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Namaskar ! (Hello) Please sit in a circle Namaskar! to everyone who is present here today. Namaskar Today's topic is health checkup during pregnancy How many times should we get a health check up during pregnancy? Four !! Yes, four times Which are the months when you have to have the checkup? Fourth, sixth, eighth and ninth month Should we take deworming tablets or not? Yes, we should. Why should we take iron tablets? To ensure adequate hemoglobin level Now let us focus on the content of SATH process, Ok? Sisters, is there anyone in your home who is expecting for the first time? There is one pregnant women, Bhawana Bohara. Ok there is Bhawana Bohara. Dhansarabare (women's name) have you take your child for weight measurement? Yes, I did. Did you? Where did you go to have the weight measured? I went to the immunization clinic How is the child's weight? Is it good? It is good It is good? Ok Whats sort of nutritious food do you feed the child? I feed him soup of various legumes, green leafy vegetables. sometime fruits and meat, fish and dairy products Ok. Please make sure you get the weight measurement of your child next months as well. Ok good and thank you! Ok now its Bhawana Bohara's turn. She is pregnant. Bhawana did you go for fourth antenatal care visit or not? Yes , I did! Have you done it already? How are you feeling now? I am good. How is the baby? The baby is also fine. So have you discussed with you family in regards to where you want to give birth? I will go to the health facility. Will you go the health facility or Bayelpata hospital? I will go to the Bayelpata hospital . Bayelpata hospital. Ok Ok, so if everything is fine shall I will put the "tika" in your house ? I would like to thank everyone present here in the health mother's group meeting. We will conduct the next meeting on the 9th of following month. Please practice the things at home as well based on the things learned today. Please continue to participate in these meeting in the future. Earlier, even though the Female community health volunteers would inform us by visiting each household about the health checkups during pregnancy the need to take iron tablets But lot of mother would not follow the advice But now those people who did not understand earlier are beginning to understand They have started visiting the hospital for their routine check up during pregnancy and also for delivery. This method has helped us understand the messages in a fun and interesting manner.

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