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Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali - Melati and Isabel Wijsen

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Bali: island of Gods A green paradise. Or A paradise lost Bali, Island of garbage. In Bali, we generate 680 cubic meters of plastic garbage a day. That's about a 14 storey building And when it comes to plastic bags Less than 5% gets recicled. We know this may change the image you have of our island It changed ours too when we learned about it. When we learned that almost all plastic bags in Bali end up in our drains, and then in our rivers, and then in our ocean. And those that don't make it to the ocean, they are either burned or littered IW: maybe decide to do something Our home on the island of plastic bags Do not attempt to use almost three years. Have been some notable successes. MW: But we are sisters, Attend the best school in the world, Green School Bali. Green School on how to build a bamboo not only unique because of How you because you are famous. She has become today's leaders You're able to compete with ordinary statutory books. IW: One unique people Class had to learn a lesson. For example, Nelson Mandela Lady Diana Mahatma Gandhi. Then walked They agreed to say you got home unique. Why is peculiar to old age until Would still be waiting. Something, I want it right now. MW: on the sofa that night, he sat Balinese consider the problems faced. A unique overhead Plastic garbage. But this is a huge problem. So we see kids checking a target, Plastic bags. So the idea came. IW: Our research also made Namely, learning more rewarding Plastic bags are bad. Do you know what it is. These are not required. MW: from efforts to use plastic bags in different areas Actual motivations corner. Hawaii from Rwanda, Many cities like Oakland and Dublin decreased. IW: So this idea of ​​"Bye Bye Plastic Bags" was started. MW: My years working campaigns Had to know a lot. A lesson. I can not make them yourself. We need to form an organization that shared child. So Bye Bye Plastic Bag association was formed. Children in the whole island, a volunteer team, international Including local school children. Combining them with Unaware of how I started. online and offline are signing a petition, School based education and stimulate performance prices, Festivals, Beware of beach clean-promoter. Finally Other bags could choose to share them. For example, net bags, Reuse paper bags, Regional presence on the island under Applies a 100% natural material bag. 800 Family Pilot Try a village. Village mayor's first friend T-shirt I went to get help. User does not pay attention to get noticed. Place where you want to change something. Village to be a village without plastic bags And two-thirds. Bali was to accept the government's first attempt failed. So I thought it Well, with one million signature petition, Takes donations can not see, Right. MM: Yes. IW: But one million tickets Who still estimated at a thousand times a thousand. (Laughter) Caught. Study up before you know it. Exit through thinking. One says Bali airport each year, 16 million acres. MW: But the airport goes into how to do. The lesson here too. Perseverance. We were heading to the airport. Crossing guards. And his chief's head, Office assistant manager, The office manager, then Step by step change your thinking Now ရောက်လာပြန်ပြီ. After knocking on doors for days And just because of being a special group of kids Bali airport trade manager finally arrived. Her "Bali of plastic" when speaking, Very fine novel It was (male voice) "ငါတော့ Much believe Hey, But behind the Department of Customs and မှုဋ္ Tickets to pick up on it. " (Laughter) (Applause) IW: That during the first thirty Had nearly 1,000 signatures. Great time. Lesson four. Needs champions in all levels of society. Students Trade Manager, Touch famous. Thanks to the Green School's appeal Star was allowed to meet regularly corner. Ban Ki Moon taught UN Secretary Not to sign the petition (Laughter) Children are very cheap if you love, Promised to spread the news. Now, our United Nations work closely cervix. MW: Jane Goodwill taught the power of this social network. She Roots & Shoots group discussion begins Now there are 4,000 worldwide. our From this group. She really instigation. If the son of a Rotarian team Nice to meet you. Our Interactors Rotary International is the youngest department. IW: patient but also has much to learn. MW: How to handle disappointments, IW: leadership, MW: Cooperation Action IW: friendship, MW: Balinese children and know more about their culture. IW: I know the importance of dedicated. MW: It's not always easy. Sometimes I say that it is a bit hard to do. IW: But last year, even when they did. He went to talk to India Mahatma Gandhi's former parents Was taken to a house he owned. To reach his goal hunger strike Learned abilities. Yes, At the end of the trip Parents reunited Decisions say "We were going hunger strike" (Laughter) MW: Could you imagine their faces. Go very pleased Not parents Both friends and teachers. Isabel and I'm serious about doing so. It found Nutritionist A deal was Bali Park, said the use of plastic bags at Bali Until you agree to meet with us to discuss Daily from sunrise until sundown to stay. IW: I called Bahasa Indonesia "mogak makan" . Our purpose support Has been using social media Within two days I came home and school Powered by two still doing it. Best starve to protest Governor Does not encourage them to see. The ability to shut down. But hey turned into a job. Twenty-four hours later, Our schools Administrators to monitor oil. MW: There is .. (Applause) We are waiting to see It is in the vicinity of Bali's အလှနဲ့ care Thanks desire fully supported. Balinese people plastic bags Do not sign a pledge to help ensure the use. Now, friends, Typically He and his team, he did promise to notice. really big Until 2018 Bali He would live without plastic bags was recently unveiled insurance. (Applause) IW: someone who supports the Bali International Airport 2016 plastic bags prior to lack policy planning. MW: Pull plastic bags Bring your bag that can be reused Speech that would change public opinion. IW: servant's short campaign "Island / one voice" About this big. Shops and restaurants are non-plastic bags Check to announce their recognition This sticker, Their names social media Bali Many important issues were printed. Anagrams Sticker remember the people who do the same. (Laughter) MW: It's why you're talking about this, too. Part of our team Able to cover with these results Proud of myself. Also along I know you can do children's issues. Circumstances can make. While this is Isabel and I were 10 years 12 years old. We never plan Default strategy, secret No program Just before visualization Did with a group of friends. Means you want a beautiful place plastic Bag and wrapped, Overwhelm a petite woman wants to prevent. Children with Unlimited Energy There is an interest to change the world. IW: So beautiful, but full of challenges and a number of all the world's children, They tried it. There can be a change. Likely because we are not talking It is worth telling. " Our children although only 25 per cent of the world's population Fully in the future. There are still a lot of work to do, Bali airport arrive Swe The first question will be asked simultaneously, "Balinese welcome Plastic bags are to be announced Is there a "we will strive to become. (Laughter) Artificial Hsien, Russian, Russian, Artificial. Thank you. (Applause)

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Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali - Melati and Isabel Wijsen

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