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STAY HUMAN - The Reading Movie | Thoughts of the readers - preview

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My own experience during World War II, where I was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to concentration camp Buchenwald, Dora, I was there when something terrible happened.

If I see a man oppressing a woman, I will be against him not because he's a man, because he's an oppressor, and if I see the woman oppressing the child... I will be against the woman not because she's a woman, because she's oppressing the child and if I see an israeli oppressing a palestinian I will be against him not because he's an israeli, because he's an oppressor.

We must have responsibility, for the crimes all over the world not only for the palestinians or for the jews or for the christians, for every human being.

But unfortunately i think there're a lot of people now they don't want the solidarity movements, they don't want to resolve the conflict. It's became, you know it's became a business.

This is not a religious conflict and the all existence of the state of Israel is simply for, as I said, a political nationalistic flawed movement. It is not... Judaism is a religion of thousands of years and Zionism... a mere hundred odd years and has nothing to do with the religion.

The best way of resistance... is not to accept the narrative, the story that is told, because the story is part of the reality... and when a story is wrong, is immoral, is manipulative it allows the evil reality to continue.

If you lose your ability to connect in an empathetic way with your fellow man, you're no longer human being.

You have failed to stay human. An important thing is that we do them together towards one goal, or to confront inherent injustices, things are wrong, for example there are things that I can do that you can't do, or that you can do that I can't do, and so you do what you can and I do what I can, in order to change.

"Are you still trying to bring Arabs and Jews together for diplomatic solution?" And I wrote him back and I said: "Yes, I want to resolve the conflict is there something wrong with that?"

What dominates the world today is consumerism and egoism. The others doesn't exist, and the other is human, any human of any religion, color, language and nationality.

We have to make a distinction between the facts, that firstly, Zionism does not represent Judaism. It is a transformation from religion.

When it happened that Israel behaved in the most criminal fashion... ...towards their neighbors the Palestinians, we than felt that something fundamental, something humanly fundamental was being destroyed.

If you are in Gaza, like he (Vittorio Arrigoni, Ed.) describes, and somebody says "shoot to this man" and you say "no, I will not shoot", maybe your friends will not talk to you, maybe your parents will not talk to you, but… have to do it. If you want to remain human, you have to do it.

In order to advance movements protesting against this inequity, and many others.

Art can affect the human being. I want to resolve the conflict, it's time to move on... ...there is something completely insane about this conflict.

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Country: United States
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Producer: Fulvio Renzi
Director: Luca Incorvaia
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Posted by: stayhuman on Apr 25, 2013

STAY HUMAN - The Reading Movie

The movie, totally co-produced with over 1700 people's support, has included Extras exclusive interviews released from many personalities among which Stéphane Hessel, Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappé, Mairead Corrigan Maguire and more.
In cooperation with dotSUB, we are looking for volunteers to translate these interviews into many languages to spread the message concerning 'staying human' concept. If you want to be involved on it, please send an email with your name, email to enter in our database, mother tongue and known languages to [email protected]
You name will be included in our official networks and also on the end-credit of the movie extras.

Stay Human.

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