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Bring customers to your web store

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Bring all your customers to your web store So how do you do that? There are a few ways One, include a coupon code for your web store inside of your shipped packages For Amazon or eBay orders. Or any other sales channels 2. Whenever you make a mistake on an order Offer a big percentage off coupon code. For example, 20% off For your web store to your angry customers AFTER you resolve the issue The coupon code cannot be used as an only solution to comfort your customers Customers get more angry if you're trying to convince to them buy more before you resolve the issue By doing this, you will be able to avoid the 15% commission fee from other mainstream sales channels Also, it is very important to build an e-mail list Amazon doesn't provide customers' email addresses, but eBay does So backup all the email addresses you got from eBay We were able to get 30,000 emails just from eBay for the past 4 years And it's interesting that 25% of them were returning customers So, why is it important to build an email list? Because this is the only direct way you can talk to you customers It is easier to convert return customers than converting people who haven't bought anything from you yet Then what about social media marketing? Social media marketing converts lead, potential customers And E-mail marketing converts old customers to sales, return customers. So the same customers will keep buying from you Social media marketing is as important as E-Mail marketing, and I'll talk about this in a later module Imagine you're hosting a clearance sales How should you let people know? Posting in social medias and blogging? Maybe But I found it more effective to send out direct emails to your old customers It's called the "newsletters" I'll talk about how to draft an appealing newsletter in the next module There are several email service providers available for you to send a newsletter in bulk The popular ones are MailChimp, AWeber, and InfusionSoft I'm currently using MailChimp If you're interested, you can find the affiliated links below this video So by now, you should understand why you shoud focus on multi-channels first Building a bigger audience, then bring all those audiences to your own kingdom where you rule

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