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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~00:00:00 - 00:15:00 - Life Story Parent Interview Part 1

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What are your names and how old are you? My name is Kairat. I am 40 years old. My name is Gulshat. I am 41. Where do you live? Vannovka village in the Shymkent region. Where do you work? Our current place of work is at an orphanage. What are your roles? My wife Gulshat is a director (of this place/ here) and I am her assistant. How long have you been working here? Since this spring, we started in April. Where did you work before? We lived in Almaty for 5 years. I worked at “Tyan-shan” school for 3 years. Then we were offered a job in Shymkent where I worked for the company Interlink for 2 years. After that, we came to this village because we were offered a job here. Please tell us about your family. We have been married for 22 years and now we have 3 children. Our oldest son is 16. His name is Kuanysh, he studies in the 11th grade at school. Our other son is Ilyas, he is 6 years old and He has started going to school this year. Our youngest child is Zhanna, she is 5. She is at home now. How did you meet each other? We were born and grew up in the same place, in Tulcubas village. Usually here in Kazakhstan when a boy (men/male) is 18, he has to serve in the Army. Gulshat has a brother whose name is Galymzhan. When he was about to go to the army , we had farewell party, “Provody” in Russian. Everyone comes to say goodbye. I came to Gulshat's home to say goodbye to her brother. There were a lot of young people and we had lots of fun. Since Gulshat was the oldest sister she had to clean up and wash the dishes. He found me in the kitchen. Yes, I found her in the kitchen. I sat down near her and spoke to her while she was washing the dishes. I had a feeling that I liked her very much. And we have been together since that time. You told us that you lived in Almaty and Shymkent. What was the reason of moving so many times? Our oldest and first daughter, her name was Dana. When she was 12, we were of course living with Kairat's parents in Vannovka. At that time she got sick. She was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis. It was an acquired form and she needed a transplant which could be done only in Almaty. So we moved there because the transplantation had to be done there. But the organ only worked only 4 months, so our daughter died. At that time Kairat found a good job at an international school named “Tyan-shan.” He found a good job and we settled there. Our good friend let us to stay for temporarily time in his flat. God gave us Ilyas and Zhanna when we were living in Almaty. We had a good life full of joy. God consoled us with (by giving) Ilyas and Zhanna. Although we had a good life there we could not stay in Almaty anymore, because of the high cost of housing. We were not able to buy a flat there, that’s why we moved to Shymkent, to our homeland. The director of Interlink Resources David Knaus was our neighbor, he offered us a job so we came there. With the help of God we bought a flat there. We lived there for 3 years. Kairat, as he said before, worked as a manager in this company. At the beginning he was an assistant then he became a manager. He worked well there and so we were offered job here in Vannovka. Of course it’s our homeland and it’s a stable job. On one hand it is difficult to work with orphans. On the other hand it is difficult for children to move from place to place. It was especially hard for Kuanysh because he was studying in the 11th grade. He had good friends at school and his class was good. As he was a teenager, it would not be easy for him to change schools and find new friends. There were some difficulties but in the end Kuanysh agreed to go. Thank God he was able to make new friends easily and so we never regretted it. Although this work is really hard it is interesting, it requires a lot of responsibility. We found ourselves here. Now we are fostering 13 children. 9 of them are full orphans The parents of 3 of them were deprived of their parental rights. 4 of them. One of our sons studies at college in Astana. The other 12 children live with us and our 3 kids so now-a-days we are taking care of 16 children. Of course… here It's... I want to tell about our team. It was not easy to accept this job and to come and work here. Kairat….. First of all I believe God and the second Kairat helps a lot. He is good at working with children. There is a balance. These children need a father’s care and he also can be a good friend to them, too. And there are 3 women which have been working here previously. They are doing their job well. Well, we are a good team and everybody is doing their job well. We are really pleased. This is the life. As for that question you asked before, why we moved to Almaty. The life itself forced us to move to Almaty then we moved to Shymkent. And now we are here. We do not know what our future holds. Thank God that He never leaves us and shows us the right way. You said that you have 3 children and here you take care of 13 children. Could you tell us what you want to give them and how you want to bring them up? Yes, it is not easy to raise all of these children. First of all we want to give them a family upbringing. For example, we want them to feel like they are growing up in a regular family. We want them to feel the love and warmth of a family because their lives were not easy. We will tell you about it later. They had different types of sorrows and difficulties in their lives from childhood. So, these children lost their parents early and we want them to receive the love and care of which they were deprived. Our first goal is to give them our love and care and no doubt we want to see them as great citizens of Kazakhstan. We are ready to do our best to make it true. First of all we want them to feel the comfort and the warmth of the family so Kairat and I have already started remodeling the house. Because the indoor environment affects them a lot. If they are surrounded by beautiful staff, have good conditions and everything is comfortable for them. It will be easier to raise these children. As an example we have three girls in our family. We want to teach them to work in the kitchen, how to cook and keep up the house, because they will need it all in their future life. There is a grown up boy Vasya…. Vasili. You have already met him. The other boys are growing up too. And this summer Kairat is teaching Vasya, Rinat and other boys a lot of useful/helpfull and good things. They able to live here until they are 18 so after they graduate they need to have skills to adapt easily to independent life. So Kairat is teaching them everything he knows. The whole summer they were learning to plaster. Now they are learning to assemble furniture. We believe that it will be helpful for their future life. Of course we want them to enter university to study something that aligns with their natural talents. As I said before, Alexey studies computer programming at his college. For example Kaisar wants to become a designer and he is talented at it. Maxim is an artist, he is good at drawing. There is a music school in Merke and also an art club which Maxim goes to. In the future we hope that he will enter an art school. Although we worry, we hope that all of them will be able to provide for themselves and be someone in this life. When you are bringing up a child you should not just teach them how to do things. For example all the boys have to know how to do repairs. But as Gulshat said before, they also need a Father’s care. They need to have a person with whom they can share their secrets, problems and joys. So if they can share and tell everything to that person, although he is not their father and just an adult who they are close with it is a huge achievement. Now we are trying to achieve that. Thank God we started to understand their character and were able to decide what kind of work we should do with them, and how to speak and get along with each of them. And we started to become close to each other. The Individual approach... By getting to know their characters, and with the help of God, we have had a lot of progress in a short time. For example, first we started from the fact younger children have to respect older kids and older kids have to take care of the younger children. We started from these kinds of simple things. There is still a need to teach them things like decency, and to observe society's customs. They came from difficult families so did not know society's rules and expectations. For example when adults are speaking to children, should not interrupt them. So we started from this basic rule. Thank God, now they knock first, ask permission to enter and only say what they need. They started to behave like children who were born and raised in good families. This is our main goal. In the future when they are 18 and graduate from the orphanage, they will go to the big cities, study, communicate with other people and work in an office. So they have to know how to behave. We are teaching them this. The other thing Kairat teaches the boys is personal hygiene. Like we always do in our home. The boys really listen to him. I also want to say that all boys are talented. There is an expression that every child is a psychologist. Now we have our own two sons and daughter who eat, sleep and communicate with the other children. I take care of them and treat them the same way. The children appreciate this so become very attached to us. As an example when we go to the bank or somewhere else and come back in the evening they hug us.

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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~00:00:00 - 00:15:00 - Life Story Parent Interview Part 1

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