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Rep. Dale Folwell on WPTF: Budget Lacks Priorities - Part 2

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Host: Something's broken, and it needs to be fixed. What happens now, Representative Folwell? There are consequences to what does and doesn't happen in the bill mill. Beyond field trips being canceled and parents being asked to drive their kids to school stuff , what's the overall impact to the state? Beyond hoping for lower fuel prices, what can really be done? Folwell: That's a great question. The overall impact to the state if legislators cannot find ways to get higher returns on taxpayers' money, then we have an addiction for money that we cannot sustain. It really comes to prioritization. Before I leave, I want to point out that our minority leaders are Phil Berger in the Senate and Representative Skip Stam in the House, from Raleigh. We have to prioritize what's going on. We have to prioritize what we do in education, what we do in roads, in public safety And really what we do to make sure we have healthy growing families in North Carolina Host: You made an excellent point early on in our discussion when you said "there's two schools of thought" You're of the school that there isn't a revenue problem, there's a spending problem And I've got to tell you that a lot of our listeners tend to agree with you on that Unfortunately, the party in control takes a different view. In the meantime *laughs* you're constituents are getting hosed. Folwell: And it's not only happening at the state level, it's happening at the federal level I was talking to Mark Stevens a few months ago, and we were talking about a survey that comes out once in a while called the "Institutional Competence." It basically measures how people feel about us and our ability to do things Host: They don't feel good about it, I'll tell you right now! Folwell: No and it really broke it down into many subcategories. Basically people's belief that we can properly education their children with the dropout rate that's occuring in the K-12 education in addition to the number of people who are just bored ...their confidence in us is at an all time low. Their confidence in us to build them the proper transportation system without the use of toll roads is at an all time low. Their confidence in our ability to protect their families is at an all time low. Only people's confidence in our national military is over 50 percent. When you continue to have an addiction to money and to have a misprioritization of how you spend that money, people lose confidence, and that's what we have to attack. Host: Here's what I don't understand. It's evident based on these polls, the Democratic leadership has to understand that the troops are getting angry. Every year they want to get re-elected, they want these people to restore them to power. You would think a reasonable person would respond to all of that noise, but it appears as if I don't know if it's arrogance, myopia, or what, but they won't even listen to a alternative view because you're the other team. Folwell: That's correct and on the major issues, that is how it works. There are some micro issues that people do work across the aisle on. For example, Representative Linda Coleman from Wake County and I constantly work on lowering premiums for the State Health Plan There are micro examples of where people do work across the aisle to produce good legislation for the benefit of North Carolinians. Once again, if you don't come back to the prioritization of the budget, and how to get a higher return taxpayer dollars It means this to your listeners, "How much do we utilize lawnmowers, dormitories, college professors?" What is the return on investment out of any program we have in our K-12 education? What is the proper utilization, and our we getting the highest return between asphalt and concrete on our highways... *fade out with questions being asked by Rep. Folwell*

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