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Leh Ratree Ep 1 [1/4]

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<i>♫ A person who's exhausted and weak as you come into my life on a lonely day ♫</i> <i>♫ I remind myself quietly that I should restrain myself ♫</i> <i>♫ I don't want to occur it repeatedly, don't want to devote wholeheartedly to someone ♫</i> <i>♫ I'm scared it might turn into another nightmare ♫</i> <i>♫ You might be like the cold water that heals my heart ♫</i> <i>♫ Or you might be the fire that comes and burn ♫</i> <i> ♫ Sometimes, your heart seems to difficult to predict ♫</i> <i>♫ I know I must stop here but I let my heart... ♫</i> <i>♫ Continue to love without any reason,♫</i> <i>♫ love you unconditionally ♫</i> <i>♫ and without caring what tomorrow will be like ♫</i> <i>♫ If your heart isn't real like that, ♫</i> <i>♫ could you please stop me? ♫</i> <i>♫ Before my heart will love you more than I already am. ♫</i> <i>♫ Than I already am ♫</i> <i>♫ Before my heart will love someone once more. ♫</i> <i>Leh Ratee (A Woman's Trickery)</i> Khun Pattarin, will you take this man as your husband? I do Mr. Teddy, will you take this woman as your wife? P'Kate. Are you hurt? Whose ball is that? I don't know either. It's my ball. Are you hurt? I'm sorry. It's okay. P'Kate, he's the one who moved in next door. I'm Satayu, nickname is Pu. My name is Kate. This is Nong Pat and this is Nong Peat. And... what are you guys doing? We're acting out a wedding. Pat plays as the priest and I play as the bride. Then, if there's nothing else, I'll be going. P'Kate, I think your groom is unable to act now. Then, please let me act as the groom instead. Khun Pu, are you willing to take this woman as your wedded wife? I do. Yeah! Here is the ring. Do I have to kiss the cheek once I put the ring on? Right, right, right. Pat! I'm just kidding. Wow, P'Pu! Isn't this a real diamond? Do you really want to give me such an expensive gift? I do. Take it as a present for your upcoming graduation. And I didn't put on your ring finger but your index. Just like when we were little, remember? It's because back then, you didn't know which finger to put on. But now that I know, I'll still put on the same finger. I'm going to wait until you are ready and willingly let me put on your ring finger. Where are you going? If I remember correctly, once I put the ring on... I have to kiss the cheek, right? You are just kidding, right, P'Pu? I remember it. Who says I'm joking? Don't, Kate. Kate, Kate! Stop, stop, Kate! How is it? Hey, Kate. Since you're playing like this, give me back my ring. I won't give back. Kate! P'Kate, I want to see! No, you can't. I want to see! -You're hiding secret now? <br> -I'm not! Let me have a look. So pretty. Is that a diamond? Why is it so small? What is the ruckus about, P'Kate, Peat? P'Pat, do you know that P'Pu gave Kate a diamond ring? Is it true? Let me look. Wow! A diamond ring! You're dating now, right? -Not yet. We're still siblings for now.<br>-Really? But you're always with P'Pu, right?<br> if you're not his girlfriend then who else is? Who knows, one day a knight in shining armor might come take me as his bride. Wow... and is that knight you're talking about living next door? Is the work here too much for the employees? No, everyone is happy with the work. What about the daily allowance and salary? Are they enough? Yes. I think it's already fair. What about the days off? Are they not enough? I don't think so. It's actually more than other companies. In that case... Why are there wage cheating, huh? Hey, wake up right now! Why are you sleeping here? Khun Sake! Khun Sake, well... I wasn't feeling well, so I took some medicine and couldn't stand,<br>so I just rest for a bit. If you're sick, you can take the day off according to the laws.<br>But here, you're cheating me of pay salary. You are currently taking advantage of me, do you know that? Miss, take her to the hospital and cut her pay by 20% for trying to cheat the company. Khun Sake, please don't. I'm sorry. Khun Ying, Khun Ying.<br><i>[Khun Ying: Madame]</i> <i>[Note: On the average, the company is down-at-heel for ฿3 millions per year.]</i> How you're strict is an important matter. If we let it go, it will cause a big problem in the future. That goes the same for corruption. We can't let small thing slide by. So, do you find out who did it? Not yet. I don't have the apparent evidence yet. What I hate the most is a disloyal person. What I hate the most is a disloyal person. Yes, Mom. CEO, board meeting is in 15 minutes. I want to raise our company's sell. Any inputs? I suggest we build an amusement park, so there will be more families coming for a trip. So we'll get more customers and the sale can go up. I agree with Pakinee. Go give me a rough draft of the budget. Yes. What about a campaign promotion? So we can increase the people coming to shop. I agree. And we can do a new commercial, with a fresh face model, so we will have something interesting. Commercial? Sound interesting. Sorry. Forgot to mute the sound and turn off the flash. - Hello, Uncle Pat.<br>- Hello, Pu. Okay. 15 minutes break. -Hello, Dad.<br>-Hi, sweetie. How was it? Was it tiring? No. P'Pu, what were you taking pictures of? How is it? Is it pretty? Kate, you were amazing today. I'll send this set of pictures to the magazine.<br>I guarantee you'll become popular. Thank you. Hey, Kate. Right now, my company is working on a new commercial. I'll try to suggest you as the presenter, okay? Dad, will I get to be the presenter? The Empire department store is that huge. Of course, you will. Once they see how beautiful my daughter is, they will surely choose you. Hey, hey. Don't forget to study even when you work a lot. If you fail on the last semester, I'll laugh until my teeth fall off. P'Pu! Don't worry, I won't forget to study. Am I right, Dad? Yes. Hello, mother and Nong Pa. How are you, Sake? Are you tired today? Just like always, Id. I've already made desserts. Let me bring them, okay? Okay. Can your wife do anything better than making desserts? What do you mean by saying that, mother? You know well what mother means. I want you to have a child. I want the heir of Suttagarn! But having a child isn't easy. But I gave in and allowed you to marry Idsaya because she was pregnant! And why can't she get pregnant again if she miscarried?! Well, because... Never mind. I want you both to go check-up at the hospital. -Mom! -Pardon? You both have been married for a few years now. Sake is my only son. Suttagarn must have an heir. It's your duty, Idsaya. Please remember that it's a "duty". Id? Id? Id? Hey, what are you doing standing here alone? Id? Don't be like this. Don't cry, okay? Your mother hates me. No, Id. Mom isn't that kind of person Your mother hates the fact that I can't have a child for you. But... I already tried and you know that. Id... you know that I never blamed you about this. But your mother blames me. She forces me to go see the doctor. And what am I going to do if they say I can't have a child? -Your mother will surely force us to break up. -No, no. Please calm down. I will never give in. You know how much I love you. Really, Sake? You'll never leave me, right? No, Id. Never. Promise me. I promise. <i>You're the only son and Suttagarn needs an heir.</i> <i>- What about doing GIFT? - Does it need to reach that extant?</i>

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