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Jacque Fresco in Stockholm - July 2010 (Repository)

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I want to thank all of you for coming and doing the work you're doing to inform other people. I'm going to say a lot of things that may bother some of you, but please be patient. I'm not your enemy. I'm going to tell you things about your society that you may or may not know. I want to say first that the language we speak was designed hundreds of years ago. It's almost impossible to talk to one another. Although we think we talk to one another, we really repeat a language that's highly insufficient. Whatever you say to other people, it goes in their heads and comes out to fit their society. You don't always communicate with people. The problem is: Can we develop a language that has consistent meaning? If you still don't understand me, sometimes I might say "Have a nice weekend." Why don't we say "Have a nice life"? Why just a weekend? Our language is old. Is it possible to devise a language that's not subject to interpretation? When you read the Bible, if you do, it says "Jesus meant this." (Somebody says that.) "Oh, no. He meant that." The third person says "You're both wrong. This is what he really meant", so you have the Lutherans, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Catholics because it's subject to interpretation. The language of chemistry, mathematics, science, engineering is not subject to interpretation. When a chemist writes a formula, no matter what country it goes to they interpret it the same way. I'm trying to tell you, it's possible to develop a language that's not subject to interpretation. We really talk at each other rather than to one another. That's a major problem. That's why lawyers exist. They can take language, mold it, reshape it, but you can't do that. Those of you who do want to know how to communicate, there are books such as 'Science and Sanity' by Alfred Korzybski; 'Language in Thought and Action' by [S. I.] Hayakawa; 'The Tyranny of Words' by Stuart Chase; You don't even know this, but the words you use have no communication value. Take junior grade school for example. When a teacher says to a child "That's wrong" that doesn't tell the child anything. Think about that. "That's wrong." What does that tell you? Nothing in particular. If a teacher says "That's not what I told you!" that doesn't tell the child anything. Most of our language is empty. There's another bullshit word, and that's 'love'. Don't get mad at me. Hear me out. Most of us don't like everything we've done in life. I'm sure we don't. We've made mistakes. We've made false judgments. Sometimes you like yourself. Sometimes a little bit. Sometimes not at all, so love is a fluctuating thing. Even if you marry somebody and love them, you'll find sometimes you love them very much, little less. Sometimes "How did I ever get in this situation?" Love is a fluctuating thing, not a fixed thing. That's why we don't understand what's happening. Sometimes a guy is conditioned by society to like a girl of a particular configuration, but he marries a girl of a different configuration; and he's always looking at different configurations. You think "What the hell is the matter with this guy?" Nothing is the matter with him. He was brought up that way. There are not good or bad people. There are no creative people or lazy people. All that is bullshit put out by your country. I am going to tell you a little bit about it. If you were raised by the headhunters of the Amazon, you'd be a headhunter, and if I said to you "Doesn't it bother you to have 5 shrunken heads?" you'd say "Yes, my brother has twenty." So, is he nuts? No. That's normal to his culture. If you were brought up in ancient Rome, assuming you were Christian, the Romans believed in many different gods, and you come up with one god, you must be nuts; so they put you in an arena with a lot of hungry lions, and they'd starve the lions for a week to put on a good show. Then they take the clothes off the Christians so the lions can tear at them easy. The whole family would come Saturday and Sunday to see Christians fed to lions, and the kids would say "Daddy, can I come next week to see Christians fed to lions?" Dad says "If you behave yourself." Now, are these people nuts? No. That's normal to that culture. Just as we go to prize fights and watch men punch the heads of other men. All the things we do are stupid and far beyond civilization. We are not civilized yet. That's why you have prisons, police, war and all the problems you have, unnecessary human suffering because people don't understand yet. Their schools do not educate people. They teach you to become a cog in a wheel, as Roxanne pointed out. They teach them to become a carpenter, an engineer, an architect. All these are false fields. They have to teach you how to become a generalist. How to understand the history of civilization which is lacking in all our universities. They will be shut down in the future and people will be brought up to become