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Matthew Gubler's Fisrt Kiss

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GUBLER'S FIRST SCREEN KISS This episode, which you will also come to know as the Spencer Reid kiss, it was Matthew's first screen kiss and he was exceptionaly nervous. Uh, far more nervous than the girl was. I've never... kissed... a girl... in a movie. So yeah, no, it's pretty it's pretty nerve-wracking. I'm gonna be in the pool with a, uh girl who is pretty easy on the eyes. Last night i was in the bathtub and i looked at the prelim and there's literally like two scenes for the entire day. And it's Reid and Lyla in the swimming pool, kissing which means there's gonna be a lot of time. We're gonna be shooting that a lot. I might get chapped lips. I'd better wear chapsticks 'cuz I think there's gonna be a lot of smooching. Pretty good? Pretty alright? Do I have like dead skin hanging out? I counted each one of the... the kisses and there's like six or seven. And I got a lot of advice from everybody: from Mandy, from Shemar, from Lola... And they told me a lot of everything told me, everyone told me exactly different things... And that's not helping out at all Mandy's like: "Matthew, just let it happen... let it happen." Shemar's like: "Slip her the tongue." Lola said that on no circumstance do you french kiss the girl. And I wasn't going to, and be like "Hey, what's up?" // And it's not like I was going to, it’s not like I was going to be like "Hey, what’s up?" I've been, uh, doing this... every night in the bathtub. And then I kind of think about it and I go... soft. No, I don't... I don't... nothing. I don't know, I've just memorized my lines and I'm a little bit worried 'cuz the other thing I realized is, as far as your breath goes, you don't want it to be too fresh, 'cuz if you if it's too fresh, she's like: "What's that guy hiding?" It's kind of creepy, you know? It's like a little bit too much cologne. 'Cuz I kind of know this girl prior to this job, so it makes it all even more stressful. I hope she doesn't think that like I recommended her just so I could make out with her. 'Cuz, really, I did recommend her, but it was more like they wanted someone that looked like Grace Kelly and I was like: "I know a girl who looks like her". And I've given the name and... she happened to be the best. But now everyone is joking around like "Oh, you just want to make out with her" and she was the best for the part, you know, but now it's... I just feel like a scumbag. - Hello, Amber. How are you doing today? - Good. - I like your shirt. - Thank you. (whispering) Scary, right? Intimidating, right? Wow! Pretty scary, right? Kind of beautiful, you know what I'm saying? Did she hear me say that? She did, didn't she? That was loud. Yikes! Not cool, Gubler... Not cool! I'm a little nervous, I'm a little nervous. I'm not going to lie. You've probably smooched a lot of people on screen. I've never smooched in life or on screen, so... Today is the first day that it all happens. - It's your first kiss? - I've been taking lessons. - From who? - From you. Remember that pillow you made him? The pillow with your face on, yeah. Check his arm (...) I've been doing... I... I've been... - Oh yeah. I'm pretty freaked out, man... I'm not gonna lie, right? A little bit awkward? And action! I've heard... I've heard rumors that my voice dipped seventeen auctives when I went into the pool. I think that was sheer terror coming out, manifesting itself. It was terrifying, man! Beautiful girl in a pool and I have to... pull in and When we kissed, you know, is there a tongue involved? I don't know, you know, is there? I... Who knows? In real life I don't even know, how am I supposed to know on TV, you know? It was really cute because the first time we dit it he completely forgot his lines and apologized aftewards and said "I forgot everything I was supposed to say for obvious reasons." 'Cuz the girl kept kissing his neck and she would kiss him and he completely forgot everything that he was supposed to say. (...) What do I say? - No, there's a thing... No, oh, yeah, yeah, wait! But then I kiss her a little bit, right? - That's the one when we go. - Yes. So she goes "Such a big deal" and then Reid grabs her. (...) - Yes, please. After that scene, I became a man!

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Part of Criminal Minds Special Feature DVD Meeting Matthew Gray Gubler

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