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Russia Wins! Video of FIFA World Cup 2018 host announcement

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We are today 208 national associations in six continental confederations 300 million active participants are in our game and with their famillies there is one billion people directly or inderectly interested in such a game but this game is more than just a game or kicking the ball, this game has a value, a special educational value the educational value because the game is based on discipline and respect. It is a game with a fighting spirit, it´s a combat game but in the spirit of fair play and therefore this game is not only giving all these emotions around the world as you have witnessed now in this famous Worldcup in South Africa. But this game is giving also, I would say, a lot of hope to the humanity and specially to the use of this volt and I am so happy to say today that all the bidders we have received yesterday and today and I have to make big big compliments to all the bidders, to all the national associations accompained by their political dignitories for the big job they have done and for the messages they have delivered they have all delivered messages saying that football is more than a game and I am happy that all those they have been in, they have said in football we learn to win and that´s easy, but in football we also learn to lose, and this is not so easy As we have had four bidders for the 2018 and we can have only one winner that Then, obviosuly three of the bidding companies or associations they must go home by saying what a pity, but they must now stand also by saying football is not only by winning, football is also a school of life where you learn to lose, that´s not easy it´s not easy, so ladies and gentleman, everybody is now debating of the result of 2018 wherefore contenders were there combined there together the Netherlands or Holland and Belgium, we have had also Portugal and Spain or Spain and Portugal then we have had Russia and the motherland of football, England The Secretary General has announced that we have taken decision the Executive Comitee, the Elective College and FIFA 21 members and the President we have taken the decision and now I would like to know what is the decision for the 2018 I would speak more and more but I have to announce it and this is the public notary ot the city of Zurich, he gives me the envelope Ladies and Gentleman I do hope that the name of the winner is on both sides because I don´t know so the 2018 FIFA worldcup 2018 FIFA worldcup Ladies and gentleman will be organized in Russia (applause) Please, welcome on Stage the delegation of russia to join the FIFA presidents and the FIFA secretary general, please the delegation the Russia to join to join us on the stage (applause) FIFA presidents we now hand over the trophy to the executive prive minister Igor Shuvalov and say a few words While the secretary general of FIFA is handing over a commemorative certificate to Vitaly Mutko Sports Minister of Russia (applause) Dear Mister President, all the members of the FIFA Executive Comitee, dearest friends and colleagues and everybody who is here, you have entrusted us with FIFA Worldcup for 2018 and I just can promise We all can promise, You´ll never regret Let us make history together¡ (applause)

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Posted by: maquinre88 on Dec 7, 2010

Announcement about which country will organize the FIFA Worldcup 2018

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