generalists so they understand human behavior, they understand what makes a person, what gives a person drive. All of us are brought up to believe there are different kinds of people, which is a lie: that the Japanese mind can't grasp technology, that the Chinese can't understand certain things, and always get a dumb Polack to clean out your cellar, and the damn Italians are Wops. They brought the Mafia to this country. All that hatred comes from cheap labor. When the Irish first came to this country [America], they worked for one half the amount Americans worked for. "So let's get rid of those damn Irishmen. They're no good." They took our jobs away. That's why we got mad at them. During the Depression if a factory put up a sign 'Help Wanted', everybody lined up to get a job, hundreds of people, and normal Americans (normal means fucked up) would say "Let's get the god damn Wops out of the line." "Let's get the god damn Filipinos out of the line" because they threaten our jobs. That's why they do that. Racial hatred is tolerated and brought about, but I want to tell you this: If a normal American baby or Greek baby or French baby were brought up in Nazi Germany, and all they see is "Heil Hitler! Deutschland über alles!" (Germany above all) they become Nazis! If you're brought up in America you become "Yes, sir. I'm an American and proud of it." Most Americans don't know that George Washington, the first President, had 300 slaves. Today he'd be arrested as a nut. And most of the people... Harry Truman, President Truman was a hat salesman, a real jackass in Presidential position. Now, who are these people in government? What is a politician? I don't want you to take my word. I want you to walk over to any politician you know (or do not know) and ask them "How can you grow food faster without exhausting the soil and feed the hungry?" "I don't know." "How can you make automobiles that don't hit each other?" "I don't know." "How can you make highways safer?" "I don't know." They don't know anything! Don't take my word for it. Ask them! They really don't know a damn thing, and I mean politicians all over the world. All countries, all, are basically corrupt. If you don't understand what I'm saying, where do you think America got America from? You think the Indians said "Come on over, enjoy yourself. Take all the land you want." No, we killed thousands of Indians. We starved 50 million buffalo to make it tough for the Indians; and the Indians that fought back really tried to take some land back, but the government decided that they wanted to get rid of those aggressive Indians that wouldn't conform to what we wanted; so they offered 10 bucks for every Indian you killed, and the guy walked over and said "I just killed 10 Indians." The government said "How do we know that? Bring back a piece of the Indian." So they started scalping: Americans, not the Indians, and we brought back 10 scalps to collect 10 bucks for every Indian you killed. Americans are no good, the French are no good, the Greeks are no good. All nations are corrupt. They say "The sun never sets on England." Where do you think England got all that land from? They took it by killing thousands of people. So, if you don't like the guy next door, if you shoot him and miss by one inch you're not a murderer. If your aim is a little better, you're a murderer, if you hit the guy. Today they have guns, machine guns with the laser beams. When it's on you and you pull the trigger, bullets come out. If it's a little off, no bullets come out. The guns are getting smarter; soldiers are getting dumber, and they are killing. They are killing machines. We would train soldiers to be problem solvers, send them back to school. How do you bridge the difference between nations? How can we improve agriculture? How can we fight hurricanes, heart disease? This is the real problem, not killing! When you kill people and bomb cities...Consider the abortionist. Some people say "Jeez, it's terrible. They commit abortion. They take a life." If these people were consistently educated, when you have war you kill pregnant women, children, everybody! Why don't they fight against war? Why just abortionists? There is something dreadfully wrong with all our schools. They have better equipment than ever (the universities), the best, and the wars are getting worse. The atom bomb is considered nothing today compared to the cobalt bomb that would kill many more people. Each submarine (I'm talking about America. It's the only country I have information on.) [America] has 300 submarines. According to the Navy, each one has more destructive power than all the wars in history. What can you accomplish with that? Then they tell you other things. They tell you things like: be good, be kind. How can you be kind or good? Suppose I have a factory and I turn out things ten times faster than your factory? Same product. If I share that with you, I lose the competitive edge. If I have patents, I deprive people all over the world from making things that make life better. So, how can you be decent? You go to