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Let's talk Liberland - Vit Jedlicka (the president of Liberland) interview

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I'm Vit Jedlicka, many people call me President but I prefer Vit, actually I setup a country on the 13th of April to celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday I've tried for 5 years to change the political situation in Czech Republic and it was pretty close to impossible No matter if we had right-wing or left-wing government we always had more taxes more regulations That's why I decided it was necessary to create competition... a tax competition to the states that we have right now. Also, regulatory competition, because now whereas European Union empowers as many as hundred thousand pages of regulation, they are growing every single day and so we need to do something about it and, you know, everybody form free market movement was talking about competition, why do not introduce competition in the state market, I would say markets of states, better... You know, tax competition is very important in keeping the liberty all around the world. You can see that, for example, Monaco is making sure that the taxes are not extremely high in France, you know Switzerland is making sure that the taxes are not extremely high in Germany. And, you know, for example Hong Kong is also a good competition to China more or less That's why China is moving towards more free economy. So, yes we need something like that in Balkans, as well as in whole European Union. We will be on the edge of European Union, but we will be out of it. And we will allow everybody from Europe to come and do business here. Well I think we are already great contribution regarding tourism You know, there are many people now who would be behind you who came, and who are, you know, giving money to the locals for many sevices and I think the locals can appreciate it And in future we will have that in all segments of economy, you know. We calculated that overall, if we make this project all the way and we get all these twenty billion dollars which were claimed to, and promised by our Citizens in the form. You know, we might rise GDP of Serbia and Croatia, by ass much as one percent per year. Which will, of course, bring prosperity to both countries. I don't think we have any problems so far. We have an issue with the Croatian police We invited them every single weekend for the party in the Liberland and they will come sooner or later and this problem is fixed, and... So I wouldn't even call it a problem. Let's just call them obstacle. A small oblstacle on the way. You know, there are many people think that they can get citizenship just by applying and I said many times, and it's already on our website that only way to get the citizenship is to directly help Liberland being created, and then come here for the weekend party and I'll try to be here as many times as possible during Saturday to give away citizenship. But I will only give it to the people who directly helped and who are able to come all the way down here to get the citizenship. Yes, I have planned, I've planned a diplomatic tour now and I'm going to over ten countries... The most important, of course is the tour in US, where I'm going to be key speaker at the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas next month. But before that I have to visit Switzerland, France, Spain, all these countries where we already have a support by some political party. And I can just announce that we have official support from Partei der Vernunft (Party of Reason), German party and we also have a support from French party, Spanish party, Norwegian party, Swiss party. So, you know, we've got now support from many parties around the Europe, which I think is great and we have to work on that to make it all around the world like that. Getting Liberland recognized is much easier with sort of dictatorships around the world than with parliamentary democracy where it might take year before the thing gets to vote. But I can... I think I can announce that we do have people in Swiss parliament who are willing to put the question for the vote in near future. So, I'm hoping that much relies and that we will have a vote on Liberland recognition in parliament... Swiss parliament in near future. Well, the main concept that we introduced were voluntary taxes. I think it's a great concept, you know... people are not forced to pay for The State. They can just give it donations, and... everybody think it's impossible I can make... I'm absolutely sure it's no problem at all because, what's we are going to do is we're going to limit the government by The Constitution in a way that it can take care only of justice, security, and diplomacy. Only these three things. Nothing else. You know, so we actually have ban in The Constitution, that the government is not allowed to make any laws on marriage for example, make any laws on public education, which I found great, you know, there ... all these turbo concepts how the kids are kept in schools for many years without any result at all. I call it prison for children. Sometimes. We were already thought about that.. like that.. when we were in school, you know, this is a small prison, where you have to go every single day what had we done?! And basically you know that most of the things they... they are very lucky when they get to know how to read and write after they finish high school and, as you probably know, most of the things were totally useless from what you learned in school and... many of the things you needed for your life you could learn in a week or two by just doing the job which you picked so, I find that system very complicated, very unnecessary and I think it's really damaging lives of many, many people around the world. And we need a good... a different concept for the people to find out and lets introduce free market for that Let's have a competiton of schools in Liberland. As I sad ...State will only take care of justice and security, and when you have that you can pretty much do anything else and I think that's great thing because there are so many things which you can not do in the free world... in the so called free western world now because there are so many regulations That's why we will have all these people had have brilliant ideas which were stopped by The State Yes, I wanna have something like Hong Kong, but something more like Silicon Valley as well. You know it's... everybody thinks, you know, that United States, for example, invested in Silicon Valley to make it happen, there was not a single penny from State to make Silicon Valley happen, the were just smart people gathering on one spot making Silicon Valley happen.

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Let's talk Liberland - Vit Jedlicka (the president of Liberland) interview

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