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Hello, my name is Kevin Isaac. I'm the SVP for EMEA's enterprise sales here at Symantec. And I'm here to talk to you about Symantec's enterprise video collaboration services and the work that they've done for me, quite frankly, in making my job easier. I've got 152 countries in EMEA that I look after, and we've got 19 districts, there's people all over the place, in 13 time zones. Quite frankly, getting around this part of the world is very, very challenging, especially as we try to manage our costs and maintain focus on our customers. And that's where the enterprise video collaboration services comes in. I've had a tremendous success in my relationship with the team from IT building our video collaboration services, using WebEx and using video to make my job easier. It's not that easy to start off, I must tell you, and I've seen some very interesting journeys around some of the conference calls that we've had. My encouragement to you is pay a little bit of attention to the collaboration services. Learn how to use them. Learn how to integrate video with the WebEx meetings you're having. Use the Cisco conferencing systems that we have to plug into the WebEx, and you'll find that the richness of the content and the richness of the interaction you can have with your staff can be amazing. I'm having one-to-one meetings, I'm having staff meetings, I'm having multiple-level calls with different people around EMEA all the time, and I can tell you this, that we're saving money in travel, we're improving the richness of our communications, we're able to look one another in the eye when we do this, and we're able to actually make a difference. So, please, use the video collaboration services. I highly recommend them. And I'm really grateful for the team in IT, to Sheila, to Mark, to the rest of the team, who run the business in IT, and I look forward to collaborating further with you on video sometime soon.

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Video Collaboration Message

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