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Granja-Santuario El Paraíso de los Animales.1

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♪ Soft music ♪ Sergio Tarrero presents Farm Refuge "Animal Paradise" • A home for helpless animals Presented by Emilita Soerensen Emilita: Here in Animal Paradise, these hens were rescued from industrial farms, in order to produce eggs... They lived packed in cages of 5, unable to walk... Many arrived without feathers, some died, because sometimes they are sick when they arrive. As you can see, their beaks have been severed... they get severed when they are little chicks so that they don't hurt themselves and each other... Most have already recovered their feathers, but they arrive with a great lack of feathers, some are missing fingers, or they have atrophied... and they can't walk well, due to them being in the cage and getting hurt. Here the hens live together with the turkeys, with the cocks... they also live with the goats... And well, basically these hens, since they were no longer good at making eggs, they were going to be sold to be turned into "flour", in order to make animal food products, and other subproducts made from "chicken flour". There we have the henhouse where they sleep... and well, the cocks... here the eggs are inseminated, but they are removed so that there is not an overpopulation of hens. As you can see, they eat at any time of the day... these hens used to live with lamps, so they are not used to the schedules where you sleep at night and you live in the day, so they eat during the night too. Although now there's no lamp, they don't know when they're supposed to sleep and when they're not, so they're always hungry and they eat at any time of the day. We have turkeys... the classic turkeys which are eaten... well, not in this country, but in the USA, for Thanksgiving... These are the males, and the females have the long skin thingy, but now I can't see any. There are also ducks, and geese... and in these areas the hens make nests and sleep, and get rid of their fleas with the earth... Sergio: "How many hens are there?" Emilita: "Last time, 100 were rescued... but there must be approximately 200, or maybe a little less, due to the fact that some died from this illness that they came with, and the bad state, and so... we lost count, a little bit... also, since they're here and there, with the goats..." In these sector we have goats, sheep, and horses, which are now eating in the lot across the street. Careful with the wire... This little goat, and this one, are the daughters of that goat... they were rescued... S: "Which?" E: "... that goat." They came when they were 3 days old, the mother was malnourished, so they ended up drinking cow milk with feeding bottles... This is Cecilio, the one with the biggest horns... and Cecilio is always hungry. Let's see, Cecilio! Now Cecilio is not going to leave us alone. That's enough. And she's an old lady. But, as you can see, Cecilio won't let anyone eat, only him... he's an egocentric. S: "He's an egotist." E: "Here, Cecilio." There comes Cecilio, look, look... Stop, Cecilio, you must share! And her, well, she's old, and good, but... Cecilio won't let her. Here! Then... Well, here are also more cocks... Now Cecilio is going to follow us the whole way. S: "Let's close here, so that he won't follow us. Stay here, Cecilio! Should we close up a bit?" E: "Yes, because Cecilio is going to go nuts." This is a beautiful goat, with long hair. Here we have some friends... guests... S: "Martin..." E: "Noemí... Haha :) ". Well, as I was telling you, these two are her daughters, and she came in malnourished, so they were raised with milk bottles, but at least they could grow up with their mom... ... it's a male and a female. S: "Come!... why doesn't he come? Come!... Uh, he saw that one stand, and he thinks that..." E: "Yeah, he got scared..." S: "They have an instinct to "charge" constantly, as play, no?" E: "Sure." There is the mom... She may be more fearful, since she came as an adult... S: "How fearful they are... come here..." E: "Hey, look who came!" Hahahahaa... :D Cecilio is following us... and he's looking straight at us! Hahaa... Well this area is a plot which we are occupying, but which isn't part of Animal Paradise, but a neighbor's. We would like to buy it, so that we can, let's say, have this place so that the goats and the sheep can stay here... There's an area where there are two houses, which are unfinished, and the idea would be also to raise funds so that we can have an animal clinic, which can be used for the animals here... This is another one of those rescued for Christmas.. S: "Yes... For other animals in the area, too, no? Not only for the ones here..." E: "Sure..." Since there are no vets in the area, except for one in San Miguel, which is far, when there is an emergency we need to go all the way there... so local people could also use our clinic, and it would be a way to have some income for Animal Paradise. As you can see, the place has a basic structure, but the roofs need to be finished... since it's been abandoned... well, it's not in good shape, it didn't have any maintenance for years, but well, this place is big, and it would be perfect for an animal clinic, with