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Peter Joseph - Be your own leader/ Piter Dzozef - Budi svoj lider

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There's gonna be, you know, a lot of trouble, there's gonna be a lot of trouble around the next few years anyway cause, you know there's a lot of stuff happening in the next few years, but I, you know... I know you've got the Zeitgeist Movement, who do you like ah...i mean Are you saying yourself, do you wanna be the person to take us into the light? To guide us through? Who would you say and how would you say the path's guided to that stage? No, i want everyone to be their own leader To understand with a core...basically the Zeitgeist Movement is a grass roots concept that is attempting to create a core philosophical perspective so to speak.. People that understand these near empirical truths, simplistic truths truths of the fact that we're all conected truths of the fact that, if there's a homeless person on the street, i am not safe I have to, my integrity is only as good as the relationship of how well i take care of my environment my planet, and the people around me Everyone in all countries is borderless, religionless, to say wait a minute: This makes sense because we're all susceptible to this same thing realize the corruption that's happening, and as far as the establishment, as far as who moves in to do something It's gonna be a collective type of awareness It's gonna be...I can't tell you, cause I don't know how exactly.. A lot of people are gonna look to a leader, they're gonna want someone to guide them through There will be that tendency, but i think once it happens, this is why i wanna have this dispersion of people in all the countries that are advocating the movement In March 15th will be Zeitgeist day, and i'm gonna have it worldwide and I'm gonna do my best, there'll be probably like webcast for it but i wanna make sure that there's independent action happening with this general philosophy It could even be different ideas, cause i want people to fucking think because they're not thinking in the structure to the extent of what really advocates true change one more thing to answer your element about, thinking that the new system is gonna be another establishment and that is a big fear, i get this a lot they say, any new power structure is just gonna be another power structure that's just going to exploit but i think this is something because of the monetary system can be grown out of, once the monetary system is removed and people understand that, the more they give, the more they get the more i give to somebody, as opposed to taking because that's all our system does, you just take take take so everyone else takes from everybody else and you have this mentality where everyone's rewarded for being a selfish prick and that's what the whole system is You got rich people that think they're successful because they have a lot of money when in fact most of them, like Warren Buffett, one of the richest man alive he has contributed nothing to society he gambled his way into financial independence And this is one of these things that will be looked upon as like... what the? why? What is this guy doing? This will be criminal so to speak, not criminal cause there'll be no such thing But it'll be like, a horid, it'd be like what the hell? Why? So the more you give in this system, the more everyone else gives and the more you wanna take and be selfish the more everyone else are gonna take from you So, that is the train of thought, the consciousness shift the awakening of consciousness, the revolution of consciousness that krishnamurti talks about that's, that's why i advocate, and i think that'll have a great effect on this fear we have of you know, not allowing any people to have any type of control I want people to call in the radio stations television stations i want there to be a, it's just a public awareness campaign, not for "Zeitgeist" or "The Venus Project" but for this advocation of a different world view towards humanity and each other that's really what it is, it's not...I'm not trying to be a leader of anything, i don't wanna be a leader of anything cause i want to live If i'm seen as the leader of something and things get big, i'm dead and i personally don't want to die, even though, i don't really care in a lot of ways I'm gonna be dead soon enough So if i get taken out for a good cause, well that's good enough for me, i suppose But nevertheless, i'm dead serioud though, because leaders are taken out and there's a phychological ramification when they are so we need a leaderless type of thing everyone need to become the leader just as krishnamurti said, you need to understand what the angle is believe it, and know what's true, and what isn't what you agree with, whay you don't and advocate this to everyone you know and that's what's gonna happen, there's not gonna be leaders anymore It starts at the cellular level, the questions isn't who makes the decisions it's how are the decisions arrived at and that is a colossal shift in our way of thinking so subjectivity becomes... opinions and subjectivity become back door to availability, technological understanding.. to put it into a terminology it's the scientific method applied to human society when we think about things scientifically as far as what's there, what we can do and how do we maximize it and what is that.. profit is not, for example, the creator of things