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Lula Wikileaks Speech

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) much we owe... much we owe, you know, to everybody to helped us, and we owe too much to the press. To the press i'd even like to talk. Sometimes I criticize you, and you stay like "Lula is criticizing the press". I'm just warning Just as I like it when you warn me, I like to warn you. What sounds weird to me is that the guy who was untangling USA diplomacy, what is the name? WikiLeaks, how is he called? What? WikiLeaks. what? Wikileaks! The guy was arrested and i'm not even seeing any protest against the [lack of] freedom of speech! It's funny how nothing is being done against the [lack of] freedom of speech... of a guy that was bringing to the public a little mess made by some ambassadors. I don't know if my ambassadors send this king of telegrams [cables], but look: Dilma [Rousseff] has to know. And tell it to her ministers: "If you have nothing to write about, don't write bullshit... Send a blank message." And then something like WikiLeaks comes up and brings up to public the diplomacy that looked unachievable, the righter of the world, and then they start a pursuit! I don't know if they put up posters, like in the Far West's "Dead Or Alive", you know? They arrested the guy, and I didn't see a vow of protest! Look, Tuquinha, put in the Blog Do Planalto (Brazilian Government Blog) the first protest, so... Against the [lack of] freedom of speech over the Internet. For our right to protest, because this guy was promoting just what he read. And if he read it because somebody wrote it, who promotes is not guilty. Guilty is the one who wrote. So, besides blaming who is promoting, blame it on who wrote the bullshit, because if it was that way, we would not see such a scandal. So, to WikiLeaks: my solidarity for this dissemination, and my protest against the [lack of] freedom of speech.

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Country: Brazil
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Posted by: cicnos on Dec 9, 2010

Lula Wikileaks Speech

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