't say a word ♫

♫ We won't need them ♫

♫ Sometimes silence is best ♫

♫ We'll just stand in the still of the evening ♫

♫ and whisper farewell to loneliness ♫

♫ Where are you now? ♫

♫ My wild summer love ♫

♫ Where are you now? ♫

♫ Do you think of me sometimes? ♫

♫ And do you ever make that climb? ♫

♫ Where are you now? ♫

♫ My wild summer love ♫

♫ Where are you now? ♫

♫ Have the years been kind? ♫

♫ And do you ever make that climb ♫

♫ up on Kiteflyer's Hill? Kiteflyer's ... ♫

♫ [French] ♫

♫ Where are you? Where are you now? ♫

♫ Where are you now? ♫

♫ Kiteflyer's ... ♫


Gracias. Thank you very much.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Producer: TEDTalks
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Posted by: tedtalks on May 1, 2009

Singer/songwriter Eddi Reader performs "Kiteflyer's Hill," a tender look back at a lost love. With Thomas Dolby on piano.

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