church on Sunday and what do you do there? You look at the clothes of other people. Everybody dresses to outface the other person. When they go to church, what do they do mostly? Bother God. "We need a new car. My wife needs a car. I'd like a home in the country. I'd like this. I'd like that." They say that God knows everything. That's what they teach you in church. God knows everything. He made every planet, every galaxy. When I went to church, I insulted the minister by saying "If God knows everything why did Jesus insult God?" He said "I don't remember Jesus insulting God." Well, they crucified Jesus. Just before they crucified him he looked up and said "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." And God said "Gee, I didn't know that, thanks!" If he knows everything what is Jesus talking to him about? What are you talking to him about if he knows everything? "Aunt Minnie is sick. She is suffering. Please ease the pain." [God] "Well, I didn't know that about Aunt Minnie, OK!" You see, man makes God in his own image: Some jerk that gets angry and says "Noah, build yourself an ark. I'm going to flood the whole area. I don't like the products I turned out." He wants to kill everybody, so Noah is to build an ark. If he took two kinds of every animal the ark would be about a mile long. Who cleans the shit out of that boat? The stories are so ridiculous they are not even sensible. So, I read the Bible instead of the comic strips because there is nothing in it that makes sense. God sits on a throne. He makes a man and a woman, puts them in a beautiful garden and then he has a snake that walks upright (according to the Bible, not me), and the snake says "Eat of the fruit of knowledge" and Eve did that, and he kicked them both out and slammed the gates shut. All loving, all kind God! The contradictions are so thick in the Bible, it's amazing that everybody doesn't see it! Now in the Bible, if you're religious, it says "Thou shalt not kill." It doesn't say "You can kill Wednesdays and Thursdays." It says "Thou shalt not kill." Then it says "Love thine enemy" meaning if a man strikes you, turn the other cheek. What happens in times of war? What's the matter with these Christians? [that kill] Larry King once said "What do you think of Christianity, Fresco?" I said "It's a great idea, when are they putting it into practice?" [Laughter, then applause] Frankly, I've never met a Christian that forgives people, that loves their enemy, that turns the other cheek, that has no locks on the door. When a hungry person knocks, they bring them in and say "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." I never met a Christian [like that]. Never found one anywhere I've traveled. The point is, all of us need security. All people, all over the world need clean air, clean water, arable land and a relevant education. What does relevant education mean? To study agriculture, nature, how we relate to nature, how we relate to one another, to give us the tools to live in accordance with what we want, not what they want you to be. They want you to be patriotic. That means they want to control you. "Patriotism" Einstein said "is a disease," but he couldn't say that publicly. When he came to this country, he was a socialist to America, and they said "Don't talk socialism! They will ship your ass back to Germany." So he wouldn't talk about it. Einstein, I once asked him whether he felt that social design would be prevalent for all people, useful. He said he was a socialist. He really didn't know the anatomy of social design. He said "Are you interested in mathematics?" I said "Yes, as a tool." He didn't really know the process of social design. I asked Communists "How will you prevent corruption in the future?" They said "Well, when that time comes (this was in the Great Depression) we'll work on it." I asked them "How will you house millions of people?" "Well, ah, when that time comes, we'll work on that." I said "Let's start a technical branch of the Communist Party or Socialist Party or any party to make life secure for all people, so no one can become corrupt." They said "You are deviating from the teachings of Marx. You'll have to leave." I wasn't trying to deviate or disrupt Communists. I was trying to give them a method of solving problems. I joined at that time, during the Depression, I joined Technocracy [the movement] because they talked about using science in government, but there were no blacks in the organization. I said "How come there's no blacks?" They said "Well, let them start their own section." I said "What about Orientals?" They said "The Oriental mind can't grasp technology." Of course, as you know today, they lead the world in robotics. All our thoughts about different kinds of people are lies. They are not real. We have to understand that all people tend to love their kids. All people want their kids to be better educated. All people want to know about nutrition. So, let's say the drug companies were really sincere, and they found out that celery juice lowers blood pressure. You can't make any money