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Illnesses, Diseases, Bacteria and Virusses and Mankind

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Jack Illnesses, Diseases and Bacteria 7 November 2007 This is Jack and I'm here to communicate about the support and assistance of bacteria, illnesses and diseases within and as the human physical body Now, illnesses and diseases and the bacteria within the human physical body have been assisting and supporting already for quite some time now thus the illnesses, diseases and bacteria within and as the human physical body assist and support in such a way as to literally release and uproot the core source manifestations of the mind consciousness system within and as the human physical body So depending on the extensive nature of your participation of the mind as the mind, will depend on the extensive nature of the illness, disease experience that are caused and sprout from within in the bacteria that exist within and as the human physical body Now, as has been explained in video interviews with regards to the manifestation of the Tree of Life within and as human beings, where a dimensional being is situated within and as each and every single individual human being as the seed of life, and stood up as the Tree of Life as One as Equal as the essence of who you really are Now this dimensional being is standing within and as Oneness and Equality as the entirety of your being In other words, the dimensional being is also standing as One as Equal AS the bacteria, illnesses and diseases that exist within existence Now, illnesses and diseases that sprout from this bacteria within the human physical body assist extensively with releasing and removing the roots - the rooted manifestations of the systems within and as the human physical body So many human beings within this world will experience extensive flu-like symptoms along with fever - fever is magnificent flow with the fever do not fight the flu-like symptoms or what you experience as the "illness" I'll now specifically communicate about the flu because that will be the most prominent experience of human beings in this world: Rest, Do not think Stand as One as Equal as the Fever because the fever assist with the defusion of the Mind Consciousness System manifestations within you. So what happens is: the illness or disease within you as the bacteria manifested the root of the manifested systems within your human physical body And as the roots start moving out, your body will experience "withdrawal symptoms" - now these "withdrawal symptoms is how the fever is experienced so go along with the fever, so that the defusion of those particular systems which have been uprooted by the bacteria, is able to move faster and quicker out of your system Drink lots of water, though of course there will be more extensive illnesses and diseases that exist and that will come within and as human beings - because in that experience of the illness and the disease the being has nowhere else to go but to look inside themselves and the only way to assist and support yourself will be through Self Forgiveness in Self Honesty and Self Corrective Application in every moment of every breath. Thus, this is how exactly as the dimensional beings within and as each and every single human being is assisting and supporting as the bacteria, as the illnesses, as the diseases so human beings can Stop and start realizing that they themselves are responsible for the experience of themselves in this world and even what they have accepted and allowed themselves to become within themselves - and, thus they created the scenario so of course you're able to "solve" the scenario of your experience in this world through direct responsibility direct Self Responsibility in Every Single Moment Thank you very much, this is Jack on Illnesses, Diseases and Bacteria. Enjoy CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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How Viruses and Diseases assist and support

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