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100620 Onew & Super Junior [Nocturnal] 6/7

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Every night I... I didn't mean it like that? - He usually buys things like that to his wife... [Finally finished ... Now they can return back!] [Maybe a little tired...] [Dongyeop, what are you still looking for?] [Why are you such a nice person~] Hyung what are you doing? Are we there? Whoo~ [Dongyeop team & Jungshin team] Finally done! [The current score is 1:1...] 3rd challenge; [World Cup's Common Sense Quiz!] [The World Cup's Common Sense Quiz has a total of 3 issues!] [Common Sense Quiz's first question!] [The World Cup got the country to make it's own nickname...] [The Republic of Korea "Tai Chi Warriors", Brazilian "Samba Corps" [Italy the "Azzuri Corps" Grease "Pirate", etc. [If so, what's the nickname for the national Nigeria's football team?] * Whisper * You have a weird attitude Black Pearls! - Ding! Hey, i'm 49 Dongyeop! Black Pearls - Ding! Black Blast - Ding! "Black" is said most ... Black Panther! - Ding! "Gun" that contains the simple way... [It's something with Super Junior!] Black Junior Black Panther Junior! - Ding! Samba Junior! Super Support! - Ding! [Super Junior + Nigeria = Super support?] [Enter the name of animals!] [Suddenly, both teams start discussing] Onew! Super puma! - Ding! Super Black Panther! - Ding! [There's Korean professional baseball team's name and a similar one!] Roger~ Super Bears Why did you do that... [Dongyeop team has a chance too!] Dongyeop team has one chance too Hurry up! Super Eagles! - DingDongDaengDong! [Dongyeop team - Correct!] [Current score; Dongyeop Team 1:0 JungShin Team] [Both teams represented the second quiz! 1:1] To be appointed, one by one as the weakest in football ... [Dongyeop team - This pick is weak...] Siwon wins! [Today's humilated, Siwon!] And Sungmin! I was sure it's gonna be Sungmin I'm not really interested in football... [In 2002. As a first time 4 different countries was entering a river (?)...] [Then in 2002. 1 of the World Cup] [Hesitated a...!] What counts...! That's just a habit! I have been doing this since I was a middle school student! This is too easy... Brazil [Dongyeop team raise objections!] Ronaldo scored the most... Diffraction, which I just feel bad... This brushed x2 away! I'm really sorry on air! "The hand of God" Khan had a nickname like that for a player... [Just remember every detail of the scene!] Siwon-ssi has the illusion to continue... Germany! Germany!! [Now it suddenly began to rain again...] [Now the last quiz!] [Both team's player picked this wrong answer] "Super support" what is that? [Was that something you just said in a hurry?!] We are just in the middle of this, we will later point out the weakest... Ryeowook [Common sense weakest has been picked!] Ryeowook is probably going to write down on a note; "I don't want to continue playing football anymore!" Yes, probably after all this... The lack of common sense, good driver and football Donghae VS Ryeowook that hates football [The past World Cup career with a record-seconds warning, which player was sent off? Donghae! Maradona, could it possible be... [The correct answer?] Donghae! Maradona [Shame] Maradona~ Was that you~ [Now Ryeowook's chance!] [Now is the name of the football players...!] A famous person Put the most famous people together Zidane [Will the answer be correct this time?] DingDongDaengDong! [Unbelievable!] [Can't believe it...] [JungShin team - It's still unbelievable!] I feel really happy right now DH: Is it really true? [How could he possible know?] [Knew Zidane's name!] Did you really know? Wait a minute, wait I though Ryeowook didn't like football! [Today's biggest upsets!] Is he a country player? Which country is he from? [Awkward~] Italy? Italian players are being sent off, because of cheating... [It's still raining...] I think the quiz went well! Everyone tried their best, but still, our team didn't make it... And we are finally done with the quiz, and the winner teams has been decided. Jungshin team! [Congratulations!] Why us? You guys won the football games... PD: You guys are the winning team of the game! I'm still in the game... [Arrived at a football ground!] [There are even som players there... could it be they are planning to play a football match?] [PM 11:30 - Seoul Digital Playground] [Looks like they are going to play a football match here...] [They are ready to play] [It feels like something is different!] Okay! Good! [Making some cool actions!] [Showing the edge to finish]

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Duration: 8 minutes and 53 seconds
Country: Norway
Language: English
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Posted by: bolla01 on Jun 26, 2010


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