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At the Capulet (Merenguetti) party, Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love with her She falls in love with him too, but later they discover that their families are great enemies Romeo, Benvolio and their friend Mercutio are going to the party Come on, Romeo!! We´ll be late for the party And remember your masks,friends. They must not konw you are Montagues (Culettis) I had a strange dream last night Come cousing! You¨re always having strange dreams I´m sure something tragic will happen at the party Wellcome everybody!! Ladies, Gentlemen come and dance!! Musicians play!! The party guests cheer and start to enjoy themselves but Romeo stays as quiet as he was before Romeo, stop dreaming!!! The musicians play and everybody starts dancing Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. Who is that beautiful girl? Sorry Romeo, I don´t know. I never saw a more beautiful girl. I love her!! And Rosaline? Rosaline is nothing to me now Tybalt is listening and recognizes Romeo´s voice Uncle, Uncle!! I know that voice Its the voice of a Montague (Culetti) I´ll kill him immediately!! Stop! Stop! stop! Who is it? Young Romeo Montague (Culetti)? Yes uncle It´s not important Tybalt! Forget him and remember... Tybalt Yes uncle Romeo goes to Juliet You are beautiful Thank you Can I kiss you? I don´t know you But I love you!! I must kiss you Juliet your mother wants to speak to you Who is she? Who is her mother? Her mother is the lady of the house, young man. The Lady of the house?? She must be a Capulet (Merenguetti)!! It´s impossible. I hate the Capulets (Merenguettis)but I love her Nurse, who is that young man? Please go and ask him if he´s married His name is Romeo. He´s a Montague (Culetti) and the only son of your greatest enemy. Impossible!! My only love comes from my only hate

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Posted by: manoelsanchez on Feb 11, 2011


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