an ability to help the public, ready for surgeries, and so on... well, for a vet to live here, or even people doing training, maybe veterinary students could use it for their training... and practice, because there are all kinds of animals here, not only dogs and cats... and people don't really know, here, how to save a goat, or a pig, or a cow... let's say... once the animal gets sick, since he or she is meant for human consumption, how to save the animal is never investigated. Another one rescued for Christmas... which was also raised with a feeding bottle... S: "And here's a smaller structure, which could be used for someone to live in, or..." E: "Sure..." Yes, here's where the vet could live, for instance... because the idea is that there is a vet here 24 hours a day. [Noise made by people talking in the background...] E: "Shhh!" We have other guests, there... bah, a guest... haha... S: "They are shy..." E: "Yes, there's a lot of shyness around here... they won't show their faces..." S: "Hello, hello beautiful..." E: "Cecilio follows us because we have him corn, and now he won't leave us alone... haha..." The other day we lowered the leaves... what tree was it...? this one... Do you want me to lower them for him...? If I lower them, you'll see how Cecilio hangs... He hangs from them... Cecilio! Yeah, let's let him hang... Come here, Cecilio! S: "He hangs?" E: "He hangs." S: "Really? To eat?" E: "Yes." S: "Ah, that's cool!" E: "He loves them, because it's a blackberry tree, I think...!" E: "Again...?" S: "Yeah, do it..." E: "Epa, epa! But he won't let anyone else eat, he wants to eat them all himself..." He won't let anyone eat... E: "Hahahahaa..." S: "How cool, how sweet, Cecilio!" E: "Hmmm... there's one who is trying to eat a leaf, Cecilio had better not see it..." Hahaha... Tasty, eh? S: "Well, let's hope we can find someone... who wants to sponsor Cecilio, at least..." E: "Please, we need many sponsors and supporters, because we have very few, in fact, and there are 700 animals here..." so, if each person could sponsor one, that would be wonderful." S: "So, at least 700 sponsors, is what we need... to give, I don't know... $10 per month, whatever... $20 per month... whatever each person can give..." E: "Sure, whatever people can give, anything helps... a small amount is preferable to nothing, obviously... it all adds up, and *they* need to eat..." right...? because they don't live off of tree leaves alone... Hahaha :D " S: "My girls sponsor some animals in a Madrid sanctuary, just like here... each girl sponsors one... a pig, and a goat..." E: "Oh, that's so cute... Here there were two pigs, and well, they died, and the last one... same thing happened... she got sick, and since people, vets don't know how to save a pig..." Sure, they're not interested... the pig is either to be eaten, or no use, so... nobody knew how to save him, and well... it was a very fat female pig, who lived with three dogs... three dogs protected her... and she lived with them... and well, now the three poor dogs are no longer with their pig... haha... and they didn't have any more pigs here... because it's a big job... pigs break many things, they can take down trees... no, it's not easy. S: "What are "chanchos", in Castilian Spanish (from Spain)?" E: "Eh... pigs." S: "Ah, ok, pigs... "chanchos"..." E: "Sure... Yeah, hahahaaa..." That would be pigs... and well, they get very fat, and on top of that, they must be taken care of, and the poor guys get sick and we have no way to... S: "Yes, it's difficult, with pigs..." E: "Pigs are difficult, they get very big... and then this female pig, for instance, could hardly stand up." Well, here's another sector... Here's some Guinea hens... mostly over there. E: "All these..." S: "Are they quarantined, or...?" E: "No." Really I'm not very sure, what's here now... There we have a rabbit, the rabbit is indeed separate, I think so that she will not breed... S: "Let's see?" E: "... white little rabbit..." And well, Armando, the owner, is who builds these little homes, the henhouse... Here the structures are all built by Armando and Gabriela, the owners... with the help of a laborer, who comes from time to time, but essentially they handle the watering of the plants... taking care of the trees... eh... S: "Should we go?" E: "Yes, let's go in..." ... assembling the little houses, everything... Well, this is the avian sector, here we have ducks... Guinea hens, which are those black ones with some spots... here we have baby rabbits... there's one there... they're easily scared, they're still very young. And there's two more black ones... This place was built for some chinchillas that we brought, but... now the chinchillas... they are going to bring them down again, but in the summer, well, we bring them inside because of the climate... the hot temperatures could kill them, so they need... cold all the time, so now they're inside the house. S: "They're happy here, the animals..." E: "Yes, very happy." S: "Compared to those farms where you say they put 9 or 10 in a cage made for 4... or how was that, they told us...?" E: "Yes, they put 5 or 6 in small cages... and they can't move, they spend their whole lives without being able to move... even... well, they cut their beaks so that