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Paul Hawken - Fantasies About the Future

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global oneness project Fantasies About the Future I think there has been a lot of fantasy about the future, and the future is sort of like it is today but only not as bad. Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author In other words, it doesn't do harm, rather than people understanding that the construct we have, the civilizational construct that we have, is the harm itself. You couldn't design something that is more harmful to both people and place. And so when we think about the future, we have to really accept the concept that nothing will be as it is today except our hearts and our values and the things that have always made us humane. But in terms of the way society works, the way economies work, or the way transportation works or the way banking works or the way cities work or all those kind of things that we take for granted now, nothing would be remotely similar to what it is that we see today. This is not like a fix. This is not like, "If we can just get the carbon out of our gas pipes or exhaust pipes," or, "If we can just get to organic farming" "or we can just clean up our waterways and skies" "or we can just make our cities green." All those things are necessary and needed, but they themselves do not in any way describe the future that is coming. It's the death of what basically the white Indo-European civilizations have so successfully spread about the world-- is a dream, is a vision, is an idea, an ideal, if you will. And it is not maybe corrupt in its intention, but it's certainly corrupt in its application, and it's corrupt in its affect on both people and culture and place. And so, therefore, that is not something that you can amend or change or fix and then, therefore, everything is going to be okay-- "We just had a little course correction here in the 21st century" "and then we're going to keep going." That's not going to happen. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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Posted by: global on Sep 25, 2009

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