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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~20:23:14 - 20:38:14

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Looks like Saint Thomas city, bro ! Can I come down to take a piss in the meantime? There is this burning clutch smell. Alternative ! It's written Tais, bro ! CHANGE TRANSCRIPTION Alternative, with a cheap window film ! So, but did you see, like, no one wanted to spread it ! Look at his party mood ! U mad? No one wanted to help spread your name around the place. But listen, look, by the time you hop off, you will see it written here: "Tais Alternative." Alternativo 100 per cent Yes, our bros... Erica Batu ! Time do loooi! Time do loooi! Time do loco. Hey ! what? come again? Pentagon? - WRONG TRANSCRIPTION Tell him, tem him to... better pass the phone... pass the phone to the driver, bro! The drive can tell him how to get here. - Rael? Whos calling my name? - He is asking about the cd. -You have it? — Maybe in the other car? — Maybe, in the other van, I don't know. - Got a cd with you , Pedro? —No, Dan ! — Tell him we can pay him here, bro if he wanna spend some. —Tell him we pay him here, Kiko. -Wait a second, Kiko. WRONG — Let me talk to him. — He told you to...—Take the Valo Velho bus, the non-stop. — The non- stop to Valo Velho.— Get off at the Compre Bem mini market —Lemme talk to him, lemme talk. Hold, lemme talk to him ! — Hey Bucha? Bucha? — Hello ! Look, take the non-stop bus to Valo Velho.. .. the non-stop one. Get off at the Compre bem mini market. —From the mini market you get the other bus.. whats the name? To Parque Paraiso. —Parque Paraiso. And then you hop off at the amusement park. -At the amusement. Done ! You can do it... — Bro, find a way to get the money. Borrow from someone, dude. — Rael, tell him to skip the turnstile, bro.—He said he doesn't have.... — Skip the turnstile, man. Find a way, bro! — Take your traffic officer uniform, you can get in anywhere with it, bro ! — But it's true, dammit! — He said f*** you and hung off the phone. — I'm out of this , out, okay? — I said "Get your uniform". I told fim to get it . ...Use it to get in for free, you deal with traffic anyway, bro. — Doesn't hurt to try it. He would get in for free, man. —Then I said "Bro, get the uniform and then fool the driver that you are going there for work". — Then he said, go f**** yourselves ! and ... hung up. CHECK TIMING — Hello. — Hello ! — You told we to f*** off... uh- huh — Bro ! — Hey ! - Bro ! Let's keep it real. Bucha? — Regardless of the place, you know? You are a traffic officer. — Just explain the situation, bro. If it sticks.... — If you get in, great. If not, nothing we can do about it, you hear me? —Bro ! You work with transportation and traffic, explain it. — They work with it too, they understand. —Bro, we are almost there at the thing. — We waited for you a long time, bro. From Pinheiros to there is quick ride. — Don't know why you were late. But is was your fault you did not make it. — okay, nobody 's fault. Not mine, not yours. Bro... hum... hang on. —Lemme check it. Hey driver, driver ! Is there another line he can take around Capelinha or not? What? — Another line he can take at Capelinha. Is there any? — A way for him to get a single fare to here... He's.... — Hold on, Bucha ! — Theres another itinerary line behind Capelinha . Ah... — Caldeira Filho.—Whats the name?—Caldeira Filho. Okay, so ? —Hang on, talk to him. — Hello. — He is probably broke, bro. — yeah, he said f*** you an hung up on me . — Did it work? is it gonna happen? — Thanks, bro, great, because.. — Should we leave this bag inside, Pedro? —Is there anything in there?— No more beer in here. — Nah, i'lll keep it with me. music playing There's nothing left in here? It's heavy ! — No more bear for sure. I had three in there, bro. music music playing music playing music — Looking good, right bro? — How is it going, bro ? music playing music music music playing music — Could I do it back there? music playing — I need to take a piss, bro. — I need to go back there to see if I can .... .. you know, take a leak, u hear? — I guess it should be now. — Hey, you, bro.... music playing music playing music — Go ! music playing music playing — Is it Bucha again?—Yep.— What do I tell him , bro? music playing — Hello. Hey ! music playing —Han on, hang on. Wait a second. I'm getting here and talking to this guy to see... music playing — Hang on . — Hey, man ! — Whats the itineray for him to get here? — He's gonna take the Itapecerica line and get down where?—Here, right here — At the amusement?—Parque Paraiso, yeah.— Parque paraiso. —yeah, Parque Parraiso, right in front of the Charak . At the Charak stop. —Charak?—Yep. — Bro, get down at Parque Paraiso... — right in front of... — parque Paraiso, Charak stop. Charak stop.— Charak? Get down at.. wait, hold on... — Can you hear me know? Yes? You get down at Parque Paraiso... — Parque Paraiso, righ in front of Charak. —Charak. — Its the amusement park, bro. Just ask, the drivers will know where it's at. — the Parque Paraiso line would do. Brother, Parque Paraiso, get off at the Charak. Peace, bro. music playing Bro, I have done it lots of times, bro ! — Now... hang on, Paulo will talk to you. — He said... you know? He said " This is wrong , bro" I am skipping the fare to get there and sing. Not right, but it's done. I said " Bro, I did it lots of times." — Hey Rael?— He said " I have not, but its done now... yadda, yadda ,yadda.... — He has no money to go back? Didnt he said he had the money to pay the return fare? Why don't he have the money to get here? — Don't you have the money to come? — So come, dammit ! Crazy f***er ! — Go for it, bro ! You are from the ghetto, man. — Can I talk? You have a wife and a kid, but you are only 22. —And you are short. You can skip the turnstle like any other kid. music playing — Man, i gotta pee, bro. If he calls... — tell fim to f*** off, do whatever.— Did he say to f*** you to you too and hung up again? — No , he say, "alright, alright." Whatever, dude. music playing music playing music playing music playing — Don't go down here, bro. — Man, I gotta pee, bro ! —So I'll go back there to do it. — Okay ! music playing — Who? The guy with the bike? — Where can I go to do it , bro? — There, behind that car over there, bro ! music playing

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Posted by: globallives.brazil on Feb 3, 2012

Global Lives Brazil - 20b

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