they don't injure themselves nor kill another hen, due to the stress caused by their lack of freedom. This pond was the last one that they built... it was also built by them... it was intended to separate some of the ducks and other geese that we have over there... and well, as you can see, they have a lot of fun... this is the opposite as those farms where they later eat the ducks, or make foie gras with them. They have fun here, they play... it's as if they were free. S: "They are free." E: "Yeah, without a doubt... despite the fact that there are some fences... for their protection..." There we have another little rabbit... S: "Yes... no, they're so happy!" E: "For them it's freedom, it's what they know..." S: "Sure." E: "In any case, they are safer here than they would normally be in nature." S: "No, for sure... no doubt... the rabbits, where I live, are... prey for the hunters... that's hunting." E: "Of course. Or they are eaten by foxes." S: "To me, the hunting guards, who are supposed to take care of the hunting, have already killed 4 of my dogs, because all of a sudden a dog catches a rabbit..." E: "Oh, God." S: "... they have killed 4 dogs and 2 cats... that, in the name of Spain..." E: "That's great, isn't it?" S: "... so that the hunter can come later and hunt..." E: "Sure, it's speciesism." ... and it's not like they're trying to protect the rabbits, it's only so that later they can pay to kill that rabbit. Well, here's an area with cats. Watch out, because these cats have long nails, and they're going to scratch us a lot, eh?, and it hurts... haha... S: "Are you serious? But c'mon... I'm sure they don't scratch. E: "They scratch because they want to be caressed." S: "Ok... let's see... tstststs" E: "Go back, fo back... Michis!" S: "Ah, they're good cats..." E: "Yes, but sometimes when you start to stroke them... Let's close up properly, so that we don't have a problem..." S: "And anyone can visit here, right?" Anyone could come here to visit, although of course you need to call first, so that they can organize themselves... but anyone could come... it's great for children and youths to learn about what an animal really is..." S: "... and what a sanctruary is, too..." E: "Yes, a sanctuary, not a zoo, where the animal is imprisoned, subjugated... here the animal is rescued, each animal has his or her story... I don't know the stories of each one of them, but each animal had his or her life, history, past... and that's why they ended up here, right? Sometimes babies, found in boxes..." S: "Abandoned cats, found in the streets, or any place..." E: "run over by cars... some lost their parents... ah, a tiny little chick, a little hen!" See, this one loves it, he's the one who most loves being caressed... he's got... this one and his brother, have got these big nails... S: "... yeah, that's better... that is, that you caress them, and they can scratch you..." E: "Yeah... hehe" S: "... than me, with my camera." E: "Hahaa :)" What's up! This one has his tongue out... They really love getting stroked, the cats... they're addicts. And well, they are in this area, and they love sunbathing... S: "How many kitties?" E: "Forty, thirty, forty cats, yeah..." S: "Total in the sanctuary, there are... 700 animales..." E: "Yes, in total, counting everything." But, well... their nails can't be cut, so... E: "Hehehehe! But well, they are all spayed, the cats..." S: "Yeah, that's important. E: "Yes, that's key, every time that an animal comes in... he/she is spayed. Even bulls are castrated, and goats... everything for the reason, obviously, to maintain a certain reproductive limit, right? ... otherwise, we'd have too many. Epa! Down! Awww!! Oh, he's got some nails!" S: "I have cats too..." E: "Me too, but I cut their nails... hoho!" S: "Oh yeah? Not me..." E: "I do." And... well, they are happy in their area, the cats... Hello gorgeous! They spend the day sunbathing. Alright... Sometimes there are cocks who, so that they don't fight... ... they are placed here with the cats and... there's pictures, they get along fine, they don't kill each other or fight, and then you see the cats sleeping with the cocks, it's very funny... it goes against nature, a little bit. And there we have a cat who takes care of the Guinea hens... that is, he lives with them... because sometimes between cats, they don't get along, so we look for a different area for them. There we have a rabbit with a cat... another cat, Guinea hens... So, should we go over there? Oh, it doesn't matter... E: "Yes... we can't cross through here" S: "No need to go there... ... so these are the antisocial cats... this one is slapping me a bit... he's moving my Steadycam..." E: "Ahahahaha... This is the one who likes being caressed the most... And this one has an eye he can't see through. Hello... hello...! S: "This one, right? let's se... show us your eyes..." E: "Show us the eye." S: "He has a bad eye... it looks, almost, like a glass eye..." E: "Yeah, it looks like that." E: "He just sharpened his nails a bit..." S: "Here all animals are taken care of, it doesn't matter how sick, or old they are, or whatever..." E: "Yes... yes." They need a lot of help of volunteers, because since there's only two people here, it's too much for them... Sometimes an