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[AI Business School] >> Al: Let's talk a little bit about artificial intelligence, and in this case, how we use AI and offer AI as part of the solutions we work with our customers on, in particular SaaS AI and AI in our own products, Now, the first place I'd start is the thinking behind how do we take all the infrastructure for AI with Azure and Azure AI, and the data that we're all generating, and actually use that to help run the business processes we all use better. How do we engage with customers? How do we optimize our operations? How do we build products better? And we're heading to the point in time where we can take data and AI over time and reinforce these feedback loops. I think of them as digital feedback loops that are now going to be enhance by AI. So instead of doing product research to determine how to build our next generation of product, why can't we put telemetry in the products and learn from the usage of those products to inform how we build the next one? How can we use virtual agents to engage with customers better? How can we optimize our operations in terms of how we work with customers, how we work with our supply chain, how we work with forecasting using AI and data models to do that? How can we use this rich set of data that's being generated both within the company and around us around the world to better optimize and run our company and really reinforce these digital feedback loops? That's at the core of what we're going to enable in this next generation of business capability and with SaaS AI. Now when I think about Microsoft's investment in AI, I think of three things. We're building the platform that allows developers and data scientists to infuse AI into the products and services they're building today and we're also allowing people to take that AI capability from the platform and rethink how the business processes and business solutions are built back to the digital feedback loop slide we just showed you. So those are the three things. A platform for everyone, making our own products better through AI, and learning how to run companies better through AI and the digital feedback loops. In terms of infusing AI, you get lots of platform stuff from everybody else. It's really incredible to watch how we're starting to use AI to enhance every one of our products. So take Word, for example. Today, the little squigglies under spelling in Word, they're not AI. Those squigglies under grammar, they're not AI. But today when I get a document, I'll get a piece of feedback that says hey Steve, the second sentence in the third paragraph looks a lot like the first sentence in the fifth paragraph, and maybe you should change it. And here's a suggestion. That's machine reading and comprehension. That's AI put into practice in Word. Not only that, but then you can take that same capability. LinkedIn has a resume-writing service, so now I can have a resume-writing service or tool enhanced with AI to help me write a better resume. That's infusing AI subtly into Office. I can use AI to do closed captioning in a Power Point slide deck. I can not only do speech to text for closed captioning real time, I can do language translation at the same time. So I can be visiting Japan, I can be speaking in English and I can have my slides have real-time closed captioning in Japanese all powered by our AI platform. That's infusing AI into the products. And we don't say "Office, now with AI." We just say "Office works better." It's the magic of software. Windows, with Windows, the camera recognition to recognize your face for login, that's a simple AI model for computer vision. Inking, much more sophisticated. How the pen is sitting, the pressure of the angle. when the dots are drawn on the screen, do those dots, are they part of a circle that's part of an image? Are they the letter 'O' that's part of a word? Are they the number zero that's part of a number? The ability to know what's there from the inking. And then, if it's part of a word, can I recognize the word? Can I recognize the sentence? Can I change the font and take it from my handwriting or my written text into a standard computer font? That's much more sophisticated AI that's in Windows. And we don't say, "Windows Inking, brought to you by Microsoft Azure AI. " We just say, "Windows now comes with awesome inking." And the beauty of AI is we can use it and infuse it into our products to make them better. Visual Studio, Dynamics, all of our products are being infused or enhanced with AI making them better for the end customers. The second thing, or the next thing we work on is how do we run the business? How do we use AI for sellers to help them determine who to call or when to call and what conversation to have, and help them through all the list of leads they would have and information in terms of customers to engage with, and help them optimize it. How do we help customer service? How can we use AI on top of the BI, on top of all the information we get from customer calls and inquiries, how can we use that to optimize the service we're giving for our customers? How can over time we automate a virtual agent that can actually answer questions and change it on the fly based on the types of questions that are coming in? How can we help people understand what's going on in the market around them? How can we understand what's going on with their products in the world? Maybe from what's going on on Twitter or Facebook or social networks. How can we understand what's going on relative to the competitive environment? How can we use AI in terms of how we run the company from a selling perspective, from a customer service perspective, from a market insights perspective? And the truth is, we do all of this at Microsoft today. We've used AI to make our telesales agents more effective, to have a virtual agent that answers millions of inquiries a month on We've used it to enhance our marketing campaigns and now we've taken those same capabilities and we've brought those to Dynamics. And Dynamics has a set of AI services, Dynamics 365 AI for sales, AI for customer service and AI for market insights, that we're now bringing to customers as part of a SaaS offering. So what you're seeing is SaaS-based solutions with AI infused into them. And in this case, specific Dynamics 365 AI SaaS offerings that will help companies better optimize their operations and better run the company by taking core business processes and bringing AI to them. And as a SaaS service, it's easy to start with, it's easy to get going with, it's easy to use, and Dynamics 365 is bringing that to life for customers. And it's all based on the work we've done inside of Microsoft to help run Microsoft better. And now bringing that to customers through these Dynamics 365 AI SaaS services. [Microsoft]

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