they say profit creates incentive It's necessity! And there's plenty of things we can think of that, that... We can constantly produce things of imense value to us, in the utility and even artistic sense You know, there's so much stuff that we can do but this system is parasitic and paralysing think that... we can never have an abundance in this system, first of all, that we currently have we can never have all the things it's so foreign to us that we have no idea how to even comprehend it So back to your original point, and back to what she said how does the planet dictate these things? Well first of all, we figure out what's important, we figure out what's real we figure out what we need first of all You have people starving in Africa, dying of HIV they don't have anything! And we sit here and bitch about tiny little things that go on you know, people that complain about these nuances of government they have no idea, the have no global perspective So first we have to take care of the fact that we're not safe, as long as people are dying in Africa we're not safe on multiple levels as far as people are sleeping in the streets First we take care of all the bare necessities, it's a step by step thing in that regard Well you'd use things like the internet, you could have people.. here's one thing i wanna say real fast as far as property and this idea of intelectual property this will be gone in the future if you invent something, say you've come up with an idea you won't have an inclination to want to sell it you'd want to improve society with it, so it becomes in the public domain everything intelectual is in the public domain, all music is in the public domain so think about cataclismic life would be, if you invented something and you left...without patenting it, or concealing it you went, and you let everyone put their influence on it all of the technicians come forward do you realize how cataclismic our development would be if you had the input from the world in whatever expertise you were going for, on an specific product it would be unbelievable, it'd be a cataclismic shift if everyone actually worked together, as opposed to fight only...the great majority of things that we have today only 4% of our population create Why? Cause most of the population is completely dumbed down and they have no, they have no knowledge, they have no broad knowledge whatsoever they don't have a technical understanding, or a mathematical or a scientific understanding they don't know how to contribute to society so we're stuck with people like Einstein, and Galileo and these guys that by the way had no profit motive in what they were doing at all they did it beacause they wanted to contribute... Einstein.. What will happen as through education is that people would grow and everyone would start to contribute in an amazing way because there would be no reason to have a stupid society the government wouldn't construct your educational system the way it is because all the government wants is to have somebody that's just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to not question anything that's going on around them and that's the balance that they've been maintaining for a long time The most difficult thing to realize about this project is that you have to look at this entire system as its relationship to the planet So, the carrying capacity of the Earth and all the attributes on it come into relevance, it almost becomes self-evident after a certain point First thing i'll say is that a lot of the shit that we have, the materialistic stuff has been forced into our culture I would say 90% of all the technology we have is junk It's garbage, the fact that we duplicate things like crazy, rather than making like one cell phone that lasts 50 years, which we could do but the market system refuses to do it because in order to keep market share, you have to make shit out of bad materials so naturally planned obsolescence comes into play plus they want planned obsolescence such in automobiles because they make more and more money So the fact is that there's a duplication, a replication of things there's such a tremendous amount of waste in this system that when you step back and look at what's actually a necessity of life I don't mean just like having bread and water, not at all I mean a highly abundant system with all sorts of elements (the planet leads) a highly system of all sorts of abundance, then... the attributes of how we get this on a tangible utility (I'll answer that question in a second) on a utility basis, people will have a different relationship to the things that they have and what they use So, at that point, at that stage of awareness where people don't think of things they don't look at themselves as representations of what they own and what they, whay they wear... and they look at themselves of as far as what they think and what they do This is a colossal change that will directly influence what is produced in our society tremendously and reduce a dramatic amount of shit that's produced and a dramatic amount of waste 75% of all production, on average, is waste, just blatant waste and think about all the dumb shit that people own that you wonder, why?

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Govor Pitera Dzozefa na temu "Ko bi bio predvodnik globalnog poretka zasnovanog na Resursno baziranoj ekonomiji za koji se zalaze Zeitgeist pokret.

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