selling celery juice, could you? But you can get two bucks for every pill you sell. There was a book written many years ago. I'd also like to know how many people ever heard of it: 'A Hundred Million Guinea Pigs'. How many of you have heard of that book? It should have been in every library. It's not. What did 'A Hundred Million Guinea Pigs' talk about? The lies put out by the drug companies. The people of America... (it was a bestseller by the way in America, years ago) They demanded that the government put in a Pure Food and Drug Administration to check the claims of the drug companies, and they did. They got that in. Now it's run by people of the drug companies. Everything becomes corrupt. Everything we touch. So Oppenheimer went to visit Harry Truman (President Harry Truman) and said "Now that we have an atom bomb why don't you demonstrate it about 30 miles out at sea so the Japanese can see it? You won't have to drop it over Japan. Give them a chance to surrender." Harry Truman said "Get out of my office! I never want to see you guys again." They dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, because he was a jackass. Most Presidents are very stupid people. They know nothing about ecology, evolution of the society, or have ever. No politician has ever increased the agricultural yield, made automobiles safer, airplanes safer. What the hell are they doing there! How did they get the job? There is something dreadfully wrong with education. The people in Washington... (I can only talk about them. I believe all countries are similar.) The people in Washington should know more about human behavior, the latest technologies... They tell you "If you want freedom, write your congressman." Why do you have to write him? He should know all those things. When you fly on an airplane, you don't have to write the pilot. Say "You've been flying at an angle for a half hour. Straighten up!" They know their business! The same for government. They should know everything about modern technology, human behavior. When you put a man in prison: Say he stole a watch that cost $150 and it's the 4th time he committed that crime, so you put him in jail for 7 years. That's a hell of a lot of watches you can give him. Figure the costs of that: feeding him, medical care for 7 years. Let him have the watch! It's much cheaper to give people things they need than to kill them. Think of a man in jail for life. Do you know how much that costs? They're worried about the fact that he tried to rob a jewelry store of maybe three or four hundred dollars? It's always cheaper to feed people. When they go to jail, I can assure you, they don't come out any better. They call them correctional institutes. They don't even know how to correct people. They are not people trained in that area. Then, you have a bunch of people they call psychologists (I hope there is none here today) and psychiatrists, that adjust you to this fucked up culture. How can you adjust people to this culture if you're sane? Do you understand what I mean? So even psychologists and psychiatrists are part of the culture. So is religion. "Jesus needs money." Jesus doesn't need anything. God doesn't need anything. They also try to tell you that God so loveth the world, that he gave his only begotten son. According to the Bible, it says they crucified Christ, he arose and ascended into heaven. Where is the sacrifice? Think about it. So, we don't think about what we read. We just read and we just yack. When we're asked to vote for somebody, we vote for somebody that fits the patterns we've been brought up to accept. Now, during the question period, please don't be polite. If I say anything you don't understand, say "I don't get it." If I fail to answer your question, say "You didn't answer my question." Don't be polite. At the question period, we will examine some of the ideas, and I want you to ask all kinds of naughty questions. Don't accept a thing I say. I don't want you to follow me. I want you to listen to what I say. If it makes sense, do it. If you like The Venus Project, when you leave here if you don't talk to other people about it, nothing will happen. If you like what we stand for...Look, it's not perfect. It's just a lot better than the society you live in, and it will continue to get better. There are no final frontiers. People think I am a Utopian, [that] I believe you can make the best of all possible worlds. I don't. Even If I design a city that works, that city will be a strait jacket to the kids of the future. They will design their own cities. If you make a statue of me and put it in the city, that holds people back! In order to move forward you have to look at things, examine it, improve it and move on. History is very poor. You don't learn much from it. If you study history exclusively you won't come up with new ideas. We want to move on. There is no such thing as Utopia. Every city I design would be the best I know up to now, and as time goes on, you learn more, and the city changes. Nothing can be frozen and kept that way. Everything keeps changing. There are