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Hey, this is Brian Slagel from Metal Blade Records. I had the great opportunity to hang out with Lars and James from Metallica to talk about the record "Kill 'Em All", which is now its 25th anniversary, which is really a phenomenal...phenomenal record, a phenomenal feat that it's lasted this long and it's still doing so well. So you get to see me talk to them about all the early days, about them going to New York, recording the record, touring with Raven. All sorts of good stuff. So, check it out. It's a good thing. So, it's the 25th anniversary of "Kill 'Em All", and we're hanging out with Mr James Hetfield, who had something to do with that record, but I'm not sure... - I think I was there. - I think you were there. So...25 years later, first record, obviously, which I think is a big, important step for any band... When you guys first started out, did you ever even think that you would get to a full-length first record? know... We were just...we were just happy to get off of work and show up in Ron McGovney's garage and have a place to jam. I mean, that was...that was enough. And then it becomes not enough, and you think, "Well, the next thing is you do a gig." And then the next thing is, "Oh, you write more songs,and this and that, and you do the demo." And... all of a sudden, you know, you get get a song on someone's compilation record. You know...quality wasn't that important to us. It was the content, you know. And...and actually, you know, getting to that point of doing a record you know, when we finally went out East. Johnny Z got us out East, you know. We drove the U-Haul all the way out there, and... got funds together for the record, you know. We were up in... Rochester, New York, and... You know we never...never been to New York, and all of a sudden we're recording a record out in the... out there, and... You know, making a record... We had done demos before. We kind of knew what we wanted...I knew what I wanted, guitar-wise and stuff. But you always know, you have dreams, man. You have visions of... I remember being at school, writing, you know... I'm drawing up the band I'm going to be in. I already know the name of the record. I know what it's going to look like and all this stuff. It's a dream that started to come true, you know, and... I remember sitting down, talking about the title, you know. "Metal Up Your Ass" was the title of the record, and... "We have the artwork, "the toilet, and the blade, and all of this...and the..." "Well, you can't have that. No-one's going to sell it, and..." "We've gotta come up with another title..." and all of that. But just...all of the creative things that go around, you know, making a record... But...yeah... We had the songs. We had been playing those songs in the clubs forever. "Kill 'Em All" is basically, you know, the first...what, ten songs that we wrote. We were pretty particular about... I remember very early on with James having... "What's the point of writing a song "if it's not good enough to go on the record? " So we were very kind of... anal. Like, every song, you know... "Kill 'Em All" is literally the first ten songs. It's not like there were 16 and 10 of them made it on the record. I think that...the last two... There was the know, "No Life 'Til Leather" demo that had 7 songs on it, and I think that songs 8 and 9 was "No Remorse" and "Whiplash". Those were finished right around the time that I think Cliff joined the band, and we went and did a... a demo of those up in Walnut Creek, up in Northern California. Then, of course, the tenth song being the bass solo song. So, by the time we went to San Francisco, I think that... pretty much all the songs were done, or very close to being done. It wasn't like we wrote...I mean... We were writing when we got to the East Coast, but those were the songs... That was "Fight Fire", and... "For Whom The Bell Tolls", and whatever, that ended up on the next record, so... all the songs on "Kill 'Em All" were pretty much written... Yeah, we formed in the fall of '80, and we started writing in...after we learned all our Diamond Head covers and all.... We started writing kind of...right in the spring of '82, so most of the songs were written in '82, and then the last two, like I said, "No Remorse" and "Whiplash". "Seek And Destroy"...I remember writing that in my little truck...pick-up truck when I'm working at the sticker factory in Whittier, you know.... I'm listening to Diamond Head, you know...single-note riffs, and it's like, "Hey, this is pretty catchy!" Go over to Lars' place in Newport and, you know... in his dad's meditation room. We'd take all the mattresses and put 'em up against the wall and we'd write "Seek And Destroy", you know. We're headbanging, you know, through his house, there. So, slowly started writing songs. Some of the songs were things that I had before, like "HIt The Lights", or lyrics that were from other know... "No Remorse" was some other song... So really kind of... And I think the uniqueness of the writing of that record was... "We're writing new music, but here's some old lyrics we're just gonna shove in there." You know. And so some of the phrasings are really kinda... different and, you know, maybe not the way you woulda written them back then, but they...they, you know...they helped us write the music around it, and , er... But, yeah, yeah, we had the songs. We'd been playing them in the clubs for a long time, so we were very well rehearsed. So when we went in to record know, there wasn't a lot of messing around time. METALLICA: KILL 'EM ALL

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