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What's a browser

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Hi this is Scott from google,we’re here in Times Square New York to find out what’s a browser. A web site that you can search on, I think. A quality search engine , that’s why we call it a browser. What is a browser? Humm. A browser’s a search engine,yes browse, a search engine , browse, right It’s where I search through to find things It’s where you put search terms, correct? What is a browser? Google!! Eheh! What else! A browser is where you .. look at Internet web pages. What is a browser?? I use the Yahoo which is not a browser? Oh not exactly, I mean ,no Oh, I guess the Internet is where , you know , find anything. I guess a browser is the same way ..That’s all I know.. eh eh A browser is when you know what you’re looking for and a search engine is when you’re searching for something I see my browsers but I don’t know much.. So do you know what are the differences between google and your browser? Ohhhh no, not really ah ah What browser do you use ? I use firefox. What made you switch to Firefox? My friend came over to my house and reinstalled my other browsers and started saying use this now What browser do you use ? Google. We go through a broadband Big E with Explorer !I’m not a computer .. What browser do you use ? We use google.. I use google , google predominates the market obviously….but occasionally I got yahoo to get some business Yeah I use Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox.. Ehmm.. is that the Internet browser.. help!! No, I haven’t.. no C-h-r-o-m-e do you mean? No.. What’s that? Crown?? No, I have not Have you heard of google’s chrome browser? No,s…. Brown browser, eh eh.. no way!!

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Posted by: alessiconcetta on Jan 18, 2010

a quick google survey about web browsers

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