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Masturbation and The Law of Attraction - What is the Secret? Part Four

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Masturbation and The Law of Attraction: What is the Secret? - Part Four - 29 March 2009 - Prsented by: Bernard Poolman If one take porn for instance what is it you are busy with? You are believing that you have an exchange - that the being, because they make money out of what they are doing, that that gives you permission to actually masturbate around the porn. Yes, from that perspective it´s so. They are selling their energy, which is their body, their presence, the way they feel, the way they look. They are selling their energy. You are buying that energy, you are bringing it into your reality and you´re exchanging that for your money. Because -the exchange is money, isn´t it? So therefore, by masturbating on porn you´re gonna find an interesting thing: you´re not gonna have money come to you very easily, because you are giving it all away to porn -as one of the energetic consequences of your experience. Secondly, you are creating an imaginary world that will influence the relationships you have and that will cause you to lose respect or to compare your relationships: between the imaginary one which is like a quantum reality where everything is perfect and you are the super-hero that fucks any girl up to the stand that she believes you are god, while in your real relationship it´s not so easy - I mean, that´s a real thing, you´ve gotta really work on it to get to the point of the expression being ‘Wow’. I mean, so, that’s a different story, but in your imaginary one, I mean – you are God, you’re a Sex God. Try and make that imaginary reality real in your physical reality in space and time. It is not possible. It takes time. You see – in your imaginary reality there is no time, because – you are moving time, remember – you are God in it. You are moving the space, you’re moving even the positions. And you can do the strangest things with bodies in an imaginary reality. I mean, they can be on top, on bottom– you can do all the strangest things, because – there is no consequence. But there is a consequence. The consequence you pay for. The consequence to it is what happens to the energy. Where did the energy come from? Where is it going? What is the outflow? And have a look, we’re in a oneness reality that consist of energy that exchange all the time. Let’s take it to a practical example. There is water in this world. It’s a quantifiable amount of water. That water has been – whatever water you’re drinking - has been through another human being. You’re not drinking fresh water, you are drinking water that’s already been through a human or a plant or an animal and that has been through a process – either through the Earth or a chemical process – been purified so it is drinkable again. But it’s not original water you’re drinking. None of the energy within a oneness reality is original energy. You came into this reality of energy and you found it this way and when you leave – have a look – when you leave this reality you don’t take your energy with you, it stays here, because – if you were taking it with you, there would’ve been something different in this reality. But when you leave, the only thing different in this reality is: you’re no longer here. Just your name is on a cross: ‘Here lies the late so and so’. And you’ve been lying all your life and your late – I mean, you died. You were not on time to understand how this work. They say: “Okay, but – this doesn’t make sense, there must be a creator, there must be a God – why would God do this to us?” I mean, have you ever noticed God anywhere but in your own mind, in your imaginary reality? In the real world of space and time, where we work with real energy, you do not see God. We call several things ‘acts of God’ when nature comes and cause a Tsunami. But I mean, that is not an act of God – it is Earth having a shake up, maybe possibly be pissed off with the humans and just doing a little clean up. I mean, how else do you wash a virus from your body? You wash it – I mean, and Earth is the body – so, Earth wash it and clean up and says – I mean… If love is to exist, you can say that Earth represents love, because Earth allow the human as the most abusive possible form of life, to exist. So, you can really say Thank you to Earth. The fact that you still exist, I mean – I wonder if you would have been able to take the abuse. If you were in the shoes of Earth, would you have taken the abuse? Have a look in your own life. Are you able to take even a little bit of abuse? You can’t and then you will absolutely go apeshit and says: “No! I’m not gonna take this! I’m standing up ! Stop! Stop! Stop!” But you’ll allow it in somebody else’s life. You’ll allow it in the life and the existence of the Earth. I mean – oil that comes from the Earth is the blood of Earth that we are using for our energy. We are vampiring that. We are mostly water, just like Earth is water – we all come from Earth – but we’ve created an imaginary idea about ourselves in a thing called the Mind. And that Mind – have a look, most of your thoughts never manifest in the physical reality. Just like your masturbating, most of the women you masturbate about or most, the guys you masturbate about – you will never meet. They’re imaginary – from a certain perspective. But you’ve seen them somewhere, you take their energy from them – you’ve seen it in a picture. Sometimes you conjure up your own anime-being that you’re having sex with. But, I mean, the anime-being exist as an energetic expression of the person that draw the picture. Part Five to Continue ... CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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f one take porn for instance; what are you actually busy with? You are believing that you have an exchange - that the being, because they make money out of what they are doing, that that gives you permission to actually masturbate around the porn.

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