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[Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] What’s happening guys? I’ll be with you in a second. I just have to move this couch over here, ya, go ahead guys. [Polish Bed Crash - Clip] Source: [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] No, no, no, no, wait wait! [Polish Bed Crash - Clip] (polish language?) [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] You know what, just, throw it over the side! [Polish Bed Crash - Clip] (bed falls and crashes window below) [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Source: Awesome, perfect! No, this video is unfortunately hilarious and it recently popularized by Failblog who got it up to a half a million views in just a few days, which is great, but you gotta wonder, like, why is this dude moving furniture in his underwear, another question you gotta ask, why is the dude with the camera even filming this? You couldn’t think of anything better to film, dude, come on, make a a s** tape, do something! No, no, obviously, these guys are Polish and I say obviously not because oh they are dumb Polacks but because if you look below the video there are a lot of comments in Polish like: NocnyRolnik: Rozwalila mnie naklejka na szybie Ochrona KONSAL And And who can forget! MrMal: Co za asy…… No come on, those comments are great! You don’t even know, and forgive my accent when reading those cause I don’t know if you guys can’t tell, Polish isn’t my first language. [Cool Transition] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ) - Text] So this next video isn’t really funny, I don’t know maybe? I’m not really sure what it is? Its just one of those things were you, you’re like chillin, (chillin in the hood) in your neighborhood, having a good time, and suddenly some (beep)in geese start running down the street! [Geese - Clip] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ) - Text] Source: What the hell, suddenly some geese decided to take a leisure stroll through the neighborhood and who is the gigantic mother(beep)er here in the middle? baby Hughey what does he got a glandular problem? Hold on hold on! Lets back up for a second! Why in the hell are these Geese running through the streets? What, was there flight delayed (turbulence due to Geese) and suddenly they were like (beep) this I’m walking South! (Migration on foot?) Oh, oh, or, maybe this one(first one) stole something and they are all chasing him? Yah, kick his a**! Or maybe they are protesting! Yeah, whooo, (god loves weed) legalize marijuana! Yeah! Or, my personal favorite, or maybe they are in one of those cool marching bands! That the black colleges have! no, this video is actually really amusing, and its like 2 years old, but I guess this week some website called Bar Stool Sports posted it, and got it up to 100,000 views! Which is great cause this video is worth watching just to hear the Pitter Patter of their little Geese Feet! Did you hear that? It sounds like you (cranking that shaft) touching yourself at night. (just flapping it) No, come one, these Geese are really cute! They better not come through my neighborhood cause I’ll punch a little Goose (call PETA!) in his little head. [Cool Transition] [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Alright, final video and of course it was the most viewed this week. And it definitely went viral getting 1 million views in a (beep)ing day! GEE (zus!) That’s a lot of views and the funny thing its one of those videos that went viral solely on Cuteness! Its just footage of this little girl talking explaining how she doesn’t want to get married until she finds a job! [5 Year Old - Clip] Source: I don’t want to marry someone if I don’t have a job first. A man comes asking me, running out, no, I don’t wanna marry you yet! I want to have a job, [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] 5 years old and has her life figured out, when I was 5 years old all I did was pick my nose and ride my bike. In fact, that’s still really all I do now! And where did she learn to be so mature? Did she get that from her parents? They don’t teach that (sh**) on Pokemon! No, the little girl is adorable, its its awesome just how independent she is. [5 Year Old - Clip] And, if he says I will not come back to you, fine, I will find a different man. [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] Source: Oh, snap girl! man she don’t give a damn, she like, oh, if he says no, then f** him, I’ll just find another man that looks just like him. (b***ches be shoppin’) Listen, cute little white girl, coming from a dude, that’s waited tables for (aspiring waiter) 5 years, getting a job is way over-rated. But admittedly, guys, this is like the cutest little girl we’ve seen in a long time! She’s so cute you just wanna eat her up, don’t you, like, num num num, in fact, she’s so cute, if she does get a job she should marry that other kid David After Dentist or whatever. No, but sincerely, my favorite things about this video is how positive all the comments have been! Like, Oh, this is great! Oh, she’s so cute! I mean you do get the occasional MrMal: Co za asy….. But I mean what can you do? Right! And one more thing, ladies, to all of you who wanna marry me! Yah, all four of you, you don’t need to worry about getting a job first, cause trust me (I was like bit*** make me a sandwich) cooking my dinner and washing my nasty underwear is a full time job in it of itself. But you know what else washes my nasty underwear, oh, wait, ah, how could I forget! I actually just put out a new cartoon! For you guys! I hope you dig it! Its’ doing amazing, its already at the top of the iTunes Comedy charts! So go check it out and let me know how many brands of beer are actually named in the song? And I will see you guys in a few days Oh, and not before the comment question of the day which comes from a user named: Malevolenceificatify and he said: [Malevolenceificatify] Why is the Victoria’s a secret? [Ray William Johnson (RayWJ)] I think we’ve had this one before, but its good so whats Victoria’s secret? [Ray William Johnson] Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment section below, or on Facebook or Twitter [Cool Transition] Source: [Ray William Johnson] But thanks for watching today’s episode of Equals Three, I’m Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message. So tell me guys, “what did you bastards put in my drink?”

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Duration: 6 minutes and 8 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Ray William Johnson
Director: Ray William Johnson
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Mar 7, 2011

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