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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 5)

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...they didn't crawl. Walked up and the snake said: "Eat of the fruit of knowledge." Now, man is curious. It was a woman named Eve, that's where "evil" came from. So, he ate of the fruit. He ate the fruit 'cause she wanted to know. And God kicked them out. Shut the gates forever. Is this God? And then, they also tell you: "He loves you." Then, He kicks them out. And then, of course they tell you that He never does anything wrong. Well, Heaven was a beautiful place until a couple of angels felt they'd like God's job. So, He kicked them out. They're called the Fallen Angels. You read your Bible. It says: "Thou shall not kill." It doesn't say: "Wednesdays and Thursdays you can kill." It says: "Thou shall not kill." It says: "Love thy enemy." When a man strikes you, turn the other cheek. A rich man said to Jesus: "Can I enter the Kingdom of Heaven?" He says: "The same chance a camel has going through the eye of a needle." So the rich man says: "What do you want me to do?" "Give all your money, superfluous needs to the poor." He said: "No, thanks." So, the Church...Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple. Now they're all back in there. They run the whole show. I'm sorry about that. Do we really need money? Well, Roxanne pointed out that, if you came to an island with a million dollars or gold, and there was no water, no fish, nothing to eat, you have nothing. Money never meant anything. But they devised that as a control device. I say: "I want you to paint my roof." He says: "How much would you give me?" I say: "Five dollars." "10 dollars." "Let me thing about it." "Fifteen dollars." He paints my roof. Money is a control device. If you paid your helper 3000 dollars a week, you wouldn't see him Monday morning. They'd take their family out on a cruise. So they pay people minimum wage. You have to go back to work monday, to pay the rent and the food. There's no love in that. You understand? They use words like "love", "peace", "God bless everybody". In our country, America, Obama always close...all presidents, "God bless America." Who the hell are you to tell God who to bless? So, you live in a world extremely stupid, particularly army men. They're out there to defend the country. And the US gave people in Hawaii radar, everything and two young Americans detected enemy planes coming, the Japanese planes. And they told the captain. He said: "Oh, they're probably our planes." So, we paid no attention to it. Now, that's true in all areas. You've got a super defense system, cameras all over the place and, believe me or not, the Arabs hijacked airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers. Where's your defense? Where's your security? Oh, they tell you today that at the airports we've got security. We come with a suitcase, they x-ray it. They x-ray you. But, this is something I wouldn't do, I can design clothing that gives out nerve gas that can't be detected by x-rays. Whatever a human being can think of, another human can think of another system, out of that. There's no security. The world must learn to live together and work together. And instead of a Pentagon in Washington with military people, we have a Pentagon of sociologists, social cientists, who know how to bridge the difference between nations. Soldiers are killing machines. Of course, they don't know any better, they're brought up to be patriotic. When you fly over a city, you press the button and burn everybody on that city. The guy gets three medals and everybody pats him on the back. That's why they do it. Even though, they go to church on Sunday. They don't understand what they're reading, they don't understand their religion. Now, if some church gets three million dollars, they put a big chandelier and build a new church. If they understood the teachings of Christ, they'd give all surplus money to the undeveloped churches. The poor, not a chandelier. So, you've got ministers that are proud of their Church. Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Unfortunately, most religions sold out to the money system. Since Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple, if you don't understand me, when I say sold out, the Catholic Church in my neighborhood used to bless soldiers and throw holy water on war tanks. The catholics in Italy were blessing their war tanks. How can you love a country? How can you be devoted to God and do this things? This people are living contradictions. If you still don't understand me... A catholic walked into my office once and he says: "I've come to find out what The Venus Project is about." I said: "I wouldn't wear that cross if I were you." He said: "Why?" He says: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten Son." The witnesses in the Bible say: "Jesus was crucified, he arose, and ascended into Heaven." Where's the sacrifice? Think about it. No sacrifice. If you kill someone, and he arises and goes back into Heaven, there's no sacrifice. Besides, God can snap his fingers and make all the Jesus he wants. Things that people believe are unbelievable. They are innocent, they don't know because your schools do not teach you how to think. They teach you how to be a cog in the wheel. A chemist, a lawyer, a structural engineer but no generalists. If they taught you how to think, there would be no war. There would no abuse and this is what we do with children. If you don't understand what I'm saying, I'll tell you the truth about my own little boy. When he was four years old, I used to read to him in bed. I never taught him to read. And then, I'd read about things kids like, you know. Dinosaurs, things like that. And then, when the two dinosaurs met, I'd go... I'd close the book. He said: "Daddy, what happened with to the two dinosaurs?" I said: "Look, if you learn how to read you can find out for yourself." It's really best not to teach your kids anything, until they say: "What keeps the moon up there?" Then, you go into it. "Daddy, what makes a clock work?" My kid says: "Daddy, what makes an airplane fly? Is it the propeller?" I said: "If you don't have a motor turning that propeller, it wouldn't move." "Is it the motor?" "If you don't put fuel into that motor, it wouldn't turn." "Is that the fuel?" "If you don't have oxygen, the fuel wouldn't burn." "Oh, what is it?" "It's not one thing. It's many interacting variables." When they say to you: "This person's bad." What the hell does that tell you? Nothing. Means he didn't like something he did. If your mother says: "You're a Catholic, you don't play with that little Lutheran girl." They start poisoning the well. Is it the mother's fault? No. They're not taught how to think in school. Then, they give you words like: "She's talented." Do you ever hear that? "She's gifted." Like some people got some vibrations from the outer space, and they've got wonderful ideas. The truth is, this is much harder to accept now, human beings, this includes me, cannot think or reason. If you're brought...If you wanna test this, ask an eskimo if he ever dreams of walking on a palm-fringed beach. He'd say: "What's that?" It's not what's in his realm. You ask an American Indian: "You can have anything you want, what do you want?" He doesn't say: "A 200 inch Beechcraft." He doesn't ask for things like that or Mercedes. He says: "A wigwam and a good bow and arrow." All people reflect their culture. They can never step out of their culture. Unless you lived in Germany three years, and in France three years and in England, then you have a broader view. But when Americans usually go to France, they go to the American Club. Of course you don't learn anything. They really don't understand. When I was 21, I tried to understand sex. I could not. So, I got a job on a boat 'cause I wanted to see what people would be like, if they weren't educated. So, I worked my way to Tahiti. By that time the Chinese owned most of the stores, there was money. So, I wanted some out islands where the natives were very primitive. And I found a group of islands called Tuamotu, East of Tahiti a thousand miles.

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Posted by: electric_blue on Jul 23, 2010

Venus Project in Portugal (Part 5)

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