animal get sick, but sometimes 10 of them get sick at once and they need to run around a lot, here and there... S: "Volunteers are always welcome, even if for short periods, and..." E: "Of course, even if they are foreigners, who may want to help... The idea is to set up... to finish a little house that they have, so that foreigners can come to stay, and... to help out... because there are many things to do here... feeding them, taking care of them... cleaning up some poop... all kinds of things..." S: "And also, the idea of this place, amongst other things, is... I suppose, to raise awareness in people... so that others do similar things in other cities, in other places..." E: "Sure..." S: "Y also... well, you explain it... that people eat less meat, or stop eating meat altogether..." E: "Without a doubt, the truth is that we want for people not to eat any more, any kind of meat... not hens, nor chickens, not cows, not pigs, not fishes... nothing." Here, any animals who dies, is buried... he or she is never fed to another animal, and is respected as if he or she was a person... he or she is buried... and well, the goal of this place is also this, to promote vegetarianism... veganism, really... because also the cow that we had, she was never milked, nothing... And... well, this is very important... that when a person is in contact with other animals here, he or she can understand them in a new light, and can see... S: "How funny..." E: "Hahahaaa :)" S: "Does he always walk like that?" E: "I don't know, it looks like it." S: "Look at him, he looks like he's doing the military service." E: "Hahaa... this is the sergeant. It's like the sergeant in the movie 'Chicken Run'..." So, what's important about this place, is that people can make contact with an animal, since they probably don't have that, so... looking at the gaze of a cow, seeing that the hen feels... pain, happiness, sadness... that if someone grabs an animal too tightly, or whatever, he or she suffers just like any human being... S: "To stop exploiting them..." E: "Exactly, then..." ... many people become aware here of what an animal really is, because... people see animals differently here. They take us to the zoo to see how beautiful an animal is, but... they are not explaining to us that the animal should not be locked up there... he or she should not be subjugated, removed from his or her habitat, sometimes via illegal hunting... and they live a miserable life... S: "... using animals for our purposes doesn't have much moral justification, does it?" E: "That's right... it sure doesn't." S: "Equestrian sports... they are also a type of slaves of humans..." E: "Every animal... humans always find some use for him or her..." I this area... let's get in quickly, this is the area where we have birds... S: "But it's a cultural issue, which can progressively be eliminated, right?..." E: "Sure... it's all about the person wanting to do it." Ok, this is the pigeons sector... We didn't pick them up for the hell of it... they're rescued pigeons... I have a bit of trouble here... And here are some of my babies... pigeons I rescued in the streets, or in some square... who, since they were raised, became very trusting of people... No, it's not a good idea to let them go, since a dog could grab them... or sometimes they are no longer able to live in the wild, so... well, since they can no loger be freed, they stay here, but at least it's quite a big place, they are amongst other pigeons, and... at some point we also had little parrots, but the we let them go... the parrots were bought by a friend of mine, she bough them from a man who was selling them... and despite the fact that we don't like to buy animals... well, she did it to save them, and... they were in very bad shape, they were brought here, and they recovered... and those were liberated. Here we have geese, and ducks... there's another pond there... this one was the first one... This cock was brought by a woman... This cock used to live with an old lady, and she could no longer take care of it... and so that he wouldn't be eaten. she decided to bring him here. If you call this cock, he will come, and he allows the owner of the place to pick him up... She can pick him up and stroke him as if he was a dog... And he thinks he's a duck... Since he lived with a goose... he thinks he's a goose... and so, he doesn't hang out with other cocks, he likes to be here with the geese... Hehe, he has a personality disorder... S: "We still need to see the dogs, yeah?" E: "The dogs... yes." Well, there are 300 or 350 dogs here, approximately... some live inside the house, with the owners... those are the smallest ones, who sleep... it's about 40 of them, who sleep with Gabriela... Haha... one needs to sleep with 40 dogs! (to know what that's like...) And... then, well, there are others, and they are sort of distributed by territories... because they themselves, naturally, divide themselves by territories, right? like, that's the animal's natural tendency...

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El Paraíso de los Animales es una granja-santuario de animales abandonados en General Rodríguez, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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