no final frontiers. That's what the matter with heaven: It's fixed. Everything is the same way. Consider this: If you went to heaven and you looked down and saw starving kids in Africa, war on Earth, would heaven be a peaceful place for you? Absolutely not! There were a bunch of angels that turned against God so he kicked them all out. They are called 'the fallen angels'. If he didn't have peace up there, how the hell are you going to have it down here? You have to read your Bible, you have to be ruthlessly honest! [Applause] If you're not honest, it won't work. It says in the Bible "Judge not, lest ye be judged." That means don't judge anybody. You don't know enough about what made him that way. It also says in the Bible "Therefore by the grace of God, go I." That's anybody you see in a wheelchair, blind, all of us. That can happen to all of us. They don't know what to do about it. In 1927, I came up with a little idea which I got from bats. Bats can fly at night and not hit anything. How do they do it? By sound. So, I made a little gadget that would fit over a person's ear and generate sound waves, so you can hear an open door even though you're blind. You can hear an object in front of you by sound feedback. We can build things in all cities so the blind don't need that white stick or a dog or anything like that. In a meantime, we'll work on artificial systems of vision. I think that human beings can solve any problem. If you don't understand me, I am not upholding Germany this time (some people think I do). We formed a blockade to prevent the Germans from getting rubber, but they had enough technicians to make synthetic rubber; so they made all the rubber for their airplanes and everything out of their own chemistry. So, with technicians... not in charge! Understand: I don't want to see science in charge of government or technicians. What I want to see is their assignment to problems such as agriculture. When you can grow food twice as fast on the soil, you exhaust the soil. We want to know how to grow food faster without exhausting the soil. The United States Army dumped 65 tons of nerve gas into the ocean off the coast of Miami near the Gulf Stream. How can you love the country if the army did that? They don't know what they're doing. "We want you to dump nerve gas." "Yes, Sir." We don't want obedient people anymore. We want you to understand what's happening. We don't want you to vote for a senator or some other jackass. They are incompetent! All of them! I want you to understand, everything that you have today (your electric lights, your airplanes, your automobiles), you had nothing to do with them. You got them just being born in a country that had that technology. You got it for nothing. I don't think any of you here worked on the electric light or radio or television, very few people. You got all that for nothing. Does it hurt you? Of course not. They say "Well, you don't want to give people things for nothing, do you?" This kid said that to me at Princeton University. "Fresco, you want to give people things for nothing." I said "Are you paying your way through college?" He said "No, my dad is." I said "Does that hurt you?" This kid said to me he still doesn't believe anybody ought to get things for nothing. So I said to him "Well, as I understand, your father is wealthy. If he dies, you want his money to go to the heart fund and the cancer fund, but not to you, because you don't believe anybody ought to get anything for nothing." He said "Just a minute now!" Everybody wants things for nothing. You got the earth for nothing. You were born here. Beautiful scenery, clouds. You didn't make any of that. Does it hurt you? Of course not, but when you're born in a polluted world with smog in the air and automobile pollution, then "I guess that's the way it is." It isn't that way! It's because the people in charge of government are totally incompetent. What you really want is a world free, free of burden, pain, prisons, police, crime. Can we do that? The church has been trying to do it for years. They don't know how. They have no idea how to do it. They say "Be kind, be good." How do you do that? I wanted my children, two of them, to learn how to read. I never taught them how to read. I would open a book at night and I would read to them in bed. I'd read to them about things kids are interested in. This happened to be my son. He was about 4 years old. I was reading about dinosaurs, and I said "When the two dinosaurs met... ahh [yawn]." I said "That's all for tonight." I close it. He said "What happened when the dinosaurs met?" I said "Look, if you learn to read, you can figure it out for yourself." I gave him a reason to want to read! Don't just teach them to read. Teach them a reason to want to learn mathematics. Teachers teach you how to read "The Dickie Dare and his sheep. On the way he met a cow. 