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2 Stainz - I'm Special - 2 Chainz - I'm Different Cover

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I'm special Pull up to the scene in my short bus limpin Showing off my moves to my competition I'm special Pull up to the scene my short bus limpin' Pull up to the scene, I think I see my mom When I leave the scene, we gotta walk home And I eat that bus seat up like a glue stick Two Stainz, All I got is a few on Everything is bright, I got my juice on Tell teacher it's alright, I've got my hulk on I got a lizard for the blizzard And I think I'm gonna keep it I straight feel good, and I know it's happy But the stickers happy And they wish they was me And I wish a ninja would like a bitch assassin. And me and you are nuts, like a peanut addict I chucked it so good, it's a bad plastic Midget look up, you got a bad height gene Laced with birth defects, but I'm fast as lightning You ain't goin' no where like you're so flabby My head is so big, I told her 'You can't miss it!' Then I eat a fat cat like cat fanatic I'm so fly... Classic I like to fly like a fly... Wack it 2 Stainz, get your lunch teach will tell me, it's peanut butter and jelly My mom made it straight from the deli, I like it with relish When I ate it went straight to my belly, when it goes in my belly I take SH*Ts, you can smell me Won Ton, I'm King Kong Me and Godzillas, we don't get along Won Ton, I'm King Kong Me and Godzillas, we don't get along! I pad 50 cents for my crackers I told me save my 50 cents from the leechers Ee-er, Ee-er, the sound in my head Keep it up, keep it up, then my face is red Well it might turn way red, then I keep it up My eggs don't cook by luck, with ketchup, mother cracks it up Yeah, it's going down, she set it up My crochet hat, my head is stuck

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Posted by: ty395 on Dec 17, 2012

Special Edition.

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