'Moo moo' said the cow." What is that crap? They have in America (I don't know how much you have it here) the Mickey Mouse Club! Now, what the hell happens if you condition kids to join the Mickey Mouse Club? You make a bunch of pinheads! Do you understand? Kids want to know everything. How do airplanes fly? "Daddy, what makes the light go on?" He says "I don't know that." Daddy usually doesn't know anything. And congressmen know less. I'm saying, everything that you have is technical. Think about it. If we took away technology, if you shut down Boulder Dam, tomorrow, all the food in all the refrigerators from LA to San Francisco would fail. All the food would rot away. Everything that you have is technology. If you shut down the power projects, men would have to pull cars and boats. They did it on the Volga River. They had to pull freighters. Men (slaves) were whipped to do that. Slavery was normal in the old days, and kings felt that they were put here to rule over people. People in my position like to think that they are here to try to make the world a better place [that] 'divine wisdom' guides them. Look, divine wisdom doesn't guide anybody. When Christians were fed to lions, they prayed like hell. The Jews in concentration camps prayed, and they were burned. In Salem, Massachusetts, if a woman spoke up and she didn't quite agree with everything, she was burned alive as a witch. Now here is what you didn't know. I'm talking about the United States. Women, hundreds of them, were burned alive because they thought about things just a little different, but then what you didn't know is for every witch you found you inherited their bank account and their land. It was a good job looking for witches in the old days. The more you can find, the more money you got, and free. Here you have a world that is sicker than shit! When I say that I mean it: I mean that the world you live in is consisting of the stupid people, including the military. The Pentagon and Washington think that they are there to defend the country. Whatever a man can think of, some other-body can think of a way around that. You can't secure yourself. You think that you go to an airport, you put your luggage down they X-ray it and you're all right. I can design clothing that gives off nerve gas. There are other ways around anything a person could think. I wouldn't do that, of course. I wouldn't work on weapons. When I was drafted in the Army, the first thing they said was "Can you make a bomb, Fresco, that goes sideways instead of up?" I said "I have no idea how to do that." It says [in the Bible] "Cast ye not pearls before swine." People are not educated yet. They should not have weapons of mass destruction. They don't know how to use it. They should have technology that enhances all human life. This is what religion tries to do. I would say that The Venus Project is the nearest thing to the brotherhood of humanity. I want to try to tell you a little more about people. If you were raised in Nazi Germany as a baby, if you never saw anything else, it would be "Heil Hitler!" If you're raised in France "La Tour Eiffel!" Your facial expressions, everything. If you're raised in the South in America you speak with a Southern accent. If I say "Stop speaking with it," you can't. You say "Well, I'm gon' get me a nigga and I'm gon' kick his ass!" Is that you speaking? Or is that picked up from your environment? If you take a normal boy and bring him up with six or ten very effeminate women... Women speak differently than men. They move their hands a lot. Facial expressions are different, more like I'm moving now. If you were just brought up with those women, a boy would move just like a woman. If you're brought up in Italy you say "Come on, eat, itza gooda food!" because even that is reflection. If you're brought up in Germany, again, it's "Deutschland über alles." If you're brought up in any other country, you might say you know where the person was brought up from by the way they speak. "How are ya, Mate?" You know now that guy comes from: Australia. "How are ya, Mate!" You'd speak that way, your facial expressions would be that way, and you use words like 'individuality'. There's no such thing. Everybody reflects their culture. If you lived in France 10 years, you moved to Germany, lived there 10 years, you'd speak with the German-French accent. Not a thing you can do about it. We reflect our culture, all of us. When they say "Think for yourself", you can't, because you think as an American or a Frenchman or a German or a Greek or an Italian. When Germans speak when they come to this country, they speak and say "Well, I give you zom idea vot happened." That's the way they speak. They pick it up. It's a cross between German and English. I worked for a guy named Ernst Udet, who was an ace of World War I. He shot down 71 planes. Since I worked for him, I said "How did you shoot down 71 airplanes?" Maybe if he shot down 5 or 6, that's possible, but how can you shoot down 71 airplanes? He said [German accent] "Eetz very easy, Fresco." That's the way he spoke. He said "I would fly above the squadrons 'und' I'd look for a rookie (a bad pilot, that didn't know how) and I'd pick him off." So, is he a good man? Is he kind? Is he human? Same with Eddie Rickenbacker. They always fly above the squadron and look for guys who can't fly too well and pick them off. That gives you a lot of medals, a lot of X's on your fuselage. So when you're brought up ... a lot of people go to church that says "Thou shalt not kill," and so it's hard to get people to enlist in the army. So they give Japanese or Chinese Americans false teeth, and they make a movie by Frank Capra called 'Why We Fight.' It shows these Japanese kids raping a woman and the enlistment goes up 75 percent. You have to teach hatred to have war to be a working system, and army men unfortunately, 10 years after the war, that's the most exciting time of their life. They always go back and join The American Legion. They talk about the days they shot these god damn slanty-eyed bastards. The Germans were called Krauts, not human beings. We shot them too. Soldiers are killing machines, and if you want a world without war, people have to be educated to understand that all people need the same thing: good food, healthy living, a relevant education. Not killing, because war only produces hatred over the years. They remember that you killed their kids, their parents. and they want to get even with you. Some people say to me "I'm just imitating them. Why are these god damn north Koreans building rockets? Why are these Chinese building big armies? They are a threat to us!" Again, I don't want you to take my word for this. There's a newspaper in England called 'The Telegraph', the London 'Telegraph', and in that newspaper they ran a headline about 7 years ago [Sunday Telegraph, 10 Mar 2002]: 'The US intends to bomb seven countries.' Nuclear bomb, sneak attack, on seven countries! It names North Korea, China, all the countries we don't like. Headlined in the 'Telegraph'. You haven't seen that, so write for it. Don't take my word for it. When you do that, if China said "We intend to bomb England, France, United States and other countries," we would arm to the tooth. That's why they are all building nuclear weapons. They are afraid of us, afraid of America. You didn't know they ran that, so you say "Why are these damn Chinese doing that?" "Why are these damn Koreans doing that?" They are doing it because they're scared of the United States, and the United States: Are their intentions good? They may be, but they are stupid people. Even if they intended to do that, they should not have released it. It was released by the Pentagon, according to the 'Telegraph'. So, there is your reason. People behave as they've been conditioned, as they manage news and turn you off from things they think you ought not to hear. Like the theory of evolution was held back for a long time, and in all the parks in America, or most of them, there are canons, war tanks, airplanes. There should be statues of people that increased food, that did wonderful changes in medicine. "Wash your hands, retain cleanliness." They used to cut cadavers and then they go right on and do child birth with surgery. The women would die of childbirth fever. That was because they did cutting with cadavers, never washed their hands, and the doctor that told them to wash their hands was kicked out of the university, because he told them to wash their hands. [They said] "Who the hell are you to tell us what to do?" So, everything new was fought: women's rights, child labor (there used to be children in factories). Of course, it's a little before your time, but people marched to get the children out of the factories, and they had rotten eggs thrown at them. When you fought for women's rights, the same thing, they had rotten eggs thrown at you. "What do you mean 'women'? Women are only good for two things," you know. They had notions about women. "You know, women can't learn to be architects and engineers. Women are just good to produce babies and cook for the old man." Well, all this crap is disappearing, but every inch of the way of progress was fought, just remember that. Nothing comes easy. People are now producing articles about The Venus Project, because we're better known now. They say "Fresco gets his money from the Vatican or the Rothschild family or this banking institute." I don't have any money. "Fresco has two Mercedes." I don't even have a car. Anyway, they will spread whatever rumors they have to, to keep in power. That's what you're up against. Whenever you do anything new or different, instead of people saying "You know, that's interesting, let me think about it", you know, they get mad at you, because you're upsetting the apple cart. That's what it's about. We have a tough job ahead, all of us. If you wish to live in a world without war, poverty, unemployment, hunger, human suffering, you have to talk to other people. If you do nothing, I can assure you nothing will happen. I think I can open this portion to questions. Roxanne and I will take questions from any one of you. Thank you again. [Applause]

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The Venus Project lecture in Stockholm, during the TVP world tour 2010.

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